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ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) – The Gateway Arch is back up and running today, after an electrical problem stranded 40 passengers inside the north leg of the arch for about an hour Thursday.

Acting Deputy Superintendent Ann Honious attributes the problem to just wear and tear,”there is always something that needs repairing, it’s just part of normal operations.”

Mechanics repaired the problem last night, and the tram resumed operations Friday morning.

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Previously Reported:

ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) – Technicians are trying to figure out what caused the tram rails in the north leg of the Gateway Arch to lose power Thursday afternoon, stranding some 40 visitors about 200 feet from the top.

The tram’s rails lost power at about 2:15pm. Nearly an hour later,  crews used a wench system to pull the tram up to the observation deck. The visitors were brought back down on the south leg  tram.

What appeared to be a teen-aged girl and a parks department employee were taken out on stretchers, but we’re told their injuries were not serious.

David Green of Ramsey, Mn. said it was so hot in his pod, that his three children began taking their clothes off.  He tells KMOX the emergency response was ‘brutal’, “They should have gotten us out of there sooner. I understand there are safety issues and that and I don’t have a problem with that, but I think they should have, at the very least, come up there right away, within a few minutes, and said we got someone working on it and we’ve got someone here.”

Arch Acting Deputy Superintendent Ann Honious says crews followed procedure and did the best they could, “We had to get the tram moving and we worked as fast as we can and as safe as possible.”

“We made an announcement to the people in the tram that the tram had quit operating. We’d be trying to get them water and it might be awhile before to get moving.  We did have staff up there so and they were able to crack the doors so they could get air circulation and reach bottles of water to the people.”

Joshua Fox of Pittsfield, Il. says he, his wife and their two young daughters handled it pretty well, “(They got) rambunctious, a little hot, that was about it.”

Right now, it’s not known what caused the tram to stall.

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  1. Jay Greene says:

    “The tram’s rails lost power at about 2:15pm. Nearly an hour later, crews used a wench system to pull the tram up to the observation deck. The visitors were brought back down on the south leg tram.”
    How many wenches did it take to pull that sucker up? Were the wenches just there to keep the crews “up” to their task? Do you have any editors?

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