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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The man credited with building the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Council (CYC) has passed away.

Monsignor Louis Meyer, known as “the Soccer Priest,” was a member of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame and three other halls of fame.

Back in January, the Monsignor was a guest on KMOX’s Total Information AM Weekend show prior to his induction into Missouri’s Sports Hall of Fame, “It’s one of the things we all look forward to, hearing someone say you did a good job. Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t.”

Meyer couldn’t hide his love for soccer, even during that radio appearance, “Soccer’s a game where you don’t have to be 300 pounds. You don’t have to be six-foot-ten. All you have to do is be a skinny little old kid who can run fast and hit the net.” 

Meyer’s days with the CYC date back to 1946. He saw the program grow to more than 90,000 participants today. He told KMOX the educational component has been key, “We have classes every Saturday morning on soccer. Lots of kids learn the ball is round at four and five years old. It kinda makes the mind boggle.”   

Meyer died Saturday morning from a heart attack at the age of 92.

There’s no word yet on funeral arrangements.

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