SPRINGFIELD, ILL.(KMOX)Two Illinois lawmakers allegedly were involved in a physical altercation Tuesday night at the Capitol building in Springfield. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) has accused fellow senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline) of punching him in the chest following a heated debate concerning an electricity rate increase. McCarter filed an official complaint with capital police.

Senator McCarter tells KMOX News that he brought up several areas of concern about the rate increase.  

McCarter said he was troubled by what he called a clear conflict of interest with Jacobs as sponsor of the Com-Ed bill, and his father a Com-ed lobbyist.

After the bill passed and Senator McCarter began presenting another bill, he says  Senator Jacobs came and stood in front of his desk.  

“After I wrapped up my presentation, Senator Jacobs began cursing at me and shaking his finger at me and then he punched me in the chest,” said Senator McCarter.  When asked how hard the punch was or if it was more like a shove, he said, “I can take a punch for transparency.”     He says he believes it was the comments about his father that set Senator Jacobs off.  But he added, “This type of disrespectful behavior should not be allowed.” 

Senator McCarter says he has given a statement to Capital Police and says, ”We have to follow this through legally.” 

He said his seat mate, Sen. Darin LaHood of Peoria, a former prosecutor, has also given a statement to police.

Senator McCarter says neither men have talked since the incident saying, “Senator Jacobs said some pretty nasty things to me as he walked off the Senator floor. 

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