Megan Lynch

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Heroin is not only responsible for a spike in overdose deaths, but also for other tragedies and crimes in the St. Louis region. As Mexican drug cartels continue flooding the area with cheap and potent heroin, police and prosecutors are trying new tactics to get it off the streets.

Plus other experts say part of the war on this drug needs to be fought by word-of-mouth — telling schools, children and parents what’s out there.

Find out more in the conclusion of the KMOX News series “Heroin: Killing a New Generation”.

Listen to Megan’s report below:

Stay with NewsRadio 1120 as we continue in the weeks to come, to follow the fight to stop heroin.

As you’ve been listening to this week’s reports “Heroin: Killing a New Generation”, have you talked to your kids? Please share what you may have learned with other parents below and on our Facebook account.

Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 1
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 2
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 3
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 4

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Comments (8)
  1. Mary Galati says:

    It will take an act of God for a heroin addict to stay clean. Rehabs, jail has not helped my son. He is 23 we pray sooo hard for him to stay clean he has been clean this time around 43 days. Every day is a struggle for the addict and for the family. If my son doesnt complete drug court he will face prison. HELP

  2. Angela Stofel says:

    There is a christian drug rehab that my son is in. He has been there 4 months. The program is a year long. The staff is not only filled with christian workers, but educated and qualified help. This program is free and it has been running for over 30 years. We have been fighting for our son for 3 years. His choice of drug was heroin. If you would like to talk or have more information. Reply and I will give you a way to contact me.

    1. Carrie Hawkinson says:


      I would love information on the rehab that your son is in. My friend’s son is struggling with a heroin addiction. Please contact me at or 618-223-1515

      Thank you,

      Carrie Hawkinson

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