In the opening hour Jon talks TV with Tom Jicha of the TV plus blog.

Jon discusses the Casey Anthony case and other topics with JoAnne Fowler of People Magazine.

Jon talks with Matt Passmore about season two of The Glades.

Jon talks with Troy Yocum of

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  1. Tom Simpson says:

    Hi Jon, Tom Simpson here in Dogtown…..I just got back from teaching in China for a year…..interesting people and culture…..I heard your comments about the Dali Lama……they look upon him very differently, even the people in Tibet…..I passed an article onto Charlie Brennan a couple of weeks ago reflecting the view of China on American rights and liberties…..makes for interesting reading….2 things ive learned from the 3 years teaching abroad…Egypt, Zambia, and China……#1….its not right or wrong, just different….#2…..we should start looking at the rest of the world from the rest of the world’s viewpoint….#3….if you think that the money problems in America are the result of Democrat and Republican politics, then you dont understand the economy of our country…..
    Well…so much for my rants…good shows….check out the article from Charlie…..thanks, Tom
    God Bless our troops and our nation……

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