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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) —The St. Louis Fire Department honors some of its heroes  — with a ceremony for firefighters and paramedics who saved lives in the line of duty.

Paramedic Sean Davis helped revive a minister who had collapsed during a sermon.  “We found the preacher in cardiac arrest in church in the middle of a service and we were able to do CPR and resuscitate him,” Davis said.

img 1685 St. Louis Fire Department Honors Life Savers

Paramedic Sean Davis

In a separate emergency,  Paramedic Crew Chief James Thompson helped save a 68-year old woman who appeared already dead.

“She had absolutely no heart activity when we found her,” Thompson said,  “We took her from that to a fibrillation rhythm, which is what they can shock.   And from that we took her into a spontaneous pulse with a blood pressure.”

Driving to a stress debriefing after the death of a child,  Paramedic Supervisor Mark Sweaney was feeling sad when duty called.   A two-year old girl was in cardiac arrest.

img 1687 St. Louis Fire Department Honors Life Savers

Paramedic Supervisor Mark Sweaney

“So I went to that call, and just knowing that we got that child back was such an uplift for me,” Sweaney said.

Crawling on the floor through blinding smoke in a house fire,  Firefighter George Anderson found a teen-aged girl whose life he saved.

“Just found her, just feeling, just crawling through the room and doing a search pattern,” Anderson said,  “She was barely breathing and only had a couple minutes left.”

img 1688 St. Louis Fire Department Honors Life Savers

Firefighter George Anderson

The group, along with others, received honors at the annual Lifesaving Awards Ceremony, held at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park Campus.

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