Garry Earls, St. Louis County Chief Operating Officer, joins Charlie to discss tornado sirens. When are they used, and who is control?

St. Charles County may have to start buying medicine with a prescription no matter how common the drug is. Sgt. Jason Grellner of the Franklin County Sherriff’s Department joins Charlie, and they both take phone calls on the subject.

Joy Krieger, Executive Director at Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America St. Louis Chapter, heard Charlie’s interview with Sgt. Jason Grellner and she wanted to explain things from the opposition on the prescription drug issue. Sgt. Grellner rejoins the conversation.

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  1. clifford says:


    I catch your program often when I’m able; generally, I find it informative and entertaining and, I usually think you have reasonable opinions. Thus, I am absolutely astonished that you would ‘blame the victim’ in the case of Peter Kinder’s car theft. Sure it was a dumb mistake to leave keys in the car but are you going to tell me that you’ve never made a dumb mistake? I know I’ve gotten distracted and left my keys in the car; fortunately, it was never stolen. Your statements that Kinder ‘had it coming’ and that they shouldn’t prosecute the thief is in principle, the same as saying that a woman deserved an assault because ‘she invited it’ and then saying that the perpetrator doesn’t deserve prosecution.

    I am absolutely astonished that you would take that position!

    I emphatically disagree!

  2. Anita Foelsch says:

    Has anyone considered burning some of these trees downed from the tornados? Yes, as a general rule we no longer burn, but there are effective, safe ways to burn trees. Look toward the methods used by construction (when we had some). The shear volume of trees needing to me moved lends to the better/faster/cheaper solution of controled burn. Also, 2×4’s from houses. I know many things within houses should not be burned because of their toxic nature, but lots are natural.

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