Dee Ann Hayward, a resident of Joplin, has been missing since the tornado on Sunday. Her family continues to look for her in hopes that she survived the deadly storm. Dee Ann’s son, Caleb, joins John and Michael.

Brent Beshoure was involved with a telethon in Columbia, Missouri last night that raised over $1 million for the people of Joplin.  The telethon was in cooperation with the Heart of Missouri United Way, and you can continue to donate.  He joins John and Michael.

Assessments are out this week. John and Michael welcome Jake Zimmerman, the new St. Louis County Assessor, plus David Stokes, a policy analyst from the Show Me Institute.

May 28 is National Hamburger Day, and there’s going to be a lot of BBQ’s for Memorial Day weekend. So for some tips, joining John and Michael in the studio with some delectable samples are executive chefs Aaron Lyons and John Johnson from Lumiere Place.