SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union is seeking a federal investigation of possible discrimination in the way Illinois state police handle searches during traffic stops.

The ACLU says state police are far more likely to ask minority drivers for permission to search their cars.

In some years, state police were nearly four times more likely to ask Hispanic drivers than white drivers to allow a search and three times more likely to ask black drivers. The ACLU says statistics show state police actually found illegal contraband more often among white drivers.

The ACLU said Tuesday that Illinois officials have ignored the issue, so they’re asking the U.S. Department of Justice to get involved.

There was no immediate response from the state police.

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  1. James says:

    Racism in America? Discriminatory police practices? Pardon me for not being shocked.

  2. Sandra Long says:

    ATTENTION City of Gardena, Attorney Lisa Kranitz, Attorney Mark Adams, Mayor and Manager
    This is a case, wherein the City of Gardena has filed a lawsuit against Isabel Long which has been a very carefully orchestrated scheme, artifact and device to cover-up murders, Police Brutality and attempted murders. Covering up murders is a very lucrative business operated in the Courts, by Cities and Attorneys. Case No.: YS 022905
    The claim against Isabel Long is under the Health and Safety Codes and the Gardena Municipal Codes, however, the real issues are the following and you have been given NOTICE OF THE REAL ISSUES, for the City of Gardena and their Agents and their Attorneys. To make any other claims are OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, SUPPRESSION AND OPPRESSON OF EVIDENCE. These are the facts:
    1- There is an unsolved murder of a young girl the Long Family believed was their relative. A lawsuit was filed in the State of Missouri against the Longs to stop any investigations into that horrible murder and stop the Long Family from pursuing that murder. The REWARD FOR MURDER was to steal properties from the Long Family by claiming that they did not have a right to look into that murder or they would suffer Punitive Damages. 4 large properties were stolen from the Long Family in Missouri and 2 houses were stolen in Redondo Beach, California, as a result of that cover-up for murder. Murder is Ad Infinitum; there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER. To attempt to cover-up murder is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, SUPPRESSION AND OPPRESSION OF EVIDENCE. It also violates the California State Bar Rules on Professional Conduct. Anyone who is an accessory to that cover-up for murder shall also be tried in the cover-up. That includes the City of Gardena, the Agents, their Attorneys and the Gardena Police who beat the investigator, who was investigating that unsolved murder.
    2- The City of Gardena was involved in the cover-up of the murder of that young girl as Gardena was involved with those who stole the property from the Long Family as a result of that cover-up. The property that was stolen was the business that Thomas Long and Isabel Long owned and collected rents. Gardena was involved in the theft of that business. SONIC PLATING COMPANY 1930 West Rosecrans Ave., Gardena, California 90249. They were REWARDED FOR MURDER OR COVERING UP MURDER by stealing property. Then Gardena wanted to claim that the Longs did not bring their house up to Code when they were involved in stealing their money by stealing that business.
    3- Those involved in stealing Sonic Plating were also involved in stealing 2 Redondo Beach houses belonging to the Long Family to cover-up for murder and be REWARDED BY STEALING PROPERTIES.
    4- The Long’s got the best attorney to help solve that unsolved murder of a girl and to get their stolen properties back again. Once again the City of Gardena and their agents and their Attorneys got involved in stopping any investigations into that unsolved murder and Gardena was involved in stopping the Attorney from filing cases to get the properties back again. Gardena believed that they could use their power and resources and the Gardena Municipal Codes to supercede the laws that protect the people. They targeted the Longs Attorney and harassed him and spied on him so he could not file a case for the Long’s. (The Longs Attorney was Honorable Justice Luis Y. Quijano, THE EAGLE, Commanding General of the Anti-Terrorist forces, Protectorate of the USA.)
    5- The City of Gardena used their Code Enforcement to make unfounded charges against the Investigator and the Longs Attorney. To stop the murder investigations the Gardena Police pulled the Longs Attorney off their front yard onto the sidewalk and stomped on his head. The Gardena Police threw the Attorney in the Gardena Police car and put him in jail while he was unconscious with no Medical treatment. He was left there for over 5 hours. That is attempted murder. The Gardena Police refused to give him his necessary medications when they were taken to him. Without those medications a person would die. That is another attempted murder. (Luis Y. Quijano, THE EAGLE)
    6- The Longs Attorney was transferred to the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail, with no proper medical treatment. They also would not give him his medications. That is attempted murder. They abused him. They tried to have him killed. That is another attempted murder. (Information has been turned over to those investigations.) (Honorable Luis Y. Quijano, U.S. Court of Appeal, D.C.)
    7- The City of Gardena further tried to intimidate, scare threaten and stop any further investigations into the beating of the Long’s Attorney by bringing charges against Sandra Long, claiming that she was a Nuisance to Abate. The purpose of bringing that unfounded complaint is to cover-up murder and attempted murder.
    8- Then the case was filed against Thomas Long and Isabel Long as property owners. Thomas Long is the Father-in-Law of our Attorney. Isabel Long is the Mother-in-Law of our Attorney. This case was harassment and a Veiled Threat as a message to the Long Family to not pursue the murder of the girl, the stealing of their business, Sonic Plating, and a threat to silence the family about the Police Brutality against their attorney. (Honorable Luis Y. Quijano U.S. District Court, Central L.A. and JAG Court Judge)
    9- As part of the intimidation, the court harassed Thomas Long who was 93 years old and in good health. Tom Long was wrongfully called a “Mental Condition” and said that he had to go to a Mental Court and that he may not come back again. This was further harassment in an attempt to cause him to die. When the trial came up, Thomas Long was dead. This is attempted murder by the City of Gardena and their agents and their Attorneys. They wanted Thomas Long to die so they could put the case into the Probate Court to gain an order to steal the property belonging to the Long Family. That is where they knew they could get a Court Order to steal property. That is the Court that Attorneys go to that want to steal properties from people and destroy their lives. (Information has also been turned over) This is Terrorism. The REWARD FOR MURDER ARE COURT ORDERS TO STEAL THE PROPERTIES.
    10- In Gardena, the wires and the telephone poles are old and they were put in over 70 years ago. Many neighbors were having trouble with their electricity, also. Gardena did not want to take the responsibility for their part in fixing the wires. So instead of fixing the wires, Gardena blamed the property owners in a scheme Gardena is using to steal the properties. An agent for the City of Gardena cut the wire off at the pole instead of fixing it. That agent bragged that the Longs were not going to pass their inspection. He was right, obviously he had been an agent to cut the wires in other schemes. Gardena would not give the Longs the Codes and they cannot be found in stores, libraries or on the Internet. The City of Gardena would not pass the electrical box up grade inspection and used that as the means to make their unfounded report. By cutting the wire and not fixing it, it caused a Dialysis Patient to not have the electricity for his equipment and almost died as a result. This falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This was premeditated attempted murder against a Long Family Member. The REWARD FOR THE PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTED MURDER WAS TO STEAL THE HOUSE AND BELONGINGS OF THE LONG FAMILY. What is going to happen after all the investigations are finished and it is found that Gardena was responsible for cutting the wire from the pole in a malicious attempt to cut the electricity off from a Dialysis Patient? What is going to happen when it is found that the poles and wires are old and Gardena failed to upgrade them or have them repaired? Instead Gardena just blamed the property owner? …and then stole their house by blaming them for not being up to Code or claiming that they have a Health and Safety violation? Other neighbors also had electrical problems.
    11- The INTENT AND MOTIVE of putting this case in a Probate Court against Isabel Long was to further steal properties. The Court had a plan to try and harm her health, like they do to so many others. They have continued their Pattern. This falls under the R.I.C.O. ACTS with Willful, Wanton, Deceit to Commit Fraud, with Coercion, Collusion and Conspiracy. This also falls under the Corporate Act as the City of Gardena is Incorporated and the County is Incorporated.
    12- The Probate Court made a mockery of the Longs telling them to go get an attorney, when their attorney was beaten by the Gardena Police—so the Longs would have no representation. The Court told Isabel Long to go get an attorney when everyone knows that the Probate Attorneys also steal properties from the property owners. No one believes anymore that any of those attorneys will represent them, they infiltrate them and further the theft. They do not want a piece of the pie, they want the whole pie—greed. Many of those who provide assistance and funds for Probate Court victims have also been murdered. The REWARDS FOR MURDERING PROPERTY OWNERS is to STEAL their PROPERTIES AND DIVIDE UP THE MONEY. (This information has been turned over)
    13- It is Abuse of Authority under the Color of Law and Abuse of Authority under the Color of Badge for the Courts to use the Tax Payers money to steal property, destroy the health of the property owners and destroy the people who try and help the victims. The Courts can only operate under the Constitution, under the Vested Clause and under the Rules of Agency. The role of the Police has been to beat people, steal properties, enforce unfounded complaints, throw people out of their properties when they know who owns the property. Then they are REWARDED FOR THEIR ASSISTANCE IN PROPERTY STEALING, BEATINGS, THREATS TO PUT PEOPLE IN JAIL TO STEAL THEIR PROPERTIES. People no longer believe that the Police are going to protect them when the Police are being REWARDED FOR STEALING PROPERTIES, BEATING PEOPLE AND THREATENING THEM. That is why we now have the investigations into the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail. (Information has been turned over for further investigations.)
    14- Many people have been violated and their properties taken and those from the Cities, the Courts and the Cops who beat have been REWARDED FOR THEIR PARTICIPATION IN STEALING PROPERTIES.
    15- We have continually, daily turned information over to many places including Whistle-blowers, various organizations that investigate and seek prosecutions and file lawsuits, local and Federal Prosecutions, Congress, the media and the “OCCUPY” MOVEMENTS that are peacefully Occupying Government public property, where the Government participates in abuses against We, The People. This sends a message. Gardena has stolen a lot of properties and Gardena has a big front lawn where Occupy Protestors can pitch their tents and exercise their FREE SPEECH. The media loves this information and is there to gather more front page stories.
    Everything that is written or any actions in this case or the City of Gardena and their agents is information that is being turned over for Investigations. The REWARDS for POLICE BRUTALITY, HARASSMENT, PREMEDITATED MURDER AND ATTEMPTED MURDER must end and all those dead bodies, with no remedy at law. It is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE for the City of Gardena to use their position to claim that the Longs had Health and Safety violations when members of the Long family were being killed or there were attempts on their lives. That is the real Health and Safety violations. It is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE to claim that the Longs had Code Violations of the Gardena Municipal Codes when the property is “Grandfathered In” in the Los Angeles County. Gardena annexed that part of the Los Angeles County Strip and then started to throw people out of their properties claiming Gardena Municipal Code Violations. To throw people out of their houses is EXILE and when people die in the streets it is GENOCIDE. Those are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, IN THE CHAIN OF COMMMAND and the NUREMBERG ACTS apply.
    The City of Gardena WILL ANSWER for their attack on the Commanding General of the Anti-Terrorist Forces, THE EAGLE, and they WILL ANSWER why they would beat THE EAGLE and Why they wanted to destroy the Commanding General of the Anti-Terrorist Forces? The people want to know, because we were told that we were fighting Terrorism. There must be an answer for the people– why was the Commanding General beaten by the Gardena Police? Why was his family attacked by the courts? Why was their house stolen from them? Why were their belongings stolen from them? Who is going to answer? Who is responsible?
    The Attorneys for the City of Gardena and the agents WILL ANSWER Why they attacked the Family of the Commanding General of the Anti-Terrorist Forces? Why did they attack Honorable Justice Luis Y. Quijano of the United States District Courts and Congress?
    The City of Gardena WILL ANSWER why they Breached National Security when they came on the property to illegally spy and illegally take photos, that is Espionage. The information is Classified Information and cannot be called a violation of Health and Safety Codes as a means of illegally spying on a Commanding General’s Command Post and his Family.
    The Officers of the Court WILL ANSWER Why they attacked the Family of a Federal Judge Honorable Justice Luis Y. Quijano, when they had NO Jurisdiction and NO Venue over a Federal Judge’s Family and his Federal Attorney.
    The City of Gardena has no standing to file a case against Isabel Long as they obtained their information illegally, without a warrant. They took photos without permission. They harassed Isabel Long, which is Elder Abuse. They violated her Constitutional Rights: 4th Amendment violations for Illegal Search and Seizure, Illegal Spying, Espionage, 14th Amendment violation for Due Process violations and lack of Equality of Law and equal representation as they beat her attorney so the Gardena City Attorneys and the Court could exploit her and take advantage. The Gardena City Attorneys are trying to represent Isabel Long, the Accused and represent her property which is a Conflict of Interest and a Conflict of Laws. It violates the California State Bar Rules. You cannot represent a Plaintiff and a Defendant or a Defendants property at the same time. 8th Amendment violations for Cruel and Unusual Punishment and Excessive Fines for Attorneys Fees and Fines over what the Tax Payer pays Governmental Employees. 13th Amendment violations for Involuntary Servitude for Governmental Employees causing Isabel Long to lose her house while they Inflate their salaries at her expense. 15th Amendment violation for Disenfranchisement as the people vote for the Mayor and other Government employees to represent them, however they have taken advantage of the people who voted for them. 1st Amendment violation of the rights to be Free and express themselves in however they want without Government Intrusion, where a person’s house is their Castle and they can have the things they want without the government telling them what they can have and what they cannot have.
    These are Civil Rights violations. 1- The wiring was dilapidated and old and Gardena believed that they could blame the homeowner and steal their houses, instead of doing their part to see that the wiring was brought up to standard. The wiring was old and needed repairs. 2- The Gardena agent came to the alley in a truck and cut the electrical wire off from the pole. They cut off the electricity that was going to the Longs house. 3- The Longs paid for a permit to up grade the meter box. The permit was a 6 months permit and the City of Gardena did not honor that permit and would not allow them to finish using that permit, they denied the use of the permit after they collected the money for the permit. Instead they took the house from the Longs, claiming that the house was not up to code with Health and Safety violations. 4- The Health and Safety Code they cited did not apply, it was for Landlord-tenant. That is a misrepresentation to the Court. 5- The City of Gardena would not give any of the Longs a copy of the Gardena Municipal Codes, even though they went to the City of Gardena to get a copy of the Gardena Municipal Codes many times. The Longs could not find the Gardena Municipal Code for an Electrical Box upgrade and they cannot be found on the internet, nor in Libraries, nor in the Stores. 6- The Gardena Police occupy the Building Department as part of the Veiled Threat and Intimidation, people are threatened by the Code Enforcement. The City of Gardena is responsible for providing proper electricity to the house, wires that aren’t frayed and information about what the Codes are, if they want a property to be up to code.
    These are Civil Rights violations and the Longs have had their Civil Rights violated and the City of Gardena and their Attorneys, their Agents are culpable.
    ` The neighbors also had problems with their wiring at the same time. The neighbors may have cases or a Class Action lawsuit against the City of Gardena for the faulty wiring that they experienced and had to expend large amounts of money to fix their wiring also, when Gardena was negligent and tried to blame the homeowners.
    The City of Bell, California wanted to INFLATE THEIR SALARIES beyond what the Tax Payers were paying them. When they did so, they were caught and had to pay it back again. Some went to jail for stealing. This Court— The City of Gardena vs. Isabel Long– is far worse, because it has to do with INFLATING SALARIES, ILLEGAL COURT ORDERS, POLICE BRUTALITY, COVER-UPS FOR MURDER AND ATTEMPTS OF MURDER and STEALING PROPERTY TO COVER-UP MURDERS. This is a BREACH OF NATIONAL SECURITY AS IT WAS THE COMMAND POST OF A COMMANDING GENERAL. It is a VIOLATION OF A FEDERAL JUDGE and his family by County Court Officers.
    The City of Gardena are throwing people out of their house on Gardena Municipal Code violations and incorporating those complaints with the Health and Safety Code violations. Then they steal the properties and sell them to the highest bidder, often it is people coming into the USA. They are throwing out the people who live here, their heritage and culture are here. The City of Gardena uses Defamatory Complaints, Slanders and Libels the property owner in their methods of steal the properties. The Gardena Police represent the City of Gardena and they do not represent the people even though they pay their taxes to have police protection—the people are not protected. That is a 15th Amendment violation for Disenfranchisement, Voting Rights, as the people believe that when they pay their taxes they will be represented.
    They use the Courts to make orders in the favor of the City of Gardena wherein there is no Justice, it is just money-laundering to defraud the property owner and throw them on the streets.
    This is what Adolf Hitler did, he had the property owners thrown out and put in Concentration Camps and some died on the streets and some died in Gas Chambers and other egregious, heinous ways. Then their houses, businesses and properties were stolen from them.
    This is what is going on in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Department “M” and other Departments. The City of Gardena is involved in throwing out people and stealing their properties. They Inflate their Tax Paid Salaries and make profits on the side.
    To throw people out of their houses is EXILE. When those people die in the streets, that is GENOCIDE. These are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, IN THE CHAIN OF COMMAND. The Nuremberg Acts were brought against Adolf Hitler and Goebbels for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, IN THE CHAIN OF COMMAND. Under the United States Supreme Court, Associate Justice Robert Jackson brought the Nuremberg Acts in Nuremberg, Germany against Adolf Hitler and Goebbels and others.
    The Nuremberg Acts apply to the City of Gardena and the Los Angeles County Superior Court which acts like a Reichstagg Court under Adolf Hitler. There are other Cities that have EXILED people and thrown them in the streets or Concentration Camps (Rest Homes) to die, such as Redondo Beach. That is GENOCIDE.
    The United States Supreme Court must find a Justice to bring the Nuremberg Acts against those who have committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, IN THE CHAIN OF COMMAND and EXILED people and they died in the streets or in Concentration Camps.
    This must be done to Honor the Honorable Justice Luis Y. Quijano who was beaten by the Gardena Police and then his family was terrorized by the City of Gardena and their house was stolen.
    All Government employees must be randomly drug tested for illegal drugs, if they fail the test, they are fired, even if they are elected.
    This is signed under Penalty of Perjury to the best of my ability to recall, based on information and belief, signed in the County of Los Angeles, State of California on November 21, 2011
    Sandra Long

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