Megan Lynch

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – A group that’s rescued thousands of dogs from Missouri puppy mills is applauding new efforts to crack down on bad breeders.

Two years after state officials started going after unlicensed and substandard dog breeders, 5,000 animals have been seized or surrendered and 500 kennels shuttered.

Kathy Warnick, President, Humane Society of Missouri tells KMOX, the announcement that state inspections of dog breeders will now receive more funding should help the Department of Agriculture keep tabs on the industry.  “In 2008 only 66-percent of breeding facilities in Missouri were inspected, in 2010, 90-percent were inspected,” and Warnick says with an extra $1.1 million in the budget,  the state should now be able to visit all kennels once a year, plus make multiple visits to problem facilities.

Governor Jay Nixon and Missouri Attorney General joined Warnick at the Humane Society’s headquarters in St. Louis Tuesday morning to outline changes in law impacting Missouri’s massive dog breeding industry.    The AG’s office also announced formation of a “Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit.”  A full-time prosecutor assigned to the unit has new authority under state law to go after the worst kennels.

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Comments (8)
  1. Chris says:

    Please spell-check your articles before posting them online – it makes your news agency look bad when you don’t. For the record, it’s spelled “seized”, not “siezed” and the correct word for your title is “capital”, not “capitol”.

  2. savethem says:

    It’s a start but it could have been better. Out of all the states that have passed laws to protect dogs abused in large-scale breeding operations Missouri proved to be the most stubborn and overriding the vote of the people did not help their image as being backwards in animal welfare. But, again, people will try to keep making life for animals more humane including the animals eaten for meat. I don’t want to stop breeding of animals and I eat meat. But there is no excuse for cruelty towards any animal. We should be thankful every day for what animals give us in the form of meat, clothing, transportation, unconditional love, protection, dogs that sniff out bombs and people trapped in buildings, dogs that protect soldiers and policemen, etc.

  3. savethem says:

    I wanted to add that I don’t want to stop breeding of animals but we need RESPONSIBLE breeding of animals so that there aren’t as many unwanted dogs and cats. It’s about thinking about the consequences of your actions down the road in breeding that animal.

  4. Terry Ward says:

    Can Mo. Shed Image as “Puppy Mill Capitol?

    Sure, when the thug breeders are deported to North korea.

  5. Fred smith says:

    Missouri is a sad state for letting these puppy mills to operate. I live in Illinois and think twice about visiting or vacationing there.

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