Chris Kerber

ST LOUIS (KMOX) – Jim Tressel resigned yesterday from Ohio State among all the allegations accusations and some admitted NCAA rules violations.  The once revered and now disgraced coach of Ohio State announced his resignation on Memorial Day, adding lack of class to the dirty laundry list.  This tweet from Fleischmann Hillard’s Sports Marketing and PR guru Jim Woodcock summed it up nicely.

“@WoodySTL – PR 101 Fail – Jim Tressel resigns in disgrace on Memorial Day. In Ohio, U.S. vets & families are overlooked. Tressel and OSU – show respect.”

In retrospect, should anything more have been expected? No. But moving ahead the question getting asked is, once the smoke clears, what will happen to Ohio State?  It’s a fair question but the wrong one.  Ohio State will no doubt face sanctions from the NCAA and if they were not a major money making machine for college football, those sanctions would be more severe.  The real question is what happens to Tressel?

The NCAA needs to come down hard on Tressel.  The NCAA needs to suspend Tressel from coaching in an NCAA affiliated institution for a period of 7-10 years, if not for life.  Seem too strong? I understand a coach will not know everything the players are doing, but when he does know, and not only does nothing, but also lies about not knowing, he might of well have orchestrated it himself.

Want coaches like Tressel, Carroll and others to change?  Ban them.  If they are found in violation of major rules or have lied as Tressel did, ban them from having the chance to do it again.  If the ban on coaches is severe enough, stuff will stop. The bottom line is it has never seemed fair to punish the kids that did it right and future athletes of the school for the wrong actions of a few and the head coach.  Why should a junior high school who has dreamed of playing for Ohio State be denied the chance of a scholarship or bowl games in 2 years because of things that happened before he even gets recruited?  Sure, Ohio State will get punished, but punish the school without punishing the kids that do it right or had nothing to with the problems at all.  Fine the school.  Ban them from getting any bowl money for a certain number of years but allow them to play in the Bowls.  Be fair to the good kids.

Pete Carroll knew what was coming when he bolted USC for the NFL.  Jim Tressel probably wishes he had that kind of foresight.  In the end it doesn’t matter.  Despite a horrific track record, what matters most is the NCAA sending the right message in the right way It starts by banning Tressel from coaching for a long time.

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