St. Louis (KMOX) – The incumbent senior senator of Missouri knows that she’s a Democrat in a state that’s gone for the Republicans in the past few elections. She knows she’ll face strong opposition from Representative Todd Akin, former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman or whoever wins the Republican primary next August. She knows they’re gearing up to take her down.

But Claire McCaskill welcomes the onslaught.

“I, frankly, am most comfortable in the role of an underdog,” she said. “I was an underdog in the last race.”

The most recent polls show that McCaskill isn’t coming from behind yet, but McCaskill’s still preparing for a fight from Republicans, one that she expects to turn dirty with attacks against her and her family.

“There’s gonna be a lot of politics of personal destruction,” she said. “I think that Missourians are gonna see a whole lot of money spent in Missouri trying to twist and distort me into something unethical, trying to make me into something that is dishonest.”

“I stepped on some pretty big toes around here,” she said. “They’ve got deep pockets, and I fully expect them to spend a lot of money trying to take me out.”

One problem McCaskill could run into was her failure to pay personal property taxes for four years on a plane she used for campaigning. She paid the back-taxes and some think she can escape the fiasco relatively unharmed, but it was an embarrassing situation for a politician who built a reputation on transparency and honesty.

Still, the senator expects her constituents to look past the personal attacks.

“I have faith in Missourians being able to weed through all that, and figure out who has been focused on ways to make our government more accountable, leaner and more efficient when it’s important on things of principle, particularly the likes to how we spend money.”

But McCaskill knows that regardless of her record, the opposition won’t have any shortage of animosity towards her.

“I just think there’s going to be a lot of ugliness.”

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