ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — They thought they were buying ground beef, but ended up with something else. Missouri’s Attorney General Chris Koster is getting involved.

He filed a lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of local consumers who unknowingly brought the ground beef laced with cow heart.

The suit seeks full restitution and penalties against John’s Butcher Shoppe in Overland and Festus.

Koster has said he has never tried cow’s heart himself, but says the issue is not one of taste or food safety, but rather dishonest labeling and defrauding consumers with cheaper filler.

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Comments (8)
  1. Mike says:

    It is still ground beef

  2. selodebesy.rр says:

    Всем Привет! А в Дебесах сейчас хорошо… Природа, речка, рыбалка…!.

  3. Jen says:

    The most important part of this article is that there is no “danger to public safety.” Thus, the article clearly states that this is not an issue of what is in the product, but just a labeling issue. What do you think is in your McDonald’s hamburger meat? It might seem gross that their are hearts in the ground beef, but I know for a fact that this ground beef makes for delicious hamburgers, regardless of their make-up! Let’s also keep in mind that this is a family-owned business that is dependent upon their loyal customers. I have been a loyal customer of John’s for 20 years and will continue to be so!

  4. Shannon says:

    This guys lawsuit needs to be thrown out. What does he expect….100% pure beef is just that….100% pure beef! There is nothing ‘unbeef’ about a beef heart! If he’s THAT worried about what parts of the animal he is eating, he needs to live a vegetarian life — LIKE ME! Exactly…what does he think is in that Big Mac he eats? Or that White Castle? Give me a break. I sure hope the court feels the same way I do or else this could really hurt this family owned business.

    1. Theresa L Coleman says:

      You know what? I dont eat at fast food restaurants. I paid for extra lean ground beef!!

  5. Lance says:

    everyone makes mistakes; we are all human beings. really, we only know all of this because they were put under the spotlight. i am sure there are worse things that we dont know about other food we eat. also, we have to remember that these men are husbands and fathers too. they both have families that have been put through enough stress and humility. i cant even imagine having to go through this, as a small business owner myself. also, keep in mind what would happen if this business was put out. how many employees would be left jobless because of this? yes, they made a mistake, and that sucks, but enough already! lets put an end to all of this negative publicity before another small, family-owned business gets put out and our economy gets even worse.

    -Lance Denver

  6. Julie says:

    This suit is so reduculous. Does Schnucks or ANY of the meat depts. lable what their ground beef is made from ?no ground beef is just that. ground beef. I will continue to shop at Johns.

  7. Kate says:

    The heart is a muscle — just like any of the other muscles that are used in creating your standard ground beef. Not only is this suit entirely unfounded, the article is unbelievably one-sided and not at all objective (“ground beef laced with cow heart”…seriously??). And for the commenter who is upset b/c she paid for “extra lean ground beef,” beef heart is about as lean as it comes.

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