ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman ripped the Cardinals and members of the organization including Chris Carpenter during the Reds’ broadcast on 700 WLW Monday evening.

Brennaman called Carpenter a “whiner and excuse-maker.” He went on to say “every time they come in here, it’s always something with that team.”

Listen to the complete audio:

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Comments (36)
  1. Gerald says:

    Consider the source this loser was with the Cubs for years. So what does he know about real championship baseball.

    1. Walter says:

      That’s not Thom Brennaman, it’s his father Marty, you doofus. He’s been with the Reds for 37 seasons and is in the Hall of Fame. And by the way, since he started calling games in Cincy, the Reds have won 3 titles, and the Cards 2. Nice try.

      1. Bob says:

        So Walter, the only conclusion I can draw from your last sentence is that the Reds have been a better team than the Cardinals during the last 37 years because Brennaman has been their broadcaster? I’m sure the Reds ownership and the players really appreciate that analogy!

      2. Walter says:

        I guess that’s the “only conclusion” one can draw if one is functionally illiterate. Try to read, please. This Gerald genius got his Brennamans confused, and beyond that, suggested even more dumbly that somehow a broadcaster can’t know “championship baseball” if he works with a bad team. So I just pointed out that Brennaman called three championship years for the Reds–more than the Cards won in the same time frame. Literally nobody is suggesting–and certainly I wouldn’t EVER–that Brennaman had any effect on the games at all.

        The internet: where intelligence goes to die, I guess.

      3. Cris says:

        Bottom line is Brennaman was irresponsible and showed a complete lack of character with his comments. Between the comments and his little shingles skit, he is only fuling the fire. The Cards are not the most hated team in baseball. I can’t find even one poll that puts them in the running. I’m sure he is helping the Reds inch their way up in the running though. Brennaman better start thinking about retirement or people are really going to question if he is “hall of fame announcer” material. What a moron…

      4. Walter says:

        Brennaman had ZERO to do w/ that “shingles” promo. WLW is one of the biggest radio stations in the country. Brennaman is one of HUNDREDS of people who work there. Why don’t you try, you know, doing a 2-minute Google search before you make accusations like that?

        Also, what on earth is up with all these references by Cards fans to “polls” that suggest the Cardinals are unpopular? First off, do you imagine there are some poli-sci profs out there doing some super-scientific, highly reliable polls on which baseball teams are most disliked? Second, the only poll anywhere on this is a dumb one from the W.S. Journal, & it’s a poll of FANS. What Brennaman was talking about was popularity (or lack thereof) in MLB clubhouses & media types. Your team ain’t nearly as beloved elsewhere as you think.

      5. 10 says:

        Hatred stems from jealousy. Everyone outside NYC hates the Yankees, why? Because they are successful. Everyone outside STL hates the Carindals, why? Because they are successful. Numbers 1 and 2 in world series championships. See the correlation? Double your World Series win count and let’s see how well liked YOUR team is….

      6. Will H says:

        Yeah, He’s like a lucky charm for your team…LMAO! 3 appearances since 1974, PLEEEEEEASE!!!! LMAO!!!! IDIOT!!

  2. Billy says:

    I always thought Marty had a little more class then that. HoF announcers should stay above the fray and keep it professional.

  3. pete says:

    Leave the Cubs out of it. The pinkbirdies blow end of story. The 2006 WS was a joke…Detroit played the sloppiest game ever!!!

    1. Will C says:

      Hey pete, 1908

    2. Vern says:

      Yeah they blow like 10 World Series Championships!!!! your a tool

    3. TIm says:

      Good things the cubs made it there then!

  4. Will C says:

    And by the way, the 1908 Cubs also played the Detroit Tigers who had 9 total errors in that series, while the 2006 Detroit Tigers recorded 8. Did you still want to joke about sloppy baseball?

    1. Vern says:

      Why are we pretending to take the Reds seriously? They are a lousy organization who reek of failure. They might as well play at Wrigley.

  5. Tony Bovaconti says:

    All in all this has quickly become one of the most heated rivalries in baseball. It’s fun to watch. Love my Cardinals the most but love to watch the other 29 teams as well.
    Just have fun with it!

  6. tdw says:

    if i was the cards pitching staff Johnny Cueto would have a fastball between the eyes for what he did to Larue. Cueto was out there kicking like a little girl….but then again the Cards have class unlike the Reds and their announcer.

    1. don says:

      Yeah, like making their announcer do the game from his cell phone because they can’t have the booth set up.
      Like giving a different weather report for the game to the other team.
      Like whining like girls because of mud, the mound and smoke.
      Now that’s class!

      1. Will H says:

        You are an IDIOT! Can your baby reds check the forcast and radar on ther phones or a computer before the game? HA! Tony made your manager look like a total fool….LMAO!

      2. tdw says:

        Cincy sure are whiners since old Marge Schott left.

  7. Will H says:

    I love to see the Reds fans whine, I remember last season when they were talking how the Cards had plenty of shots at the World Series and stunk, That they get to show us how it’s done…LMAO! 3 and out ring a bell Reds fans?

  8. Will H says:

    Oh and to the fool that was complaining about a different weather forcast handed out, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Your telling me that your teams not smart enough to check the radar on your phone or computer? IDIOT!

    1. Michael P says:

      Ignorant comment. They knew it was supposed to rain, but until you’re explicitly told “This game will be delayed,” you have to prepare as if the game will continue as scheduled. You can’t assume anything. You just can’t take the chance of not having a pitcher ready for a game.

      1. Will H says:

        So Mike, Don was saying that your reds were given a different forcast, You know that didnt happen, They dont come up to you and say hey, Weathers great today we should have a non rain delayed game today.
        You have to actually look at the forcast and then make a decision to start your guy or not.
        Your manager made the wrong call without risk of course, And Tony made the right call WITH RISK.
        Again he made your manager look foolish and now you Reds fans make your whole city look foolish by whinning about it.

  9. Stan Musial says:

    Can you say 10 ? That’s the number of World Championships the Cardinals have. Cubs/Reds STFU

  10. Mike says:

    I find it amazing how he calls Carpenter a whiner when Phillips started all this last year. If Phillips would have kept his mouth shut and didn’t WHINE about the Cardinals, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

  11. Tim says:

    Walter….you are a complete idiot. Win the reds win 10 world series rings, then come talk about who is better. Reds do good one year and every red fan, including the announcers think they have won something. They haven’t. “10” is absolutely correct, Good teams will be hated. better than not even being known.

    1. Walter says:

      What are you talking about you troll? Who here questioned how many titles they’ve won? Why don’t you try actually reading the post before you decide to personally insult the poster?

      PS Congrats on all the hard work you personally put in to make those championships happen. Front-running troll.

  12. Jofus says:

    The most disliked team in baseball is the New York Yankees!

    Everyone outside of the New York area hates them.

    The only place where the St. Louis Cardinals are really hated is Chicago.

  13. Nancy says:

    it seems this was about the Reds and Cards…….how come the CUBS were brought up?????? GO CUBS!!!

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