ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) –– New details have emerged in a shoot-out last month that killed off-duty St. Louis police officer Daryl Hall.

KMOX obtained information through a Freedom of Information Act request, we have learned that the now closed club, “The Label” on 4th faced over a dozen code violations including a lack of proper exits, and faced a hearing over it’s failure to renew it’s liquor license in the weeks before the deadly shooting.

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Officer Daryl Hall

In a statement to the city three days after the shooting, the owners of the club wrote that the bouncer, they call a ‘trained military soldier’, thought Officer hall was one of the suspects shooting on the parking lot that morning and fired his weapon twice.

The St. Louis Police Department have said ballistics experts can’t say if the bouncer shot the officer or not, but they did confirm Monday that the bouncer did not have a security license as required by state statue, a possible misdemeanor .

A police spokeswoman says the investigation is ongoing. When it is complete, the file will be turned over to the Circuit Attorney’s office who will determine if warrants will be issued.

“The Label” announced quietly on their Facebook page May 3rd that the club was closing.

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