Mike Claiborne

If you ever wanted to be a millionaire, I would suggest you ask Met owner Fred Wilpon how it’s done. Before you add him as a friend on Facebook, I forgot to tell you one thing… you need to be a billionaire first.

Fred Wilpon has lost a small fortune due to his involvement with the King of the Ponzi scheme Bernie Madoff. Wilpon had made a sizable investment with Madoff and now its all gone with the hope of recovering enough to come out of the hole getting slimmer by the day as there are a couple of lawsuits pending that could wipe out Wilpon and certainly his ownership of New York’s other baseball team. It gets better though.

It was bad enough for Wilpon to blow it all with Madoff. He then decided to question the skill set of some current Major League Baseball players. Shortstop Jose Reyes, third baseman David Wright and outfielder Carlos Beltran all felt the harsh criticism of Wilpon as he went on to question everything from their skill set to their desire to play the game. The criticism was something that you hear from time to time these days from talk shows and columnist on a regular basis… only this was slightly different.

The players named by Wilpon play in New York for the Mets, the team that Wilpon currently owns. I say currently as is has now been reported that the team is going to lose about 70 million dollars this season, not to mention an angry group of players who hope they can out last him with respect to his involvement with the Mets.

Wilpon will now be known as one of the worst owners in sports who are now looking to sell the team. I have an idea. How about getting Dave Checketts on the phone and see if he would buy the Mets?

He lives in New York; I think it would work out fine as he can promise them a World Series. Seriously, the Met fiasco just goes to show you how risky the sports business can be. Wilpon was making really good money off the team but greed set in and now he looks to lose it all.

His team, his status and the respect of players everywhere as athletes can deal with the criticism of fans and media but never an owner and in this case an owner that signed off on all of the players being Mets. Kind of makes you appreciate a good owner who has money, spends it wisely and doesn’t say things just to sell tickets and more importantly treats players with respect.


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