Dave Sinclair Automotive Group brings you The Sports Hub, with Mike Claiborne and Dan McLaughlin.

9PM Hour: Mike and Dan recap the news in the sports’ world on this Memorial Day.

Later in the hour, Mike and Dan talk to former MLB pitcher, and Giants’ broadcaster, Dave Fleming,

10PM Hour: To start off the 10PM hour, Mike and Dan recap the day in sports and look ahead at the NBA and NHL Playoffs.

Later in this hour, Mike and Dan talk to Tom Dienhart, an analysis from Rival.com, about Jim Tressel stepping down as the coach of Ohio State.

11PM Hour: In the final hour, Mike and Dan talk about the Cardinals’ loss to the Giants, and about the rest of the series.

Later in this last hour, Cardinals’ Minor League Director, John Vuch, joins the show to talk about upcoming talent in the Cardinals’ minor league system.