JOPLIN, Mo. (KMOX) –  Three hundred bikers turned out in Joplin over the weekend to turn the tables on a notorious anti-gay church.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas had planned to protest President Obama’s appearance to mark the terrible devestation left behind by the May 22nd tornado.

But only one church member showed up,  and when the bikers found out about it they started to chase after him.

The church protestor needed police protection to escape injury — and get out of town.



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Comments (20)
  1. Chris Miller says:

    glad to see the Westboro Church fail in it’s mission. everyone got the memo but this servile follower!

    1. Ben Dover says:

      He must not have the 4G network on his phone.

      This would make a good tv commercial.

  2. Kevin says:

    words can’t hurt, but the bikers will fill your kids full of drugs

    1. D. says:

      You are so full of BS… The Phelps family needs to die…

    2. Bob s says:

      What BS bikers come from all walks of life only 1% of bikers are lawless hence the 1% patch such bikers wear from that small group.

      1. Steve says:

        Also, just because you’re a 1%-er, doesn’t mean you belong to a club like “Sons of Anarchy” or something.

    3. Steve says:

      Hold on a minute; just because you’re a biker doesn’t mean you do drugs and sell them. That is a sad generalization of bikers.

  3. Rusty says:

    Kevin that statement shows just how stupid you are! a few of those bikers have kids and grand-kids also a few were off duty cops. You and your Church need the find a new bible to read, cause the one your reading isn’t really working around here. Oh, you are right about one thing! words don’t hurt but, my foot up your a_ _ will! .

    1. Norm Davis says:

      Amen Rusty. Let’s see how he feels with TWO up there!

  4. ann says:

    Yeah, that is interesting — all the ‘bikers’ I know are either retired school teachers and off-duty police officers.

    That said, God bless bikers!

  5. Laurie says:

    I’m a 28-year psychiatric nurse, mother-Been fighting for better mental health+chemical dependency issues all my adult life. Oh, and I forgot to mention I’m a lady rider. Bikers are just people. Get to know one, you’ll see things more clearly, young’un.

  6. Missouri native says:

    I’m a bit conflicted on this. On the one hand, I agree with the bikers not letting a few protestors (in this case, one lone dude) exploit the media coverage of a tragedy to garner support for their view. I really think that’s pretty reprehensible of the protest organizers to even propose it. So part of me wants to just say kudos to the protestor’s opposition for being bad ass. However, on the other hand, the guy did have the right to peaceful assembly and as much as I disagree with him, the threat of mob style violence should never have been on the table.

    1. Ben Dover says:

      Yes, we have the right to free speech in this country.

      BUT, we also have the right to not listen.

      1. ok_bayou says:

        Stated otherwise, Westboro has a right to free speech. They do not, however, have rights to FORCE others to listen (with either volume or intrusion).

        Why is it that the left considers ‘some’ speech in a calm voice ‘hate’ speech, but ONLY if it goes in one direction?

  7. Todd McClinton Bowles says:

    what’s this “shoulda woulda coulda” cr@p? WBC “should never have been” allowed to get by with ANY of the stunts they’ve pulled…try this on: He has “the right” to peaceful assembly….I have “the right” to break his kneecaps…for which he has “the right” to have em arrested and sue me…at which point, I have “the right” to remain silent, and “the right” to be represented by an attorney….THEREFORE….let HIM exercise HIS “rights”…I’ll exercise MY “rights”….and while HE is calling an ambulance and a surgeon…I’LL call my bondsman, lawyer, & dry cleaner (to get his blood out of my clothes)….that way…NOBODY has their “rights” denied! I’m good with that scenario! Semper Fi!!!!

  8. Todd McClinton Bowles says:

    btw….I am ALSO a Missouri native….as well as a USMC Veteran & biker! 🙂

  9. MM says:

    I am loving your style

    1. MM says:

      MM to Todd Above statement for you

  10. Missouri native says:

    Once again, I do disagree with that a hole and I feel he was way way out of line, however his first amendment rights guaranteed by the constitution don’t become null simply because his view is unpopular or that I disagree with him. If it did, we’d have bigger issues and as I said above, the threat of violent reprisal for publicly protesting against the popular opinion should never have happened unless you’re OK with sectarian violence in the US and a clear violation of the oath of enlistment as a retired marine. No, you don’t have “the right” to break his kneecaps but you do have the freedom to choose to do so and face the consequences of infringing on someone’s rights. Further still, this had a lot of potential for the escalation of violence if that guy had a weapon on him (Carry Concealed Weapon permits are legal in Missouri) and fired off in the crowd coming at him in his own defense (justifiable conditions in this case) even if there were a lot more people than he could defend against. Suddenly this becomes a lot less bad ass and a lot more bloody because of senseless anger.

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