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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says he’s asking the federal government to reimburse 100 percent of the cost to local governments dealing with the Joplin tornado aftermath.

Blunt, who had an office in Joplin for 14 years,  says he toured the town earlier this week and found it almost “unrecognizable” with a six-mile long swath wiped almost clean and lacking familiar landmarks except some knocked over street signs.

The latest death toll in Joplin is 126 and President Obama is scheduled to visit the town on Sunday.

In a phone conference with reporters Thursday,  Blunt says he has asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to do more.

“I’m asking for 100 percent federal reimbursement to local governments,” Blunt said, “They’ve agreed to 75.   I think they have to come to a better number than that, and the right number, I think, would be 100 percent.”

senator blunt in joplin13 Blunt Wants Federal Government To Do More For Joplin

Mo Senator Roy Blunt in Joplin (Photo/Blunt staff)

When asked to rate the federal response to the Joplin disaster, Blunt gave generally good marks to FEMA,  but noted that FEMA’s director didn’t show up in Joplin right away.

With the damage estimate in Joplin estimated from $2 to $3 billion,  Blunt was asked if it’s possible insurance rates could be going up for all Missourians.

“Well, it could happen,” Blunt said, “I think there is generally a community rating for property damage.   These tornados of this spring may very well be figured into that to some extent.   I don’t think they’ll have great impact, because so much of the country can be affected by this kind of storms.”

Blunt was also asked if the steady procession of tornados and death this spring could be related to climate change.

“There’s always some pattern of climate change,”  Blunt said, “I think it’s more likely that this is a year when the winter-spring transition just created this environment.”

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Comments (263)
  1. Timothy B. says:

    NOW Sen. Blunt want the federal government to spend money…. it takes a tornado to make a republican realize the value of a federal government.

    1. Rick says:

      What’s wrong with the STATE government? If your precious federal gov’t. didn’t bleed the states dry, MO could handle the loss with ease.

      1. Dennis Clouser says:

        Remember when the gov’t rebuilt San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake/fire!!! What about people who had insurance too?

      2. LTCB says:

        1906…. What insurance??

      3. Nick says:

        Missouri receives more money from the federal government than it contributes in taxes. Thoughts?

      4. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        You are so correct sir. I listened to an interview yesterday where people that wanted to volunteer, bring food and clothing, were turned away by the FEDS. Just like Katrina. The federal government is a degenerate leech that is not needed and stifles all that want to help.


    2. Rob Russo says:

      LOL The value? Maybe if people didnt have to pay so much in taxes they could afford some good tornado insurance. Instead they have to go begging for help. Government will break your leg, then give you some crutches and pretend like they are helping.

    3. SoMoPatriot says:

      Leave your petty partisan politics at home, chief. If the government can waste 3 billion this year on projects ranging from exercising shrimp on a treadmill to south pole jello wrestling, I think what he is asking for is perfectly acceptable.

      Get over yourself.

      1. Yirmin Snipe says:

        Government should support the military and nothing more… no shrimp and jello and no rebuilding of any city because of a disaster.

    4. Bob M. says:

      There is a huge difference between a natural disaster which destroys lives and an experiment to determine whether sick shrimp exercise on a treadmill as well as healthy shrimp. I don’t know Sen. Blunt’s history at all, but allow me to generalize as much as you have. Is it really such a terrible crime for any citizen to want the government to cut *wasteful* spending?

      1. Shinea says:

        How else would you expect the scientist to find out how shrimp react to stress? Have them lift weights? You think the shrimpers in the gulf think finding out about how shrimp are coping with an environment that is making them sick, think trying to find out is a “waste” of taxpayer money”? It sounds real crazy until it’s YOUR livelihood that’s at stake.

    5. tbart says:

      Helping people is a socialist agenda…. you moron.

      1. Chuck J says:

        LMAO.. Helping people is human nature. Trying to control them because you’re vain enough to think you know better is Socialism and guess what? We don’t want nor need your “guidance”. Go back to your ivory castle and leave the rest of America to fix what you’ve already broken.

    6. heatherfeather says:

      It’s all funny money now anyway. Not like the government needs money when they can just print it out of thin air. Gotta agree with Rob that the cost of government is bankrupting anyone who isn’t hiding their assets.

    7. JTBadger says:

      Spending everyone else’s money until it’s all gone under the guise of helping people – that is the socialist agenda. Equal misery for all.

    8. jdude says:

      only if MO taxpayers will be happy to reimburse CA for our future earthquake damage!!!!!

    9. Earl Lutz says:

      if the fed didnt take all their money in the first place they would have enough to rebuild

    10. chemcounter says:

      He is asking for the reimbursement of the first responders NOT to pay for losses of businesses and homeowners.

    11. jes2 says:

      And it takes a partisan moron like you to fail to realize that he just wants what every other state has extracted from the Feds in disasters.

      I bet you need written instructions on how to go to the bathroom…

      1. Art says:

        “And it takes a partisan moron like you to fail to realize that he just wants what every other state has extracted from the Feds in disasters.”

        Except Texas which couldn’t get a dime when fires (probably set by the DNC’s precious illegals) just scorched millions of acres.

        GET OBAMA OUT IN 2012.

    12. Jawal says:

      Tim you B. stupid. Republicans believe in limited government not the absence of it. The big government we reject is the system that creates the welfare junkies that are addicted to the government dole and have had their will to work replaced with dependency.

    13. Joot says:

      I agree. It’s time for the states to push back on Washington’s demands for local(state) monies.

      Oh, how I wish my community (and others that have been hit by these tornadoes) would tell the Fed. Gov’t., “Stay away! We’ll handle this situation ourselves!”

      We’re hooked on Fed dollars and we don’t even know it !!!

    14. yehhaw says:

      The value of the federal government? Oxymoronic statement, I’ll leave it at that,…

    15. K Griffin says:

      Check YOUTUBE for one of your own (dutchsinse) of MO he was predicting it 20 hours before with radar anomolies. Named Joplin specifically this time. I’ve noticed them and happened on dutchsinse (youtube) after researching weather modification. “Owning the weather by 2025”

    16. JD says:

      Obama and leftist Hollywood care more about Haiti.

    17. LTCB says:

      If the feds had left any money for the states to tax, they wouldn’t have problems like digging themselves out from disasters. The fed taxed the populace to the breaking point on purpose. That way, they’re the “saviors of the world” to people when things go south. It was and always has been intentional. Everyone knows disasters happen. What business does the Fed have with anything to do with local disasters. State issue. Give the money back to the states and let them deal with it. Your answer of big government is shopworn and ragged.

  2. Jon Pulsipher says:

    I’m not sure why the Feds should be reimbursing 100% of local government costs in dealing with this disaster. I’m fine with some aid, but why 100% in this particular instance and not others?
    The federal government is not everyone’s mom – simple as that.

    1. Bill H says:

      I don’t know if they “should” but it is needed. Joplin is a small city of about 50,000. The annual budget is around 80 million a year to take care of a functioning city. A third of it is gone along with the tax revenue base. If they are to recover it is a right thing to do.

      1. Don M says:

        If that’s the case why do they need 3 Billion dollars? In any case, how about the insurance covering it?

      2. Daniel Morgan says:

        I was always taught to save a little bit for the things you want or for a rainy day. But considering the government sets an example of spending money before you even get it or borrowing, borrowing, borrowing, such thinking appears to have gone the way of honest politicians and hard work. Don’t mind helping people in need, which I often do, along with many others, just getting tired of people acting irresponsibly, then expecting some else to bail them out. Charity needs to be based on mutual trust, respect and good will. Now days, this does not always happen.

      3. Jo Pine says:

        The money that the federal government has – comes from our own pockets. Nothing wrong with getting some back.

      4. John S says:

        Funny how all of these right wing Governor’s and mayors SCREAM small government until their butts are in a sling. Then they are the first for the hand outs.

        Many of them yelled hell no to stimuless money but were present at every project the money paid for with the ribbon cutting scissors in their hands as if they were responsible for the project getting gone. What Hippocrates they all are.

      5. Scarf says:

        Even 75% is too much. The taxpayer can not be expected to assume the costs of all risks. If one can not handle that, don’t live in tornado alley.

      6. Jared says:

        The reimbursement that the Senator is talking about is for the cost to the local government, not the total cost to rebuild the community. The local government is seeing a significant increase in non-budgeted spending relating to the aftermath.

        The 2-3 Billion is for the total rebuilding not the local government cost that Senator Blunt is referencing and that FEMA has offered to cover at the 75% level.

    2. Kenneth Glenn Koons says:

      I think Roy is hurting for the folks and wants in a way to get back at both the other Dem Sen. as well as Obama as far as helping deserving people groups instead of union leader thugs, welfare entitlement groups and corporations getting Care waivers. No wonder Roy wants some aid for the hurting in MO>

      1. Roger says:

        That’s fine, but then don’t go around villainizing the bid bad federal government during the next election cycle. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander?

      2. Portia says:

        Try reading before commenting…the federal government WILL help out with 75% help…the Republican Senator who usually screams against the budget NOW wants 100%…tough…we will help, but can’t do it all….and, the rest of the Republicans want offsetting costs before giving aid, so the Senator should go beg his Republican friends for aid

    3. DANIEL HALSTEAD says:


    4. Radgast says:

      funny how the big government spending is ok now…

      1. Dave C says:

        Big government spending is never OK. Blunt is acting like a progressive and it sickens me. Spending has to stop and it has to stop now.

      2. George Winston says:

        Except for the billions wasted in Afghanistan, right??

    5. Jeff says:

      Standard response in Missouri. I grew up in St Louis and have become numb to the anual bray by which ever community had gotten destroyed by flood or tornado that year.

      If people would build to the condition in which they lived, one they wouldn’t be homeless and two they wouldn’t be dead.

      I say leave it a disaster area and let people learn the hard lesson finally.

      1. Bill says:

        That is just the silliest comment I have ever heard. By your reasoning, nobody should live in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida among others. And of course all of the states on the east coast that are subject to hurricanes should not be inhabited either. Oh, and we can’t forget earthquakes in California. Where do you suggest everyone live?

      2. jerry walters says:


    6. billcrawford says:

      “Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says he’s asking the federal government to reimburse 100 percent of the cost to local governments dealing with the Joplin tornado aftermath” That’s what local and state taxes and insurance is for notmy take dollars. They choose to live in tornado ally, well guess what, they choose to live close to the Mississippi River, expect floods. Time to use some common sense people and stop these givaways it has to go to welfare, obamacare, food stamps, unemploymens insurance (2 year worth), disability payments (for the non disabled) get the picture we have no money for these foolish things ask Obama he has other ways to spend it. Don’t forget his buddy at GE paid no taxes last year (about10 Billion gone) and you want what for who? ridiculous.

      1. Tim says:

        Let’s not forget the billions of dollars we give away to our sworn enemies every year.

      2. Claritas says:

        I know it’s shoveling sand against the ocean, but GE made big quarterly tax payments last year, as in all other years since time hath no memory. But they sensibly arranged their payments so none were owed in their annual 1120 report. Your other points are good –

    7. Dave C says:

      The federal government has no authority to give any aid whatsoever to Joplin. Nor did they to Louisiana, Florida, or any other domestic location hit by a natural disaster. And obviously, they lack the authority to give away our money to foreign lands after a natural disaster. Is there ANYONE in the District of Columbia who understands the Constitution. The frickin’ 19th century farmers had a better grasp on its meaning than we do today. It’s disgusting.

      1. roze says:

        They can give billions to the third-world countries but not our own when we have problems? Yea, THAT makes sense!

    8. DavidL says:

      So everybody has to suffer because the State of Missouri didn’t SAVE money for a rainy-day fund, like we did in Texas! Let the people of Missouri foot the bill, don’t reach into my pocket.

      1. portia says:

        If the people of Texas saved for a rainy day, why was your Governor complaining that the feds didn’t give him enough money for the fires? Everyone has their hands out when something happens to them, but then screams NO, when it is for someone else

      2. MO Citizen. says:

        TX please, if you all can take care of your selfs with all your rainy day money, then why have you not done anything about your boarder? UNITED STATES we should be supporting each other.

    9. Mr. Rogers says:

      I agree with Jon. This is what insurance is for. Joplin deserves some help, and they are getting it, but to demand 100% compensation is just crazy.

    10. Albert MacMeda says:

      I’m barely convinced 50% would be reasonable, if that much. Apparently there are some from Joplin who’ve posted below who are OK with the ridiculous idea of 100%. State and local governments also collect taxes and can give some back. Insurance companies need to step up and cover some of it. The idea that the Federal Government will step in and “make everything right” is exactly what is wrong with the Democrats and the left, which is exactly why it’s amazing that a Republican is now spouting that nonsense. Well, it will probably help get him re-elected, anyway.

      1. portia says:

        You’re a funny guy, blaming the Dems…I have yet to meet any politician, who didn’t demand funds when it is in their backyards…Governor Rick Perry, after screaming that he wanted to secede, complains that the federal government give enough money to help with their wildfires…NOT one politician is any different…but, if it makes you feel better to blame only one side, go for it

    11. Tim says:

      How about cancelling some of that aid to the Arab world and helping out our own people!

    12. Michael R. says:

      Doesn’t Blunt know that the Federal Government is BROKE?

    13. Jared Lorz says:

      So sick of having to pay for these Southern Welfare states. Guess what move out of Tornado Alley. You want to whine about government waste? It’s wasteful for the Feds to rebuild a town, if the town can’t survive on its own let it die.

      1. Fred says:

        You, my friend disgust me. To degridate individuals who live below an imaginary line is kinda sick. Most folks who live in the South are hard working Patriotic Americans, who like everyone else is trying to make it through a tough economy. Now, a disaster befalls them and instead of you wanting to throw them a lifering, you throw a stone! Shame on you and all like you who just blindly hate. I pray a disaster never strikes your home, because thouse in the South will probably come to your rescue and you will have to refuse because they are not your kind of people. BTW where are the highest welfare rates? I think it may well be in the rust belt vice the South.

      2. Mitch says:

        Move out of tornado alley? Yeah, let’s have everyone move out of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, etc, etc, etc….doh!!! Oh, wait have you ever heard of tornadoes in Alabama and other Southern states? Better to remain silent and thought to be a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!

    14. mitch says:

      They shouldn’t; I feel sorry for the citizens of Joplin, but it’s not the Federal Government (U.S. taxpayers) to pay for it. That’s what the citizens pay local taxes for and that’s precisely what the city of Joplin, County of Jasper and State of Missouri collect taxes for!

    15. Tom says:

      Show me in the COTUS where it calls for the FED to cover disaster costs.

      Charity is fine but that is not the role of the gov’t

    16. Obamahater says:

      I totally agree. While my heart goes out to the residents and survivors this is not the responsibility of federal government. MO maybe but It is one thing to ask for support and mercy it is quite another to demand compensation from the gubment as if they are responsible.

    17. Marie MacCord says:

      Where are all those foreign humanitarian aide dollars? If we can re-build the infrastructures of enemies want to tkae us “out” why aren’t those dollars being returned here!!!!!!!

  3. T. Wilson says:

    What you mean is: ” to realize of value of the American taxpayer.”

  4. Scott says:

    Why on earth should the Federal Government cover a local/state issue? This has nothing to do with anyone else but the people who live there. People can donate to many charities if they want to help the people of Joplin, but this is NOT a Federal Government issue.

    1. Bob M. says:

      Uh, did you forget Hurricane Katrina and how the Federal Government got blasted for not giving enough support quick enough? Yea, can’t have it both ways.

      1. Scott says:

        No I didn’t forget Katrina and the Feds shouldn’t have gotten involved with that one either.

        Who’s trying to have it both ways? It’s a state/local issue.

      2. Walt Campbell says:

        FEMA was only criticized for that because GW Bush was President. If he were still POTUS he’d be getting criticized for not doing enough.

    2. SoMoPatriot says:

      FEMA is a federal agency, therefore this is a federal issue. We don’t pay taxes for nothing. If the Federal Government is so effective and powerful, I would think cleaning up a moderate town in southwest Missouri should be a simple enough task.

      1. Scott says:

        FEMA should be disbanded and just because it exists doesn’t make it a Federal issue. I recall Obama denying Federal help to Texas with all the fires because he told them it was a local issue.

        The Feds aren’t effective and it isn’t their responsibility. Do you believe that states have responsibility for their own citizens or are we just one big country without 50 states?

        Sorry pal, let the help come from those who offer it and keep the Feds out of local issues.

      2. richie h. says:

        SoMoPatriot makes no sense. It is a local problem that may get help from reste of US residents. FEMA is there to coordinate response by federal agencies IF a federal disaster is declared. Why should my taxes pay for your repairs?

      3. Radgast says:

        Texas was approved for dozens of requests for their fires, Katrina absolutely required a federal response, and quite frankly I believe this does to, I am not sure about 100%, but its puzzling to me is how he would consider spending billions considering our debt. Federal help should be offered in large part but only to the extent where needed based on the magnitude, the state will need to do their part.

      4. Albert MacMeda says:

        “Radgast” forgets that the Obamunists ignored Texas when they requested help fighting the fires – but they didn’t ignore Mexico, as they deployed our equipment THERE instead.

    3. Mike-N-TN says:

      Keep in mind, the more the Fed “helps” you the more they own you. Can you say “GMC”?

    4. Dave C says:

      Amen, Scott.

    5. Lana says:

      I truely hope you never ever need help Mr. Scott. Try very hard not to get yourself backed into a corner EVER. Lana

    6. Dan says:

      These people pay taxes to the feds just like you. This is not a standard state/local “issue.” Their homes are gone. This is exactly what FEMA was designed for. To say anything else is maligned ignorance.

  5. Mark says:

    How about we help the Joplin people with the money we give to Pakistan and Hammas every year.

    1. Always Independent says:

      So michelle takes one less vacation, whats the big deal?

      1. Ed Kopic says:

        Couldn’t agree more. LMAO!

    2. Rowdy Choate says:

      You notice how it said help the state pay for State emergency work. It doesnt mean to help the people! Thats easy a Obama to comply with. Roy Blunt needs to learn that its we the People not we the Government!

    3. Chet says:

      You forgot to mention Israel, it gets more than the other two combined.

      1. Bill says:

        except Israel doesn’t harbor those that wish to kill us. Wise up.

      2. Albert MacMeda says:

        For good reason: Israel is a lone democracy in a sea of dictatorships. Hamas is a terrorist organization which shouldn’t get a penny and Pakistan only gets oney because we need a presence their to support our activities next door in Afghanistan.

  6. John says:

    The Federal has no business paying for damage. It is a tragedy, but the Govt of the United States was never set up to take care of all of us in this way. Cut the Federal Budget by 80%, let people and states keep their money and use it!!!!

    1. Rowdy Choate says:

      Then tell us why the Government Bailed out Big Banks; Big Auto; Big Hollywood; Big Sports; and of Course all the Big World Banks! but cant bailout the people how pay them all the money? They even helped New York during 9-11: Why them and not the People of Mo.? Obama can bailout union tax takers but not Mossuri tax payers. Why? All the Emergency People of 9-11 are better than the people of 5-11? Why do they take Mossuri Federal Taxes if its not to help during an emergency?

      1. BJ says:


        You really want to compare the amount of money that a bank like Wells Fargo pays in taxes and the number of jobs that company creates to a small town that had a portion of it destroyed by a tornado. Many of those banks didn’t want the bailout. Many have repaid the “loan” in full.

        I’m all for helping folks out when they run into tragedy (like this). I’m just sick of people vilifying business, painting them as free-loaders.

      2. Dave C says:

        Because it is run by a bunch of progressives who care not a whit about the Constitution or the rule of law. TARP and all the subsequent bail outs were wholly unconstitutional. You do not pay federal taxes so that the government will come in and fix your home if a tornado hits it. That’s what insurance is for. You pay taxes so the federal government can do its (quite limited) constitutionally mandated work and nothing more. Read Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution and see just how little the federal government is empowered to do.

      3. portia says:

        Firstly, I do believe we should help the good people of MO…but, the state of MO gets more back from the federal government than they pay in in taxes…one of the many states that do…all of you who hate the NE states and CA should remember that you all get more in tax dollars back than you pay in…just sayin’

    2. Radgast says:

      just for the record, its not your money, Its the currency of the United States of America, if the USA’s economy was ever to totally tank, what would your money be worth, nothing, Unless you plan on creating your own currency, not that your share of such communal currency is of no value nor shared by anyone else except yourself, but the elimination of many of the government entities are part of the equation of the economic strength, the notion of contracting one side of the ledger is important as in such current economic conditions but a reduction of even 50% would devalue domestic prosperity and our standings in world markets to the effect of having a cataclysmic depreciation on that paper in your wallet, Sensibility should always be a prime factor with finances.

      1. Dave C says:

        Wrong, radgast. It actually is our money. Leaving the gold standard was a horrible mistake. Fiat currency never lasts. But do not for a minute think that the money you earn belongs to your neighbor.

  7. Melvin says:

    I know the government has to help, but someone answer this if the government is going to cover this 100% then why are we having to pay property insurance? So who is going to pay the government with borrowed money, or the insurance companies?
    I have been paying my insurance company over 20 years in premiums for my how insurance and we were hit with a huge increase a year ago. If the government is going to cover the cost of the damages then that lets the insurance companies off the hook to pay home and business owners.
    Senator Burr needs to think before he runs his chops for a sound bite.
    We just had a tornado go through here earlier this month tore up some neighborhoods, and FEMA was here briefly, but they were setting up loans and not grants.

    1. Melvin says:

      Senator Blunt and not Burr

    2. humanriff says:


      You have hit the nail on the head. I read recently that US property insurance companies are already on the hook for $50 bn for just the last few week’s weather activitity, and hurricane season has not started yet. This is just a bail out for insurance companies and state and local government and has nothing to do with helping individual people.

  8. HMS says:

    Is the Fed reimburing the state/local government in the Alabama / Georgia Tennessee tornados at the 100% rate – answer is No but all of thses states voted against Obama.

    1. portia says:

      What does that have to do with anything…I am 61 years old and I don’t remember ANY disaster being fully funded by our government…including Katrina, Andrew, etc…I think 75% is over the top, but that is what the feds offered…stop making this a political issue…HOWEVER, if you want to blame Obama, then look what all Blunt’s fellow Republicans said…NO emergency monies unless there are offsets in the budget…nice people, those Republicans…I can’t wait until disaster strikes in their home states

  9. pismoclam7 says:

    No $2 billion to Egypt. Help Joplin> xcan Obama.

  10. Dan Coates says:

    I thought all those “Red” states/T-Bagger folks” were into self-sufficiency? Wow, doesn’t take much for them to start whining and begging. Hmmmmm, one week of Bush’s war in Iraq would cover the cost of Joplin, send “W” and Cheney the bill!

    1. heatherfeather says:

      Bush’s war. Right. Obama ended it the day he took office.

      And a lot of people are self-sufficient and have their own insurance, but government and its media don’t speak for them.

    2. Rowdy Choate says:

      We still have red jobs and will Help our own people down here. You see all the volunteers working there now? Thats us in the south helping our neighbors! Tell your president to stay on vacation and we can handle it ourselfs. Just like we are going to do our boarders here in Texas. But we want to cut off all your refined oil and gas, so we can use it in Mo. Also, we probaly wont send any Beef or Produce to all you blue states because we need to feed our own here! And we will continue to take all your jobs to get these people back to work. You keep your government welfare and we will pass!

      1. BMcC724 says:

        It’s a deal! We in CA would take that offer in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, your Republican Senator has his greedy hand out. Keep you beef, your pollution & your stinky oil. Don’t let the screen-door hit you on the way out. Try edumahcayshun someday. It’s not nearly as painful as ignorance.

      2. Knocker says:

        BMcC724 seems to forget that it is “stinky oil” that makes modern civilization run. Vegetables grown in CA go to the Midwest to get packaged and then get shipped back to CA to be sold. That doesn’t happen without oil. Oh, and the cellophane wrappers that the vegetables are packaged in…that is made using oil, too.

    3. Edge of Red says:

      Considering that a lot of us here in AL are already rebuilding with little to no federal aid, we sure are “whining”. Might want to get your facts straight before you go running your mouth.

  11. Randall Bennington says:

    Why should my tax dollars go to pay for some imbecile’s house in the Mid-West. You’re the morons that built your houses in the middle of ‘tornado ally’. What the name didn’t give it away? It’s called insurance!
    All you people in fly over country cry cry cry about socialism, and how no one cares about you, but the moment you have a little wind & rain, its gimme gimme gimme.
    I personally think this is just a sign that God hates evangelical Christians, and has chosen to smite you. And who am i to question the will of God?
    And as for Blunt: suck my Blunt!

  12. H. Stern says:

    What would the Amish do? They would get together and rebuild and not want a dime from anybody. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in that philosophy. We are all too greedy and always want to one up our neighbor. Like like the Amish.

    1. portia says:

      Well, go live with the Amish…they don’t do ANYTHING for this country other than take up space…they refuse to serve in the military…in ANY capacity…so, let’s not bring others into the conversation who don’t belong in it

  13. Karen says:

    We had tornados rip through Virginia a month ago. The Feds turned us down entirely for disaster relief. Ditto Texas after its fires. No Joplin is to get between 75 and 100% of its costs reimbursed?!? If there IS a role for federal dollars in disaster aid (and there’s a legitimate argument to be made that there shouldn’t be), there needs to be some formula in place. The money shouldn’t be somethign that a president and his appointees can grant or withhold at their whim.

    1. JTBadger says:

      Virginia & Texas both have Republican Governors and Missouri has a Democrat – not that Obama would play politics with Federal Disaster Relief (s). Just sayin’.

      1. BIG T says:


      2. Rowdy Choate says:

        Ditto, this Government aint forthe people they are strickly for the Vote! We wont vote for him no matter how he opresses our states in the South!

    2. BMcC724 says:

      You people are so self-assuredly fact-free, it would be a great relief if you would leave the union. We’ve got work to do & little time for clueless.

    3. portia says:

      Texas DID get help with their wildfires…just not as much as they wanted…maybe is it too political, but that is always going to be a problem, regardless of who’s in office…and, I do like your formula idea, unfortunately, formulas can be worked around just like polls do…you can always get the answer you want depending on who’s doing the polling OR the formula

  14. RLA Bruce says:

    If a single home is burned to the ground there’s no chance the Fed’s would (or should) do anything to help. But because it’s a widespread disaster beyond the ability of the locals to take care of, the Feds do have a recognizable role in the recovery effort.

    Now, about the wildfire damage in Texas….

  15. HuntingMoose says:

    100% ? What about insureance and those taking the risk of not having insurance?

    I am all for helping the people down there but this knee-jerk reaction sounds inconsistent with the concept of people buying their own insurance.

    This is nothing short of expanding ObamaCare to general insurance

  16. BillyDs says:

    How much money can we spend on the Global warming scam to make tornadoes and hurricanes to go away? **Chuckle**

  17. S says:

    Wow Randall – you’re a real pr!ck.

  18. John Boy says:

    Why does everyone think this is something the federal government should pay for? This is a state issue. Nothing comes without a price and the price here is MORE dependency on federal government and having them crawl more and more into our lives.

  19. Gary says:

    This is what insurance and reinsurance companies are for. Asking the federal government to pay for every emergency is the equivalent of saying “we are going to put a lien on every taxpayer’s home to pay for this.” Moreover, the federal government has nowhere near the incentive for efficiency that insurance companies have – evidenced by today’s report of $3 BILLION in tax dollars squandered by just one gov’t agency, the NSF, on high priorities like jello-wrestling and sick-shrimp-on-a-treadmill.

  20. Constitution First says:

    Depends? Did you vote for the Anointed One? Now that’s “Fundamental Change.”

    1. portia says:

      I am 61 years old and I have NEVER seen the kinds of fundamental changes to our government and our country as under Bush/Cheney…disgraceful

  21. Steve M. says:

    Roy- That’s what taxes and insurance is for. In the meantime, donations and events for the area by private parties will continue!!! We have run out of public money and the US Cosntitution does not provide for the Treasury to act as a a charitable organization!!!!

  22. JDUDE says:


  23. chemcounter says:

    He is asking for the reimbursement of cost of the state and local first responders. He is NOT asking for every person with a loss to be reimbursed by the government. There is a big difference.

    I disagree with his arguement though because all of the state and local agencies have received homeland security grants and stimulus funds just to be prepared for these situations. Most of the agencies have ballooned because of these grants and are nothing more than new beaurocracies. I would also argue that any of the agencies that received these funds should have to reimburse them if they didn’t respond to this incident.

  24. Diogenes says:

    MAybe if tax rates weren’t so high, we could just save money and take care of ourselves. But, the federal government bleeds the tax payers dry and leaves us less than half what we earn. Most of that money is sent overseas or redistributed to the non-working leisure class in the form of welfare, etc. IF we could save and take care of ourselves we would not need the state or federal governments. But they take our money and then tell us they’ll take care of us with our own money.

  25. Bob A says:

    So now the tax payer must pay for tornado, hurricane, flood, drought damage. We are spending 1.5 Trillion dollars a year over what we are taking in. And this idiot wants to bankroll everything! Thats the way the communists do it except they don’t pay anybody anything because they have run out of people to steal from.

  26. JamesDean says:

    It’s Missouri, how much could 25 trailers and 15 used pickups cost? I say fund um at 100% Roy with everyone else’s money.

  27. Earl Lutz says:

    Send people on WELFARE IN MO to the city to do the work.. THEY are already PAID by the FED

  28. Boyd says:

    Can somebody please explain why my federal taxes should go to local disaster recovery work? I live in California and would never expect people from any other state to pay if I have an earthquake, or a flood.
    This is why I buy insurance. This is why our local and state governments should keep taxes low and reserves high. So when a major disaster happens we can tap reserves. If additional is needed you can go before the voter and ask for short duration targeted hikes in say sales tax to rebuild. That way they can be done at a city, a county or state level.
    Instead as soon as our governments see a light at the end of the current fiscal crisis, they created services and entitlements which ensure we will be back in crisis soon enough. How have we as a country lost our way to the point that we complain that the head of a federal agency does not show up “right away”.
    Tim acts like Conservatives don’t want the government to spend money. That is not why we cry out for. It’s that they spend money on things they are supposed to like defense both abroad and at our borders. On national infrastructure that builds our country’s world wide competitiveness. Why we cry out for is to stop spending money on rewarding inefficient, unproductive and worse, the corrupt segments of our economy.
    We reward people who created “green” energy through wind and solar when the reality is that if and when those technologies are a superior supply, they will be adopted without need of government intervention. There was no government program to push the internal combustion engine over horses. When it was better, the market favored it. Only the wise and noble elite that run for or finance our esteemed elected officials in Washington would think it wise to outlaw a light bulb which I prefer and am willing to pay for but instead force me to bring toxic mercury into my house and around my kids.
    I’m just waiting for when I have to hire government licensed and “permitted” contractors into my home to mitigate the “harmful pollutant” that that same government mandated me to install. Hey it happened with MTBE, it can happen again.

  29. Harold E Vincent says:

    I fail to see what a tornado has to do with “Ho9meland”, by which I am assuming the author means DHS.
    Why should we be paying for naturals events with DHS money?

  30. Mike says:

    Obama knows that his re-election depends on winning MO. Pinko commie RINO Blunt seems to know this also. I hope they BOTH lose to a conservative next election cycle.

  31. HansJurgen says:

    I know this is a tragedy, but what about other tragedies? There are single family tragedies that are just as devastating as what happened in Joplin. Where do you draw the line? How much can we afford? Seems the best answer to this comes from people and neighbors rather than our “fat” government that spends money on stupid things like exercising a shrimp and dumps major money on foreign countries that would kill us in a heartbeat. Sure, spend some more money that we don’t have since we’re basically bankrupt thanks to our stupid politicians and our guberMINT.

  32. Doug Huffman says:

    There is not a spit of difference between the demos and the GOP.

  33. Sam says:

    Yeah right, I feel sorry for the people of Joplin, but what about all the floods, the Alabama tornado, 100 percent – what a joke…. What about future disasters, is the govt going to provide 100 percent funding to local govt’s. That won’t happen. We need to cut overseas aid and get our house in order and fix our own problems before we start worring about others overseas. Charity starts at home first…………….

  34. Yirmin Snipe says:

    Horrible thought.

    Here is what should happen.

    Every building that was in Joplin and owned by the city should have insurance… the insurance is designed to pay for these events. Ignoring that fact and hoping they never happen or hoping the fed will pay for it is complete and utter disgrace. Do I feel sorry for those people that lost it all? Sure, but I would hope they were smart enough to have insurance too… and if they were too stupid not to, well I will still feel the same sorrow for them but I wont pay for there stupidity.

  35. J Lindeman says:

    Doesn’t anyone know how to read anymore?

    Blunt is looking for 100% reimbursement from the Federal Government for the costs incurred by the LOCAL GOVERNMENTS! NOT individuals or businesses!

    I’m sure that the municipalities have insurance to cover the buildings and maybe even some operation continuity costs. I doubt, however, that they have insurance that covers the emergency costs of: pay; fuel; food; water; operating costs (ie electricity, water, portapotties, etc) of shelters; bringing in additional equipment and crews from surrounding areas to assist in rescue and recovery. Of course I could be wrong about that.

    Heck does anyone even think of what the cost was and is to bringing in two refer trucks, and the fuel to run them, for emergency temporary morgue storage space? Diesel ain’t cheap!

    I am confident that, with typical Midwest “get-to-work” attitude, Joplin and the surrounding area will rebuild. My prayers to all involved and affected.

    1. Yirmin Snipe says:

      I’m sure they had budgets that included money for gas and electric for those buildings… well those costs just went to zero so they can use that money for the diesel.

  36. Guy says:

    This artticle (linked) was written in 1990, but still applies today.

    1. Harold E Vincent says:

      Dead right on the money! I will help the folks in Joplin and elsewhere with my time and money, but they do not deserve nor are they entitled to federal funds to make them whole.

  37. Gary H says:

    Following Katrina, the federal gov’t funded a program called the Road Home, which was then administered by the State of LA. Sure, there was plenty of red tape, however.

    In the final analysis, some 128,000 homeowners received an average cash federal grant in the amount of roughly $63,000 to help cover the costs of rebuilding (some used a smaller amount to relocate).

    The money was received in addition to FEMA flood ins settlements, private homeowner’s insurance settlements, etc. The money was a grant – not a low-interest loan. The money was received tax-free — does not have to be paid out.

    Truly a remarkable and historical move by the feds. That Bush was a bit quiet about the going’s on – but it was where the rubber met the road.

    Blunt should reference this in his request.

    1. Gary H says:

      Oops correction – I meant the grants don’t have to be paid back.

      The max grant was set at $150,000 FTR.

      A latter added on program, an elevation program, is handing out grants up to $30,000 to help folks raise the elevation of their homes in flood prone areas.

  38. John Adams says:

    First lets actually read the statement:

    “I’m asking for 100 percent federal reimbursement to local governments,”

    He is not asking for every homeowner to get a check, a free trailer, or a FEMA credit card. He is asking that the Federal Government reimburse local governments in the state. To rebuild roads, bridges, power infrastructure, emergency services, search and rescue, etc.

    The actual damages to personal property would be paid for by INSURANCE companies and not tax dollars.

    Please note the difference.

    Now if we stopped payment on the $880 Million the administration was trying to send to Hamas, or maybe the bribery (we call aid) to all the Muslim countries that still don’t like us, we defunded the UN and the IMF we could actually have enough money as a country to bail out every single state in the Union (Even CA), have enough money to actually come up with an immigration security solution, and be able to LOWER taxes on American Citizens to pay for everything.

    But then again, during even the tough times we face as a country, it is obviously a lot more important to keep money flowing to all the Middle East Countries even though they are against our interests, it is more important to bail out the EU and European countries, than it is to address problems like American Homeless, unemployed, and disaster victims.

    Why is that?

    1. FEMAite says:

      John, kudos to you – finally, someone who actually UNDERSTANDS what Blunt is talking about!

      FEMA has two different types of assistance; Public Assistance (a misnomer) and Individual Assistance.

      Public Assistance funds the rebuilding of local/state government infrastructure so that communities can get back up off the deck, so to speak. Without it, most communities would struggle for years to rebuild, and many would decay into slums and abandoned areas. The expense is far too great for most local/state governments to shoulder – the 2004-05 hurricanes in South Florida, for example, caused $1.5 billion in damage and clean up costs.

      Now, here’s another top reason why the Feds are very interested in helping areas recover quickly from disasters….

      Badly damaged and/or destroyed communities generate very little tax income.

      So for you “it’s a local issue” yahoos out there, if you don’t care about your fellow Americans suffering through a disaster, then think about the extra taxes that YOU’LL have to pay to compensate for the lost Federal taxes.

      1. portia says:

        It’s irrelevant what Blunt wants…he ain’t getting 100% and shouldn’t be asking for it…these are hard times for all

    2. The Truth says:

      You sad PH$$$.

      Show us proof about the $800,000,000.00
      This state is a Red State. They voted against Obama. Now they eill learn. The want smaller federal government. Good! they can raise their state taxes. I bet their building codes are the worst in the country!

      raise state taxes!

      1. John Adams says:

        Published 23.02.09
        ‘U.S. plans to pledge $900 million for Gaza’
        Money for reconstruction; Clinton reportedly to make pledge before visit to Israel, West Bank next week.
        By Reuters

        The United States plans to pledge more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza after Israel’s offensive against Hamas and strengthen the Palestinian Authority, a U.S. official said on Monday.

        The money will be channeled through UN and other bodies and will not be distributed via the militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to make the announcement next week at a Gaza donors conference in Egypt.

        I think you said something about sad? Would that sad be the fact that either you are very ignorant of current and past events or is the sad thing you truly believe the bs you are fed with your monthly check?

        PS: Thanks FEMAite. Yes it is truly sad that many people cannot even read a news story without understanding how things will work. You are exactly right about the tax base. For an example look at the troubles Detroit is facing and they are not even victims of a natural disaster just victims of bad economic choices.

  39. Archie says:

    Is Blunt a Republican? If so, he must be a RINO. His demands go against everything real conservatives stand for. My heart goes out but, at the same time, bad things happen. When did the taxpayer become the parent?

  40. Susan says:

    As long as aid is limited to police, fire, etc. I think that is acceptable. But for the taxpayer to on the hook for paying for those things that insurance should be covering is not acceptable. Plenty of people in Joplin had insurance or should have had insurance. The bad choices that citizens chose to make should not be placed on the back of taxpayers who think ahead, plan, educate themselves, don’t spend their $’s foolishly and most of saved.

  41. bserius says:

    Typical Globalphobic liberal duchbag asking if this was caused by climate change

  42. chuck says:

    terrible tragedy-but why should I have to pay for it-I live in Tennessee! When our state flooded we didn’t get reimbursed 100%-oh wait-we have a REPUBLICAN governor-I see how it works.

    1. jes2 says:

      Chuck, sorry bud, but you’re a liar.


      And I’ll bet your worthless life on that fact.

      Ignorant, lying fools like you are a pox on our society.

  43. why new orleans? says:

    If the federal government will rebuild New Orleans, why not Joplin? Is it because New Orleans is a chocolate city? Why don’t people realize the federal government is racist against whites?

    1. The Truth says:

      So move to a black city! So stupid are you?

    2. NYmike says:

      The midwest is not black enough, or poverty stricken enough, or black enough – period. Who do you think you are? New Orleans? Obama will stop by Sunday.

  44. Sniffit says:

    Another buch of racist comments. Obama doesn’t need you MO. He didn’t in the last election either. Maybe had you voted for him you’d be getting help. TOO BAD

    1. Rick says:

      Racist this racist that…. why pay insurance anymore… why work anymore???

  45. The Truth says:

    This GOP Senator can go to hell. He is against larger Federal Government. Now he wants MY taxes to help out. Have his state raise taxes to cover the costs. If the people did not buy iunsurance, why should mt federal taxes take care of them. Red states want the Federal government out of their lives. I AGAIN>

    I bet the building codes in RED STATES are the worst in the Country. They also hate local government. When the whole house disappears and only a concrete slab is left, their building codes have to be a joke. They will be sleeping under the stars. i will be sleeping under a safe roff!

    1. The Truth's Mom says:

      I can see even if we telly tubby it down and tried to explain what F4 and F5 means maybe you would understand your ignorance when it comes to building codes.

      Let me try though. The chances of a small structure (small business or residential) withstanding a direct hit from an F4 or F5 is about the same as you getting off of welfare and actually getting a job and paying those taxes you want to raise so badly or learning how to spell simple words like ROOF correctly.

      1. Harold E Vincent says:

        And fools like you think that ad hominem attacks to try and make a point are ethical. You do not know the person’s situation, but your manner and wording does say somewhat of you. Now, attack my use of language arse.

  46. igloo says:

    This will depend only if they are a red state or blue state…Ask Texas!!

    1. THE TRUTH says:

      Texas boasts that they have a $25 billion dollar surplus fund. GO SPEND IT!

  47. Doug says:

    This conservative republican is disappointed in Sen. Blount. This just highlights why we should immediately get state and local budgets back in line in light of a reduction in revenue. Even though we have had the reduction in the last two years, the “Stimulus funds” filled the voids and allowed elected officials to forgo making the tough choices of actually reducing some expenditures.

    While I feel for the people of MO, it’s not the responsibility of the rest of the country to pay for your cleanup…we are glad to help (see the 75% figure already mentioned) but to transfer 100% of the cost to the rest of us is just not right. Folks in CA better budget for the possibility of some earthquake problems. Folks on the southern and eastern coasts better expect (and budget for) the occasional cleanup of a hurricane. We in tornado alley from Texas to PA budget for cleaning up the aftermath of tornados. We all appreciate when the fed govt can kick in some when it gets really bad but we NEVER expect 100% of the disaster costs to effectively be transferred to folks from other states.

    This just highlights why it’s important to adjust government spending to stay in line with the economy rather than trying to stall making reductions when slowdowns occur hoping things will pick up again before we have to make tough choices. If you were to lose your job and have little or no savings, you might find it a good idea to cut out some of the non-essential expenditures (maybe give up cable TV or stop eating out as much) until to find another one. Why can politicians not make those same choices….because someone won’t vote for me next time if they remember I’m the guy who defunded their pet program. Hmmmm…. if the politician were truly concerned with doing the right thing for his constituency rather than making sure he gets re-elected, I think better decisions would be made.

    Folks, we have put off dealing with these issues for so long and this economic downturn has been severe enough that we have to get through our heads that IT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME. We can’t just keep doing things like we’ve always done.

    Come on Senator, these were the principles that got you elected in the first place.

  48. Tex-Rex says:

    Some of you are missing an important detail. Sen Blount says [not sure if he means it] he wants the Feds to reimburse the Local/State government for THEIR costs. I am sure he does not want the Feds to rebuild everyone’s home for them.

    The extra cost for the city and state would basically be overtime, some contracting services, and some transportation costs. Subtract what would normally be spent for non-emergency services and the Feds pay 75% of that slice.

    But, in reality the good Senator is just posturing for the ill informed voter. We all know the drill.

  49. Realist says:

    These politicians need to keep their emotions out of their decisions which is what we pay them for. Wait until the bill for the damages comes in than start begging for some more hand outs.

  50. Bill says:

    Missouri is a battleground state, so Obama will do what he can. I’m from Texas. When we asked for help because of all the wildfires this spring, Obama told us to take a hike. He knows he’d never win here.

  51. Homer says:

    Roy Blunt is a criminal. MO deserves better. IIt would be better that FEMA pays the individuals who have a loss. Every state faces disasters(ie CA-earthquakes, Southern states-tornados/hurricanes, Northern states-blizzards, etc). They need to have emergency budgets to handle these problems. Federal government needs to trim down and be responsible for the nation, not individual states. Just sayin……

  52. John R. says:

    Blunt voted against the James Zadroga Health and Compensation Act for 9/11 first responders. As a New Yorker, I say to Blunt: go to hell.

  53. Chuck Jenkins says:

    Unless you guys voted for Obama, you will most likely get the same response we did in Texas – “Pound Sand”.

    This is the price we pay for exercising our right to dissent in the new world order.

  54. Can anyone read says:

    Um… Did anyone read the article. The money will not pay the people for their property damage, that is what homeowners insurance is for. The money will reimburse the local governments, for things like overtime for police and firefighters, etc.

    1. Harold E Vincent says:

      The answer is still NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  55. prince bowaa says:

    …and the money we give to Isreal

    1. Harold E Vincent says:

      You failed to mention some others. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, The UAE, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Palestine, Gaza, Kenya, ..
      Shall I go on?

      1. JP says:

        keep going, and going, and going, and going….

  56. prince bowaa says:

    How about we help the Joplin people with the money we give to ISRAEL every year…. or are we too scared to talk about that

  57. Michael Prato says:

    I doubt Missouri will get much help from the Federal government, since McCain carried the state in 2008. Things like that make the petulant child playing president very cross and he withholds funds to punish the wrong doers of those red states, just ask Texas.

    1. dwight says:

      DEAD ON MY friend,

  58. RBS says:

    The borrower is the slave of the lender. Joplin must take care of Joplin.

  59. der Wahrheit says:

    I thought Blunt was a Republican. You know, one of those “don’t expect the government to take care of you (athough I have a government assured retirement and government paid for cadillac health care)” hypocrits.

    1. Harold E Vincent says:

      I sir am a Republican. Blunt is a RINO, at best. He is also an idiot.

  60. glasshamster says:

    Feds can print trillions and bail out fraudulent, insolvent banksters, surrender billions to AIPAC,Israel, Egypt, Pakistan for “aid” trillions for three wars, so don’t expect the gov’t’/plutocracy to help out Americans in need.

  61. NYmike says:

    Oh c’mon – you build houses in what used to be prairie or farmland in tornado alley, it’s like building houses in a flood plain. Buy insurance, or get the heck out – not every disaster mandates government support – my God, save us from this nanny state.

  62. Clark Nova says:

    Typical Republican. No Federal help for anyone until it’s HIS ox getting gored.

    1. NYmike says:

      No worries, Obama said he would drop by on Sunday after his vacation.

  63. marvinlzinn says:

    It would be more efficient with less complaints if the federal government would not pay from any taxes, but with a donation by citizens determining the amount to be given for each class of needs.

    More taxes means less likely to be contributed. It is vastly better for use to help each other, than to depend on the government to spend on so many things we despise.

    1. NYmike says:

      C’mon Marv – the heartland is not black enough for that kind of support. Mississippi floods, storms in Texas, Tornados all around the midwest devastating more land and population than Katrina – but no outrage! Why? You know why – no black folks on the roof. Obama will be there Sunday.

  64. Rob Freeman says:

    My heart is broken for Joplin but asking the government for more special handouts is BS. Why not reimburse everyone then? Mississippi, Oklahoma, Carolinas, Texas (fires), Louisiana? Shoot, lets reimburse Japan too, because they are people too.

    Disgraceful Republican…… and I am a Conservative!

  65. Kurt says:

    It’s funny how the some of you say “it’s not my problem; why should I help with it through the Federal government.” Great attitude. How about you realize the extent of damage and we, as Americans, do all we can to help? Last time I checked we’re all in the same country. Selfish and self-centered punks that think anyone gives a damn about your opinion any more than they do mine. Considering anyone who has posted will be dead within 100 years, I don’t think it’s that big of an issue. Oh, but time and time again, some of us become hell bent on being heard on online postings. Much love to Joplin and all who have been affected.

    1. Rob Freeman says:

      Blunt and the government ALREADY spent the money that could have went to Joplin. They didn’t care a year ago or ten years ago. This is what happens when you are broke….NOTHING gets paid or reimbursed.

      If you have a problem with it, just right a letter to the new Obama progressive/liberal news Zhar! There’s $150k that could have helped Joplin.

  66. Dave Templeton says:

    There is no reason not to reimburse these folks, unlike New Orleans, they had no prior warning, they had no buses lined up to take them away from danger and they don’t sit around and whine for cokes when aid personnel offer water!

  67. Doug says:

    Sen. Blunt, you want 100% for a state/local problem?!!? Fine. My charitable contribution to the cause will be ZERO. Consider it, “I paid at the office – in the form of my TAXES.” Please show me where in The Constitution a person is forced under the threat of incarceration to pay for cleanup of a natural disaster in another state.

  68. Linda Green says:

    If this was a disaster overseas no one would say a word. Lets please take care of our own first and foremost.

  69. Aged Cheddar says:

    Sen Blunt wants to be a hero, and he will use your money to do it. Such a giveaway is not unprecedented, but it could never be justified. At issue is determining where the Feds should draw the line; should every disaster warrant 100% reimbursement, or just selected catastrophes occurring in the “correct” congressional districts? This is dangerous ground, as we learned in New Orleans after Katrina. Let’s not go there again…

  70. Hank Warren says:

    No money for aid for Americans but plenty of money to support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  71. Rob Freeman says:

    The government is BROKE!

  72. Pat Coleman says:

    For years and again today Billions for foreign governments to spend in who knows what ways once received–is Socialism ok for them with little accountability? Washington politicians could use the same standard of measurement used to determine foreign aid to help our own taxpaying citizens damaged by extraordinary acts of nature. The Midwest has suffered horrendous losses. Yes, adjust for houses, etc., covered by storm insurance, but it will be weeks before some people can recover and have tax paying jobs to support who knows what. Some will never recover from the shock and deaths suffered. The federal government (all states) could budget millions in aid for the Midwest measured by the same standard with which Washington votes for and give abroad. Charity begins at home, How are the foreign countries aiding?. . PAT C (5/26/2011

  73. Darrel says:

    Have another pint Obama, swig another $1,000 bottle of wine too. Hey, did MOOCHelle get her dozen buttered lobster ok? Party on Dude, the USA can wait.

    Obama Bin Lyin, round the world he go’s flying, taxpayers are crying, from trying to pay for Obama Bin Lyin to go flyin.

    Obama Bin Lyin, says Libya is no flying, says days not weeks, and now it all reeks, Obama Bin Lyin.

    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Sen. Barack Obama December 20, 2007.

    BIDEN FLASHBACK: ‘If he gives authorization to war… without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him!’

  74. RWCook says:

    aside from the local/federal issue, what money do they think there is to spend? Revenues for the year are gone, everything else is borrowed.

  75. Wayne Wonder says:

    i am all for the fed doling out 100% to reimburse all inpacted by these tornados…each tornado probably crossed state lines or came from hot air from another state and thus the fed is responsible……
    blunt can you say…
    dumb idea of the week

  76. joeblow says:

    Why have the government pay the tab, why not have every American chip in some of their tax money?

  77. MONTE says:




  78. keith says:

    While aid in this sort of situation is a given, the govt shouldn’t be giving 100%.

  79. 14401 says:

    I’d rather see money go to Joplin than Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, India and all the rest of the people who hate us. Take it from foreign aid. Take all of the money from foreign aid and give it to everyday Americans instead of corrupt banks and corporations.

  80. Joe Greenwell says:

    You know if cities would have saved money they would not need help. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best. The feds should not lift a finger to help Joplin. Yea I know you all hate me now. All the help should come from the State! It is not the Feds responsibility! Nuff said about that. As for the individuals just like in New Orleans or people who live around rivers if they don’t have insurance then they deserve losing everything. I’m hurting really bad with this economy but I make sure that my insurance payments and policies are up to date.

  81. Jack Hays says:

    How about we cut all the aid to countries like Egypt and all the countries in the Middle East who hate us and we spend it on national disasters like Joplin. I would wager most of the relief will come from private donors in America. It’s always interesting to see how little help comes from other nations. Another curiosity is how nobody is blaming Obama for this like they did with Bush. At least Bush had the decency to show up and offer help right after Katrina. This guy is too busy wining and dining with the queen.

  82. ic Lemmings says:

    Look I found the money already !!!! 3 Billion by a agency that should not exist.
    Nothing to it,,,,, Your welcome !
    The Senate’s top watchdog on government waste, in a new report Thursday, said taxpayer money has gone to fund such programs as Jell-O wrestling at the South Pole, testing shrimp’s exercise ability on a treadmill and a laundry-folding robot, all funded by the National Science Foundation.

    Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, said he identified more than $3 billion in mismanagement at NSF, ranging from questionable studies to exorbitant operating costs, and in some cases duplication by the science agency of operations performed by other agencies.

  83. Jeff in Atlanta says:

    Let’s see…
    Live in Florida you contend with hurricanes..
    California has earthquakes and fires
    Live near a big river and you will get a flood once in a while
    tornado alley has….hm… tornadoes
    None of this is a surprise…everyone should have insurance and if they choose not to get some then they need to rely on the charity of the people or move somewhere else.

    They should not force people through the power of government to take care of them.

    Harsh but true. I donated because I want to help but not because I have to

    I had to look up Roy Blunt to see if R or D. I expected D but not surprised to see he is an R. They are not really that different when it gets down to principles.

  84. Ant says:

    My heart goes out to all of these people but now the government is an insurance company???…What’s next, what’s next, what’s next???

  85. Truth Avenger says:

    Sorry Joplin, you don’t count just like the victims of the OKC bombing didn’t get any of the crazy payouts that the 9/11 victims got. If you’re in the heartland your supposed to rely on your friends and neighbors.

  86. BZ says:

    Interesting–story about a Senator where no mention is made of the party he’s affiliated with. Must be a REPUBLICAN otherwise they’d have a big “D” or plenty of mention of his party affiliation if he was…sure enough, I was right. Way to go–here’s a person who’s not a phony going to bat for people who are really hurting instead of a bunch of “D” leech politicians stealing money to dole out to their cronies…

  87. ang says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake! I can’t believe you idiots are arguing over the funding that should be granted to Joplin! Do you realize how many billions of dollars are being sent to Pakistan or Israel? Hell Yes! I think this community should be funded

  88. Desert Fox says:

    Ya’ll com to Arizona! We have no toronados, no floods, no humidity, no hurricanes, no blizzards, no tidal waves, no tsunami’s, no ice storms, no earthquakes, and a short, easy rainy season for a few weeks in August. So we have some heat for three months, that’s why we have AC. Plus we have a varied topography. You can cover the three temperate zones in one days drive, so you can choose where you want to be. I would not want to live anywhere else since I am a native and have been around the country. O yes, we have a decent state tax rate.

  89. Tigyy Too says:

    Sorry, the US Government is too busy playing “World Police” In places it has no business to actually care.

  90. Jeanne White says:

    …how can the hussein o’bama administration be able to release funds for OUR people when the debt limit is already reached yet hussein o’bama’s over pledging OUR money to the gvt’s of Palastein, Ireland, etc etc…..a very REAL way to have money right away would be for o’bumer to quit gallavanting his and mooochelle’s arses all over the world, BILLLIONS saved right there (we live in an age where IF he needs to give a speech or ‘whatever’ he can do it from the White House which we already bought and paid for and he could communicate via modern telecommunication devices and heck no one would even have to ‘see’ his teleprompters….another way to save money to use for our own people is to bring ALL of our troops home (after carpet bombing the enemies; after all, we ARE at war, except for Lybia where NO Congressional approvement has been granted, much less even asked for!)…bring home all our troops and guard our OWN borders, deport ALL ILLEGALS, and only allow “LEGALS” in IF they have their own health care AND can support themselves (same rules apply for US Citizens going to Mexico for work OR etended visits)…. afterall, we’re BROKE!!! AND IF obummer wasn’t galavanting all over the world trying to appologize for us he would be here to see the damage for himself in a TIMELY manner and be able to lend help to our own!!!

  91. Tom M. says:

    Remember when Bush took so much heat for not being on scene immediately after Katrina? Where’s Obumbler??? Oh yeah, he’s on another European vacation…

  92. BobM says:

    I wish the 80% who think the taxpayers, i.e. the Federal Government, should pay for this ought to read the Constitution, and never mind the bogus use of ‘general welfare’ that has been the justification for transfer payments. They are illegal (as is most of what the government does). I’m sorry for Missouri, but we simply can not assume responsibility for every natural disaster.

  93. Tyson Lauby says:

    Maybe if the Federal Government didn’t take exorbitant tax monies from the average citizen the people of Joplin e and Missouri at largcould pay for this themselves. This is an issue for the State of Missouri, not the Federal Government. Let us tend to our own wounds.

  94. RUNY says:

    Libs all howling about GOP wanting government help, Well, guess what, this is what our tax money is supposed to do. Help out americans when necessary. Stop sending our money overseas to prop up governments, stop giving our money to the Banks to bail them out. We are against big government as far as interring with our freedoms. All you naysayers. How would you like it if your family was destroyed, children ripped from your arms and found dead. This is what we should be doing with our hard earned money. Get away from your PC World go out and see life instead of shooting your traps off. Have any of you ever volunteered or served in the military? or are you just experts sitting at your computers???

    1. Roger says:

      RUNY, Missouri gets more money back from the federal government that it pays out. Blunt is a hypocrite for requesting a bail-out.

  95. bill says:

    Didn’t NewOrleans get 100% reimbursement? What’s different between them and Joplin? Oh yeahh– Joplin’s white and people actaually work for a living there.

  96. Jeff says:

    Charity helps people. Governments control people. Government is not charity, and government money is not charitable. Given the nature of the disaster, Joplin needs federal assistance to restore essential city services – fire, police, ems. FHA and SBA can provide “loans” for rebuilding. Anything else is graft.

  97. Jeff says:

    The people in Cal didn’t need fed help dealing with the wildfires that leveled hundreds of homes. The citizens out there took care of it themselves. So what’s Joplin’s excuse?

  98. enough already says:

    The politicians have created a nation of beggars. They have made beggars out of the most independent people on earth. The power to tax and remove our wealth, while promising to do “good” for us with our dollars. In reality our dollars go to the politician to enrich themselves, and leave little for the services, to benefit the citizens. When it gone , “They cry “broke “, we need more dollars , so we can help you.” The politician (local, state,&federal) see us as nothing more than revenue generators, for their own purpose.

  99. Historical Perspective says:

    The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood – Grover Cleveland…something to think about

  100. Roger says:

    I thought Roy Blunt was against Federal government intervention and for state rights. Why does he want the villainous Federal Government to “bail out” the state now? Hypocrite.

  101. Jeff Schrembs says:

    Sadly Obama gives BILLIONS of dollars to Muslim Dictatorships, and/or “forgives’ BILLIONS of dollars due to the United States Citizens as we “loaned” them BILLIONS of dollars, and yet when it comes to the South Obama is (wholly) absent both physcially and monetarily.
    If this was Chicago, that got hit with these severe storms, Obama would have been there for days and pledged the National Guard and millions if not billions of dolllars.
    I hope that the United States CITIZENS remember Obama and his lack of leadership and remember that while Obama plays golf, and/or feasts at the taxpayers expense, when it comes time to vote in 2012.
    ENOUGH and lets hold Obama accountable and demand that the commitment of the Federal Goverment matches the need(s). Anything less is…unacceptable.
    Jeff Schrembs

  102. BP says:

    The BP oil spill in the gulf has raised the gulf water temp 7 degrees. This warmer water temp has maid the air warmer and moister.
    When this warm moist air collides with the cool air moving down from Canada bam!
    Thanks BP!
    This amount of tornadoes is NOT normal. This is NOT due to climate change as proposed. This is due to all the chemical mess in the gulf due to BP.

  103. Missouri says:

    Although I believe we can do more with less government….. We are providing infrastructure in foreign countries without any expectation of reimbursement. Who do some people have an issue with 100% when it is our money and our citizens now in need??

  104. RaeMarie says:

    Roy Blunt, you are an embarrassment. We don’t need the Feds. We have insurance and people have been generously giving since the day it happened.

  105. TfromTexas says:

    Good Luck Missouri. Hope you voted for the big O in 2008. He was in Texas and did not even have the decency to fly over areas where wildfires have devastated peoples lives, properties, and careers. Maybe FEMA can give you a low interest loan like they may for the people they have flooded out along the Mississippi in Louisiana. Stinks that our government is more than happy to give our billions in hard earned money to our enemies in the middle east so they can throw more rocks at one of our only allies, but it can’t give it back to us when we really need it..

  106. Biff Stephenson says:

    I think we are doing just fine without the federal government, thanks to local charities.

    -A Joplin resident

  107. David Ward says:

    I’m all for it ! Cut foreign aid the amount needed by OUR citizens and local governments to rebuild disaster areas and infrastructure….shouldn’t cost taxpayers a dime extra, but will rebuild and put people back to work.

  108. sean patriot says:

    This is not the government job. If you didnt have insurance then TOO BAD SO SAD.

  109. James says:

    My heart breaks for the people there.. BUT.. As a Country.. WE ARE BANKRUPT. Our DEFICIT (the amount of money MORE than what we bring in) is in the TRILLIONS! The US Govt is NOT responsible for every blasted thing that happens to every single person in the USA. These people HOPEFULLY had homeowners insurance and the State is just going to have to apply for Federal Loans and PAY THEM BACK. Not being mean, but just stating the Facts.. You cant get blood from a turnip.. and the turnip is dry.

  110. Ed Kopic says:

    I would like to help out the people of Joplin, but I cant get past the notion that very little of the money would actually go to Joplin and not into someone pocket like happened with Katrina or Haiti. You do realize dont you that Haiti is still not rebuilts despite the Billions of Dollars we sent them in aid? If we set aside a rainy day fund for these types of emergencies the government, both parties, would figure out how to get into it just like they did with Social Security.

  111. Kevin says:

    This is truly tragic, but please let’s stop depending on government to take care of all of our problems! The Fed shouldn’t be helping Joplin at all! If government is to help at all, it should be the State of Missouri.

  112. tim says:

    how come obama hasn’t got FEMA down there? what not enough black folks lost their homes?

  113. El Gato says:

    Reimburse? It seems like that word is used against the perpetrator of a loss, so that would me Mother Nature or God, depending on your viewpoint, who is liable and has to reimburse. Actually he wants the taxpayers to pick up the bills! Funny how quick Republicans are to want money when it helps them!

  114. Conservative says:

    Agreed! Why should our Tax dollars go to Pakistan, Israel, Columbia, The Congo, Illegal Aliens, etc. Spend it on helping Americans get back on their feet after a natural disaster.

    Also, Obama and the Libs suck arse paste.

  115. Dee in Texas says:

    Due to family obligations, I live in Tornado Alley, and have personally been through 3 tornadoes. So I sympathize with all those who have lost so much due to the storms.
    But when is EVERYONE in this nation going to wake up to the fact that the Federal Government has NO money of it’s own. It does not produce a product, and does not make any money. EVERY CENT spent by the Feds comes out of the taxpayers’ pocket via taxes.
    THE GOVERNMENT IS TRILLIONS IN DEBT – much of it due to this ridiculous notion that the Nanny State should reimburse everyone – everywhere – for any disaster that befalls them.
    My heart goes out to the victims, and I pray for them. But THE MONEY ISN’T THERE.
    Let family, friends and neighbors do what Americans do best – when the government stays out of the way – and help each other. The rest of us are not responsible for guaranteeing a risk-free life for everyone else.
    Want to live on the coast – accept the risk of hurricanes.
    Want to live in the flood plain – accept the risk flood damage..
    Want to live in earthquake country – accept the risk of quake damage..
    Want to live in Tornado Alley – accept the risk of wind damage.
    It’s a matter of individual choice – and when Nature strikes, those who made that choice need to accept the consequences of it, instead of expecting the rest of us to foot the bill.

  116. Dan says:

    These people pay taxes to the feds just like you. This is not a state/local “issue.” Their homes are gone. This is exactly what FEMA was designed for. To say anything else is maligned ignorance.

  117. AnimalFarm says:

    Dear city of Joplin,
    I’d like to give you billions to rebuild your city, but unfortunately I’m already giving 20 Billion dollars to a more worthy cause, Egypt and Libya. Maybe next time.


    Barack Hussein Obama

  118. Nico says:

    Dear city of Joplin,

    I’d love to give you money for rebuilding your city, but I’ve decided to spend 20 Billion dollars on more worthy causes, Egypt and Libya. Maybe next time.

    Your president,


  119. Han Solo says:

    SIMPLE: The MORE the states are dependent on the federal government for money, the MORE The federal government controls the states and can keep them under its thumb.

    ** WAKE UP PEOPLE **

  120. Hannah Abbott says:

    These people don’t need 100% reimbursement. . ..from what I can see they are mostly white. . .only blacks DESERVE 100% reimbursement. . . .

  121. Armed Patriot says:

    “I’m asking for 100 percent federal reimbursement to local governments,” Blunt said.

    “You cannot tear down one mans house to build anothers”. – Abrham Lincoln

    I feel horrible for these folks but you cant keep taking from to give to others. Soon I will be in the streeets once they have taken enough. Even more… stop giving my money to Arabs rioting in the Middle East and N. Africa. They have and always will hate us and want to kill us. They are Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qeada, Hamas, Nazis, etc. Now we fund the terrorist who will kill us??? Unbelievable.

  122. Han Solo says:

    The more the states are dependent on the federal government for money the more POWER THAT is given to the Federal Leviathan over the people of the states.

    You people need to wake up and realize that taking ANY MONEY from the federal government is making a deal with the devil to give up your rights and the freedom of your state to the central overlords in Washington.

    STOP LOOKING to Washington for help…help your own neighbors….tell Washington to take their money, their help, their FEMA, the federal workers and get the hell out of the state of MO.

  123. anytown usa says:

    Just pretend it is a “chocolate city” and you should get free everything for the next 5 years.

  124. Han Solo says:

    “I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the general government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood.”

    — GROVER CLEAVLAND, the 22nd and 24th President of the US when vetoing a bill from congress to send money to farmers in desperate need from crops being destroyed. This was how American presidents behaved before the Constitution was dead and the republic was undermined.

  125. Boo Radley says:

    Hackleburg and Tuscaloosa Alabama were each hit by an EF5 and EF4 respectively, they suffered the same horrific damage as Joplin. Hackleburg is GONE – I’ve seen it myself. I’ve been down there helping out. They had one main employer there – the Wrangler jeans plant – and they are saying they will not rebuild in Hackleburg. Their plant was completely ripped apart. So not only do these people not have a town, they probably lost their jobs too. Yet I don’t hear our Senators Shelby and Sessions screaming for 100% reimbursement for this small Alabama town. Nor should they. It’s our responsiblity in this state to help our neighbors get on their feet – NOT the federal government. I’m sure Blunt is emotional about Joplin. We ALL are. So many states have been through this devastation this spring – not just Missouri. I feel for the Joplin residents – I’ve seen first hand what these tornadoes have done. But we’ll have to rebuild and move on. This isn’t the first time devastating tornadoes have ripped through and destroyed entire towns. In 1974, the small town of Guin, Alabama was completely wiped off the map by an F-5 tornado. Nothing was left. There wasn’t a FEMA back then – just mostly neighbors helping neighbors. That town rebuilt and is thriving now. It can be done.

  126. TopAssistant says:

    Where in the Constitution will I find the authority for FEMA? Please look at Article 1 Section 8. I have been in the fire and emergency service for over 40-years and I know politicians will always place the spending on the federal government so they can “bring home the bacon” and get votes.

  127. Frank Livingston says:

    Spending FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS ON THIS OR ANY DISASTER IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I spent over 40-years in the Federal, state, and local government in the fire and emergency service and I found out a considerable bit about how government works. It is simple, the fire chief cultivates supporters that believe the sun rises and sets in the fire service and they can do not work, thus, they get adequately funded. This is a local problem only, it is not a FEDERFAL problem. So why is our federal government funding fire departments, disasters in Joplin, MO (Sen. Blunt wants ALL the cost to reconstruct Joplin to be funded by FEMA and the FEDERAL government. Will they? We are back to the, “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours” OR AS I LIKE TO SAY,
    You open your wallet to fund my pet projects/organizations and I will do the same to you.” AMERICA IS BEYOND BROKE AND NEITHER PARTY IS TRYING TO STOP THE SPENDING.

  128. garmin nuvi 1300 says:

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