Megan Lynch

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – The National Weather Service says massive storms could strike the St. Louis region at the height of this afternoon’s rush hour.

“This is a dangerous situation, the atmosphere is quite unstable and we have the potential for violent tornadoes,” warns NWS Meteorologist John Carney.  Carney expects the storms to hit the St. Louis metro between four and six p.m.

lightning comp1 e1306342840325 St. Louis Region Braces for Violent Afternoon StormsHe says if tornadoes do develop, they may not be visible with the naked eye. 

“Especially in this part of the country the tornadoes are wrapped in rain.  And you can’t really see them very well.  So if we issue a tornado warning this afternoon and you’re in the path of it, don’t wait to see it.  Definitely get to a shelter.”

Carney says the region could see winds up to 70 miles an hour, large hail and deadly lightning. 

He says if you’re in your car when the storms hit, don’t try to outrun them.  They’ll be moving up to 50 miles an hour.  Carney says get off the road immediately and into a sturdy building.

Carney says the worst place to seek shelter is under an overpass.

Forecast: “Significant” Severe Weather Outbreak

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