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UNION, Mo. (KMOX) – Two teachers in the Union School District have been charged with sexually assaulting a female friend. 29-year-old Clark-Vitt Elementary sixth grade teacher Matthew Rogers and 30-year-old Union High School physical education teacher and coach Brad Julius are charged with sexual assault.

Rogers is also charged with deviate sexual assault.

Police say 37-year-old woman tells them the assault happened on April 24 in Union.

She says she had been drinking alcohol and may have been unknowingly drugged, to the point that she lost control of her body. She accuses the two of having sexual intercourse with her without her consent.

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Comments (6)
  1. Primetime Editorials says:

    what a bunch of losers
    they are so cute they dont need to rape anyone
    but they did it so lock there ugly butts up and let someone rape them

  2. former union high school student says:

    wow can’t believe that i was in class with one of these guys. i can’t say that i liked my freshman year of gym class because of one of them but wow is all i can say…..don’t now if it’s all true but if it is then ya’ll should be locked up for good and labeled as offenders.

  3. Current UHS Student says:

    These were both men I knew and respected. And as much as I agree that what is said to have happened is wrong; I think everyone is being very immature. If you think about it, everyone’s made a mistake. And yes, I do believe this was a mistake. Especailly for Julius; he was constantley surrounded by beautiful highschool girls that adored him, if he was plotting an evil rape or whatever I hihgly doubt he would have picked a 37 year old woman…ew. And while not everyone has made a mistake that’s made public news; we’ve still made them. So before you go gossiping about how pathetic they are, remember that there’s been mistakes you’ve made. Just beause my mistake was smaller, it was still a mistake, and that’s really all that matters.

    1. Observer says:

      I’m 37, what is so “ew” about that?? You will find yourself that age one day and will probably feel differently. Rape has nothing to do with how a person looks, it is how the assailant needs power over someone else. The only thing about your statement I agree with is that everyone makes a mistake, and we all need to be aware before we cast stones.

      Oh, and by the way. . .I am a resident of Union and there are hardly any knockouts at UHS.

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