Bill Reker

ST. CHARLES, MO. (KMOX) – A  young Boy Scout will receive a Heroism Award.  

12 year old Colt Wahl got his father to safety after he’d fallen from a tree and shattered both ankles.

Spokesman for the Boy Scouts Joe Mueller said the youngster was incredibly composed even though bones were protruding from his father’s legs.

“He took an A.T.V. over a mile to meet paramedics after he had called 9-1-1 , helped the paramedics get back to his father then he helped clear a landing pad in a bean field where a helicopter flew in and flew his father to St. Louis” said Mueller.

Mueller said the 12 year old was composed throughout the effort: “Needless to say when you see someone with bones protruding through the skin that would cause a tremendous amout of anxiety but Colt Wahl showed an incredible amount of composure.” said Mueller.

His father, Danny Wahl, had fallen 20 feet from a hunting stand.  Colt Wahl will be honored Tuesday night at the St. Charles Convention Center.

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