Megan Lynch

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Are all the severe storm warnings this year causing you to freak out or tune out?

Psychologists think to some extent, how we react to continued warnings is hard-wired into our personalities.  Some people tune out, some freak out, and some are in the middle.

Dr. Steve Ristvedt, Clinical Psychologist at Washington University School of Medicine tells KMOX News, one way to help people be realistic is to give them very specific information. 

Ristvedt says the Good Friday storms were a prime example.  “Meteorologists on all the stations were very clear that this was a serious situation and that everyone needed to take it seriously and that they should act at that moment.”

Ristvedt adds, if you know you’re a person who tends to overreact, have a clear plan in place to give you peace of mind before the next storms strike.

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