Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-At an average of $3.99.5 a gallon, the price of regular unleaded gasoline has hit an all-time record high for the Missouri side of the St. Louis area, breaking the previous record of $3.98 a gallon set in July of 2008.  That’s according to a new AAA survey.

AAA’s Mike Right tells KMOX that among the factors driving the price up, is the flooding along the Mississippi River south of here. “It’s potential impact as well as its impact on, not only the terminals and distribution system, but also a threat to a number of refineries that are along the Mississippi River or tributaries to the Mississippi River.”

Right hopes the flooding’s impact is short-lived, “The crest of the Mississippi south of us may not occur in some parts for a week or so. So we may be living with these kinds of prices for a while, at least in the St. Louis area.”

As for some predictions that gas prices could drop by up to 50 cents by summer, Right says it’s possible, “If we see crude oil hover around the $95 (a barrel) range, if we see wholesale gasoline prices get below $3 a gallon we could see a noticeable decrease in terms of retail prices in the area.” 

But Right cautions that many factors go into gas prices, so there are no guarantees.

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