Charlie gets an update from Associated Press St. Louis correspondent Jim Salter who is in Joplin, MO covering the devastating situation. In thirty years of reporting, Jim says he’s never seen destruction like there is in Joplin. The death toll continues to rise, and Jim has actually witnessed some of the deceased being found. Search and rescue will take some time as more storms will slow the process.

KSNF-TV reporter Jessa Lewis joins Charlie to give an update about what is happening in Joplin as they prepare for more storms. The tornado actually came very close to where she was located, which was KSNF-TV, when the storm hit last night. She was currently reporting from the local shelter where it has become a make shift location to treat those who are hurt. People continue to look for their family and friends right in front of her.

Tim Gallagher, a partner with Heller, Gallagher, and Finley, joins Charlie to discuss a story about an insurance company employee who was shot in the leg. The interesting part is that the person is just suing the security guard, but also the maker of the gun.