Megan Lynch

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Heroin overdose deaths across the St. Louis region have spiked.

“Epidemic” and “crisis” are just a couple of the words being used to describe the magnitude of the problem. Investigators say they’re seeing the drug in virtually every community.

In Part One of the KMOX News Series “Heroin: Killing a New Generation”, Megan Lynch details how our teens are being targeted with a new form of heroin.

Listen to Megan’s report below:

Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 2
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 3
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 4
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 5 

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  1. RdeYoung says:

    I listened to Part 1 on KMOX drivetime yesterday evening and was left unimpressed and unconvinced by the lack of statistics cited in the story. Teenage deaths ‘doubled’ in St. Louis county? What was the numerator and demoninator? Jocks, Cheerleaders, and other students are ‘primed’ to use the drug because of the prevalence of oxycontin? You interviewed an ‘expert’ who was ‘terrified’ at the potential scope of the upcoming epidemic, but cited no reasons why. No potential teen users were interviewed to explain why there will be an epidemic, and no evidence was provided that teens are being targeted by dealers. Dealers have been packaging drugs in cheap quantities for consumers for years. How is heroin any worse – or potentially more prevalent- than methamphetamine or a host of designer drugs which may be quasi-legal and therefore more accessible? No doubt heroin incidence is rising across multiple demographic groups, but see Slate for a raft of opinoin articles on false drug ‘epidemics’ reported on the newswire. Your story injected a lot of fear and not a lot of substance. Save it for the National Enquirer and give us the facts please.

    1. fairplay2 says:

      I work in St. Charles and know of many heroin users in the neighborhood of historic St. Charles. A whole family of users lives in the block where I work, and I have been shocked to learn of many other heroin users in conversations with local residents. You may have issue with what you feel is a lack of source information or data the news provides on this story, but if you research it yourself, you’ll find that Mexican drug cartels planned to create addicts by supplying purer heroin to kids as far back as the late 80’s. It started in the Houston area and spread. I know of three fatal overdoses in the last year in St. Charles. It’s a problem.l, as it is the source of a lot of theft, death, disease and family destruction.

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