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harry star 3andahalfstars Everything Must Go a Sobering Look at a Man Hitting Bottom

In 2006, Will Ferrell made an excellent film called “Stranger Than Fiction” in which he played an unsettled IRS auditor who falls for a young woman struggling to make her small business a success. It was a far cry from the usual goofy comedy characters he normally portrays that have made him a very wealthy comic actor.

But Ferrell has abilities  (and obviously ambitions) to be taken seriously as an actor. In that realm, he’s not a box office biggie, but he does do quality work, as he proves in the new small budget film, “Everything Must Go.”

Ferrell is seen a regional vice-president for a large company who gets fired because he’s an alcoholic and has caused some serious issues for both himself and his company. Living in Arizona, he arrives home from the firing to find his wife has left him, put all his personal property on the front lawn and changed all the locks. She also wants a divorce.

etmh 2 Everything Must Go a Sobering Look at a Man Hitting Bottom

As it turns out, Ferrell has only four days to have a yard sale, decide if he’ll stop drinking and try to bring some semblance of order out of all his personal chaos.

“Everything Must Go” has a splendid supporting cast that includes Rebecca Hall, Laura Dern, Michael Pena and a fine young child actor named Christopher Jordan Wallace.

This movie won’t provide the viewer with a nice, pat resolution to Ferrell’s character’s problems, but it does eloquently and honestly show how even the worst scenarios have a glimmer of hope, a glimmer that must be discovered at a very personal level.



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