Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – In the midst of Marine Week with tanks, guns, and heavy weapons parked on lawns all over downtown, the Mayor is wondering how two unarmed prowlers out-fought and robbed three Marines on the street.

Police report that two Marines in their early 20s were walking near the Soldier’s Memorial downtown around 2:30 Monday morning, when two suspects in their 20s approached. According to the police report, the suspects tried to sell the Marines jewelry and then an argument led to a fight.

Police say one of the suspects punched a Marine. Another suspect reportedly took a pocket knife from the other Marine and poked him with it, causing a minor cut. The Marines told police the suspects took one of their wallets and ran away.

Police say a third Marine was also present, but was not fully involved in the fight.

“We take this story at face value and we’re going to investigate it,” said Police Chief Dan Isom.

In the hallways of police headquarters, some police officials were struggling to understand the incident, saying it didn’t sound right.

Even Mayor Francis Slay reacted to the news with skepticism, wondering how three Marines, one of whom was carrying a knife, would lose their knife and a wallet to two un-armed men.

“They were in an altered state because they had a fair amount to drink and it was 2:30 in the morning,” Slay said. “The Marines are great to St. Louis and certainly this is not indicative of Marine Week.”

But a Marine spokesman shed more light on the mugging, suggesting that the Marines turned the other cheek to avoid violence.

“Marines have been given rules of engagement not to engage in any violence except to protect their lives,” said Marine Spokeswoman Capt Kate Vanden Bossche.

When asked if the Marines have essentially been told to hand over their wallets in St. Louis, rather than fight to protect their property, Vanden Bossche said: “If someone is in such dire need that they need to rob someone,  I don’t think that’s a fight Marines need to get into.”

A Marine press release on the attack indicates how the fight ended: “After a brief altercation, the parties were separated with the help of the third Marine and police were contacted. The Marines relinquished their wallets and both assailants fled the scene.”

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Comments (323)
  1. loony says:

    only in a liberal land would it be bad to defend yourself and your property from thugs and thieves.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      Racists are evil people. By definition, human trash. This is why the Left uses racism to demonize and shut up their opponents…because we all believe this about racists.
      So why are you advertising your inherent ugliness?

    2. The Hammer says:

      Because the YOUNG Recruits don’t know how to street fight yet … But the real story in this article here is they weren’t mugged, that’s just a cover story for loosing all their cash on lap dances while on leave ! WHO-WHAAA !

      1. josh o former Sgt. says:

        There are a lot of unathletic woosies in the Marines. Having been one for five years I choked out way to many Marines that didn’t know how to fight to save their lives. MCMAP isn’t utilized enough. should be done a few times a week.

      2. Semper Fi says:

        Young DEVILS that havnt even hit the fleet…or MCT or anything! Another cheap shot article on the MARINE CORPS

      3. vlad says:

        sissyboy josho….big man 5-n-out? sounds like you were there to drop the soap and get tunneled, nancy. mcmap is like a bigmac…it’s not quite the real thing. now run along sh.itbrick.

    3. irongodzilla says:

      you wanna why they submitted? because the cops in this country have neutered the american male. blame this on the thugs that who have put us in submission. THE POLICE DEPARTMENT. IN IRAQ AND APHGANISTAN THEY [THE MUGGERS] WOULD HAVE DIED.; BLAME IT ON THOSE WHO ENFORCE THE LAW FOR THE CRIMINAL

      1. irongodzilla says:

        its better to lose your ass to criminals than to involved cops

    4. Ian says:

      “If someone is in such dire need that they need to rob someone, I don’t think that’s a fight Marines need to get into.”
      How did they know they “NEED” to rob someone, sheesh, the pussification of the USA continues.

      1. Stan Kinder says:

        Exactly. What they “NEED” is a boot in their a$$.

      2. Snaproll says:

        After reading this I had to laugh. I had just watched avideo where two female srore clerks beat up and ran off an armed robber. I guess the Marines are getting a little desparate in who they recruit these days.

      3. Ofra says:

        What a moronic statement from someone hiding behind their computer!

      4. Mark Lumry says:

        You sound just like an arrogant pilot. I would say you are or are a wannabe. Look when you are given orders not to respond, you do not respond or your career is over. To follow such a bulls**t order takes discipline, something I’m sure you know nothing about.

    5. Melvin says:

      Being a retired Marine, we are constantly, constantly reminded, and especially with a dog and pony show somewhere, “Do not, and I repeat, do not mess with the locals no matter how obnoxious they are, just smile and say yes sir, no ma’am.”
      Lets say that the Marines defended themselves and beat the muggers within an inch of their lives. Newspapers, CNN, ABS, CBS, and a crying Shepard Smith on FOX, “United States Marines maul, and terrorize locals at an event to bring locals and the Armed Services closer.”
      We’re darned if we do and darned if we don’t

      1. GS says:

        Melvin, if anything Shepard Smith would make a wisecrack joke about the delinquents getting their butts kicked by the Marines. As a Chief, I can honestly say that there’s very little on Fox that I see derogatory toward military.

      2. Lonniie says:

        As I learned in boot camp pack your wallet but if its lost or stolen who cares?
        Your money is safely tucked away in your boot anyway.

      3. Matt says:

        As a Soldier I agree with Melvin. and this is a very situational scenario. Were the Marines in uniform? That is a big factor, there are certain things you just don’t do in uniform and getting in a physical altercation with American citizens is one of them. However they do retain the right to protect themselves and each other. What disturbs me though is that the third Marine was not involved and allowed this to happen. He wasn’t really looking out for his fellow Marines.

      4. They got beat up...accept it says:

        Were they in uniform? Drunk and wandering the streets at o-dark-hundred? I think too much concern about trying to justify them taking a beating rather than admit this one, they lost and it looks bad. Oh, and in my 20+ years of service I never once heard any brief on standards of conduct at events like this (or anything remotely similar) as “Rules Of Engagement.” ROE, like LOAC and LOW are for combat zones. Yeah, she said it, but I think maybe PA is scrambling to try to not look clownish here. Understandable, but inexcusable.

      5. Murdrcycle says:

        In my 8 years, we got a breifing on rules of conduct at every such event.

      6. Andy Vasquez says:

        Exactly, if the Marines (in their drunken state) hurt these two bottom-feeding, low-life never will amount to anything but a statistic of “products of their environment” thug BUMS, the story would have been “Marines terrorizes the downtown streets of St. Louis.” Just like the some in media disgracefully stated “Jarhead Jeers Halladay, Jokes about Murder” for an off the wall comment about how the Cardinals could defeat Phillies Ace, with a single round from an M1A1 Abrams tank.
        I hope these two losers run into someone that will not hold back and handle them appropriately

      7. captain america says:

        Well gee, next time I;m a little short I’ll just mug me a marine.

      8. westfsu says:

        I think you have Fox confused with CNN or MSNBC.

      9. Crystal says:

        Agreed Melvin. Also, could you imagine the military punishment if they did give those hoodlums what they deserved?! Yikes.

      10. Tony Magorno says:

        Melvin is spot on. I have a childhood friend in jail because he defended himself and the mugger died. My friend was unarmed attacked by an armed assailant. The jury and judge decided that because he was Marine, he should have rolled over because he is a “weapon”. He was a secretary for cryin out loud. He was trained like all Marines, but at the end of the day he was a secretary. Either way, he defended himself and was sent to prison for it. Try bringing the laws back in favor of the victims and then let the Marines have a hey day.

      11. onememphisdude says:

        They were ORDERED not to fight! They complied with said order. Next week,when this is no longer a story, they will still be on active duty payroll. Smart move. Walking around a strange city at 2am..inebriated. Dumb move…especially today. Guys, if you’re gonna drink, do it safely. Take a cab home. Save the tourism for daylight hours.

    6. Taro says:

      Imagine what would have happened if three white Marine reservists from Indiana had beat the snot out of two unarmed black men in St. Louis. The usual liberal pundits would be screaming about how the Marine Corps is a front for the KKK. Nobody would recall that the unarmed criminals had stolen a knife and turned the altercation into an armed robbery. Even the headline to this article is wrong. There is no way these three guys could have won no matter what they did. It is indeed a land of liberal lunatics.

      P.S. News for the former mayor: St. Louis has a serious crime problem. Pretending otherwise isn’t going to solve it. Pretending doesn’t work for Chicago or D.C., and it isn’t going to work for St. Louis.

    7. Lance Cordill says:

      In 2011, no one should be suprised. This is just the culture of the modern day. In 1985, things were a bit different. As an active Marine, while on “liberty” in the South Korean port city of Pohang, I disobeyed a direct order, left my ship (USS Ogden) without a ‘battle buddy’ and proceeded to get mugged by four other Marines from another ship (USS Cayuga) over access to my greasy order of French Fries. The incident itself was rather unremarkable, except that I happen to be white and my foilents were black. To be exact: “I WAS IN THE WRONG FOR DISOBEYING A DIRECT ORDER” and incurred mischief which might otherwise have been avoided. To be exact, my chain of command in the USMC and the US Navy chose not to allow me the ability to prosecute these four other Marines strictly because they were black. They “didn’t want to raise the spector of a racial incident havig taken place in a foreign country involving US military personnel.”. Not suprising, considering the modern culture of the day. The lesson learned? As we all travel on this great proverbial ship of life, there are always going to be double standards assigned to us all. As the ship’s captain’s billet is already taken, are you (or I) going to be one who is doing the steering? Or, are you (or I) going to be a passenger just taggging along for the ride?

      1. Gary Nelson Harper says:

        This comment is right on the money. Well thought out and from the heart. Education is not wisdom.

    8. Chip says:

      Leave it to a liberal mayor to conclude that their response is not indicative of Marine Week. He obviously knows nothing about Marines. They ARE trained to turn the other cheek and not to use their abilities unless their life depends on it. Trust me…as a former marine, we are trained to take down just about anybody, including someone with a gun. We run TOWARD the danger not away from it. Slay has no clue what he is talking about, and it’s comments like his that distort what Marines are all about. What a shame. Good job to the Marines who managed to survive what could have been a deadly attack by ordinary street thugs. I wonder how many gold teeth those punks had…

    9. gotero says:

      I am sure their Gunny had a talk with them latter.

    10. cwxj415 says:

      WHO said it was “bad”? Apparently, these Marines made a decision, based on the particular situation they were in. Is there AN YTHING more pathetic than armchair quarterbacks like you, loony?

    11. Freeland Dave says:

      Mainly it’s because of the anti-military sentiment of our nation today. Had these marines appropriately acted the media would have blasted them. As it stands now they simply look weak and disorganized which is exactly what the socialistic. media wants to portray them as

      As a combat Vietnam Vet I frequently witness the same sort of things. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.

      Honestly I a proud these three members of our military didn’t kill their assailants. it’s a testimony of their common sense and respect for the corps in that they used their brains and not their brawn instead of killing the two vermin that should rightfully have been killed.

      Better to take one personally on the chin than to discredit your entire organization over something like this. Instead of being persecuted and ridiculed they should be honored for using good judgement.

      Stemper Fi guys, you did us all proud.

      1. Another vet's thoughts says:

        Uh, I’d say this is a discredit to the Corps. And really? You only see the options as roll over or kill? You don’t see a middle ground, like beat them down and call the cops? Right now the military is in pretty high esteem, and the news is too busy…well, good point. The news is so busy covering BHO’s failures and trying to destroy our nation that they might take a potshot here. Then again, no one with any brains or sense of patriotism listens to that same “mainstream media” so its moot anyway. No way would Fox News blast these Marines for beating down thugs.
        Giving in to anti-Americanism, I mean socialism, is wrong. Do the right thing, whining of the left be damned!

  2. Stu Peters says:

    US Marines? Ha Ha Ha.

  3. wildbill6996 says:

    They should muster anyone out of the Marines that says Marines should hand over the wallets to any PIECE of TRASH that demands it. They should be instructed to use that training unless the TRASH has a gun, then give up the wallet. Whole country is quickly being NEUTERED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. amplitude jones says:

      that would be the commander in chief… and OK!

    2. Ken says:

      This is why women should not be spokespersons for the Marines.I’m not saying that the Marines should have engaged in an altercation or anything like that, but it might have been appropriate if perhaps the two thugs “tripped” a few times beforethe police arrived. I’m sure no one would have given it another thought.

    3. Gary Nelson Harper says:

      This is the case Wildbill. Take no chances, group decision making and nothing ventured unless it involves zero risk. 55% of the labor force is female. I love women, but the process of an all female crew making a decision is about as fun as passing a kidney stone. There is one thing worse than that however, a bunch of metrosexual men making a decision. Bring back the benevolent dictator.

  4. Dan Thomas says:

    It’s “then AN argument led to a fight” NOT then AND argument led to a fight.” Nice proofreading, Kevin.

  5. Brown Bag Man says:

    Hey Kate… GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I expect United States Marines to KICK ASS! What an embarrassment.

    These 3 clowns are an embarrassment to the Corp and deserve whatever browbeating their fellow Marines deem necessary. They should be ridiculed to tears an write a letter of apology to their Corpsmen.

    Oh, and those 2 thugs need to be signed up and sent to Paris Island for reprogramming.

    1. SouthernJarhead says:

      Welcome to the DADT Marine Corps!!!

      1. jar59 says:

        Awesome comment!!
        I’m still laughing.

      2. USCGlegal says:

        You do mean the repealed DADT Marine Corps no? They currently live in the DADT Marine Corps. Then again your screen name is Southern Jarhead!

      3. Alan DiMaria says:

        You are 100% correct Devil Dog! Liberalism strikes again.

    2. HM3 Zanone says:

      Its Corpsman not Corpsmen

      1. Kalani says:

        He didn’t mean Corpsman as in “hospitalman” , I believe he meant Corpsmen as in fellow marines there doc.

      2. vmabuck says:

        We don’t call our fellow Marines “Corpsmen.”

    3. Big Bear says:

      Send the thugs to Gitmo for some waterboarding, I says…

    4. Japes Macfarland says:

      They were drunk. Why are you throwing the first stone? Have you never been ‘drunk’ before? Or do you think getting drunk is disqualifying? (I suppose it would be if on mission but not on leave?)

      1. Joe says:

        Being drunk while in uniform is DEFINITELY NOT OK. But the article doesn’t mention it. How did they find out they were Marines?

      2. GS says:

        I didn’t read anywhere that they were in uniform. Yes, a Marine is a Marine 24-7, but they’re still human and allowed to drink when they’re off duty.

    5. sueinmi says:

      Sh it, they can’t even use their guns in Obama’s 4 wars or they’re court-martialed.

    6. aaron says:

      Just because they are Marines doesn’t mean they are ripped up and 6’4. Take three guys who are Marines and 5’8 180 and get ran up on by a couple big dudes who don’t care about a fight you are going to lose, even if you beat the hell out of someone when the cops come its gonna look like you were drunk, talkin trash and you are probably going to get charged with assault, I’m in the Air Force and if I were to get an assault charge I’d be stripped of my security clearance and lose my job. I would rather give up thirty bucks then lose thousands I would have made and get discharged.

      1. AJ WOOD says:

        My point exactly… It’s a different world than what “BURL” used to know! -And that’s not a dig against Burl whatsoever… I’m sure he’s a hard nosed old school rough tuff jarhead that believes what he says, says what he means, and is completely disgusted that these fellow soldiers didn’t completely kick some major punk ass! I wish it were that way too, but the reality is- it isn’t… Now if these Marines weren’t drinking, (and I dont know if they were but it was implied) I do believe that Burl would for the most part be correct. But who’s to say that these Marines weren’t 120 lbs and completely outmatched? You have to face reality, and you have to survive! You have to uphold the truth and the honor, and make the right decision to protect yourself and your family! -BOTTOM LINE ! They should NOT be SHAMED and LABLED AS WIMPS!

      2. CCT MSgt says:

        Well Aaron, I have to disagree. I’ve been in fights, even a couple of bar fights and have never received so much as an LOC, let alone lose my clearance. The point was, I didn’t start any of them (nor did my buddies). And as a “highly trained SOF guy” that was never thrown in my face either. I think most folks here are trying to cover down on these Marines with all this talk about ROE, etc. There’s a huge difference between “don’t hassle locals or respond to derogatory remarks” and “give up your wallet to an unarmed thug.” Also, most folks are missing they point that the Marines did in fact brawl, and it appears one brandished his knife and lost it. Rather than take the modern approach of pussification and try to find a scenario to save (and salve) their egos, a better approach would be to hotwash the event, which includes identifying the fact they lost. In the military, more so than many endeavors, it is imperative to be honest about what worked and didn’t, why, and how to buttress that weakness. These young Marines deserve that, and not to be treated like some paste-eating liberal that needs validation and can’t admit failure without needing therapy or medication.

      3. Lewis says:

        They gave up more than $30. Like their ID’s, maybe.

        Assault charge ? Self Defense warrants an assault charge ? In which Islamic country Air Force are you ?

    7. Teabag Smith says:

      Everyone involved needs a Code Red , including Cap’n Kate. Two against three, no guns, and they had to steal a knife from one of the drunks, uh, Marines to make the robbery happen.

      1. Tom says:

        Even the Marines are being feminized.

    8. semperfi says:

      it’s Parris Island

    9. curtboettcher says:

      Not so Brown Bag. I’m a Marine going back to 1983 (Parris Island and Quantico). We do not know the size or race of the thugs. They didn’t know if the thugs had weapons either. You’d be an idiot to start a fight with some thugs who were armed. You win the fight, they kill you. I think they were smart not getting involved. Not to mention if they attacked the thugs, the police would probably had arrested them and ended their careers. What you “expect” from the Marines does not matter. Good Marines aren’t just tough, they are smart. You are not.

      1. Avenger says:

        Wow…..Curt, you certainly sound like a wimp! Like Brown Bag said, kick ass(and ask questions later)!

      2. GS says:

        I think his point is that not every Marine is a 20 year old ready to open a can of whoop ass on each thug that looks cross at them. Some of these guys are actually older, have families with kids and know that getting stabbed over a wallet will do their families no good at all. Regardless of the testosterone and rage.

    10. Yaspar says:

      “…AND write a letter” not “AN.” What is with people lately?? Oh, right, public schoools, my bad.

    11. vmabuck says:

      Are you a United States Marine?

    12. privatouring says:

      As a common Army draftee, Viet Nam era, we would have gone three of them on two of us and ripped them to shreds. The order to avoid fighting was void at the very second that a robbery with violence was being perpetrated against us as soldiers. You have to defend the brand. If the Marines could not do what their supposedly lesser warrior brothers in the Army would do…’s a revoltin’ deveopment.

    13. SeaDragon says:

      Judging by the comments of the PC Spokeswoman they were probably ordered to avoid fights at all costs. I feel sorry for the marines who were probably ordered not to defend themselves. I have never met a Marine who would be worried about taking on 2 opponents, careful, but not all that worried. They had too be ordered to be wimps.

  6. David says:

    “Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldier will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!”
    HA! One of the greatest Marines was a prophet, too!

  7. bubba cola says:

    Don’ ask, don’t tell!

  8. Chris says:

    Not the former U.S. Marines that I know. One of these former Marines was robbed at knife point in a tunnel – It was a 2-on-1 situation in addtion to the knife. The prepetrators are now in jail and the shirt my boss was wearing with the blood stain from the knife wound are in his desk at work – he’ll show it to you if you ask. He’s just fine, but then he was a U.S. Marines and was trained for situations like this.

    Even though he is still lucky as he could been really hurt, he’s a bad-ass in a quiet, non assuming way and I’m sure he would fight back again. This is pretty much the caliber of the other former Marines I know.

    1. Gary Nelson Harper says:

      Exactly Chris, I don’t know one Marine that would have let that happen to them.

  9. Mark says:

    They must have been conservative republican Marines. Every conservative republican Marine I’ve known has been a pantywaist.

    1. BillyGoatGruff says:

      You, sir, are a troll – and an anti-military liberal in weasel’s clothing.

      1. Ed Ruffin at Sumter says:

        yep, he’s pretty low

    2. Jack says:

      Mark is correct – if they got their butts kicked, they must have been conservatives, who, as everyone knows, only *talk* tough. Liberals have compassion but they also don’t roll over. Captain Call from Lonesome Dove is the perfect example of a typical Liberal

  10. MortyD says:

    Leave your house much?

  11. Some Guy says:

    What an embarrassment. I’m not pro-military or pro-war at all, but I would kinda expect/respect that those three Marines would’ve still whipped some ass if people were robbing them. And, clearly, any money spent on MCMAP needs to instead be redirected to paying some hilljacks to teach these guys how to fight.

  12. Gary says:

    ? Who said they were White Marines or black thugs?

    1. Wise up bro says:

      Oh, are white thugs attacking black Marines these days?

    2. NoMoObama2013January says:

      If the races had been any different, they would have been mentioned. In Obamaland, we don’t mention the race of a perp if he’s black and we don’t mention the race of a victim if he’s white.

    3. Marbran says:

      It possibly could have been white perps on black Marines…until I read the part about trying to sell jewelry. No white perp is going to be hawking jewelry, first of all, and certainly not to young black guys. Hawking anything at 0230 is a definite black tactic, to lure the victims in. So I’m certain that the perps were black and the victims white. No doubt.

    4. dmd says:

      Its St Louis duh
      Black thugs are a given.

  13. Chris says:

    I live in an area that I believe has heavy recruiting for the Marines. Pretty much every other car in my softball league has some sort of Marine tag up front. I’m telling you, 2 unarmed dudes could not prevail against any 3 of these guys.

  14. Rocketman says:

    This sure doesn’t sound like the Marine Corps I was in 30 years ago. This looks to be more the new “Obama Corps” where social engineering is job one.

    1. Rob says:

      you are right, Rocketman — definitely not the Corps I was in 40 years ago. These guys are a disgrace to the Corps.

    2. Gary Nelson Harper says:

      “I would not belong to a fraternity that would have me as a member”– Groucho Marx (no relation).
      I would find it hard to fight along with someone who didn’t like to fight.
      There is more to this story, because I don’t know any leathernecks that would let this go down.

  15. GB says:

    “But a Marine spokesman shed more light on the mugging, suggesting that the Marines turned the other cheek to avoid violence.

    “Marines have been given rules of engagement not to engage in any violence except to protect their lives,” said Marine Spokeswoman, Capt Kate Vanden Bossche.”

    Yeah, sure…what a bunch of loaded US Marine Corps, lets save face, propaganda. Marines have been experts and selling themselves higher than they really are. Even the Coast Guard would have fought back.

    1. Joe says:

      This coming from an Army man, I have a low opinion of the Marines in general and their officers in particular. All negative experiences, low IQ individuals, with a heavy dose of religious fanaticism. No wonder that they are used to draw fire, to flush out the enemy. In a hunt, we use dogs for this purpose. In a war, we use Marines.

      1. Burl says:

        Joe has an ax to grind. But no stones with which to grind it.

      2. Laura says:

        Joe…..Joe-ker…..joker!!! Ohhh but you’re not funny Joe. Every Marine officer I have ever known has been someone to look up to in one way or another. Go find another post to pee on, Joker Joe.

  16. Lew says:

    Sure not the old Corps…..Embarassing.

    1. John says:

      You got that right.

      Today’s Corps, for that matter our entire military is so watered down, so limp-wristed as to be beyond embarrassing, pathetic, incapable.

  17. Danbury says:

    A woman Captain says they should have turned their wallets overt to the spooks?

    Will they be turning their weapons over to Al Qaida if threatened?


    1. Legion in Danbury, CT says:

      The feminization of the Armed Forces has reached new heights. It is the last bastion the liberal progressives have before they totally wreck the country.

  18. wendell says:

    What a complete moron that mayor is, had the fight turned differently, he would be screaming “racism” at the top of his lungs.

  19. NoMoObamaSoon says:

    If the Marines had defended themselves, Eric Holder would have brought down the full weight of the Dept of Injustice upon them.

  20. Jason in Medford says:

    Yep, a lot of shrill hillbilly racism in these comments

    1. Jason a phony says:

      You go live with the brothers than Jason. You won’t last one night, phony.

    2. Japes Macfarland says:

      You’d find that most of these (especially the ugliest posts) are by leftists intending to further the perception in the cultural ether that those supportive of the military or not on the left are racists. Demonizing their opponents is *the* greatest and first weapon of the Left since Marx. America is actually the least racist country in the world.

      The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.
      Dennis Prager

    3. Fred says:

      70% child birth out of wedlock; 80% of college-aged males somewhere in the judicial system; violent black on white crime 80% more likely than violent white on black (the latter is from DOJ statistics, others are also verified facts).

      Now call me racist for pointing that out. Go ahead. Now call Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for their contribution to the PROBLEMS and not the solutions, black community.

    4. Fred provide references says:

      90% of statistics are completly made up, 10% is biased to prove a certain point.

    5. Freedom says:

      @Jason is a phony

      I lived with the brothers.

      Got a couple of black God children and some amazing and awesome community experiences that I will never forget.

      I lasted a few years in that situation.

      Now shut up or put up you stinking coward and racists POS.

  21. NoMoObama2013January says:

    This sort of thing is happening in all 60 states, including the 57 Obama visited, the one he still had left to visit, and the two he skipped (Alaska and Hawaii).

  22. Dan C says:

    I don’t believe a word of it. The Main Street Media publishes these garbage stories every day. Pure rubbish.

  23. John Frost says:

    Obama is a Kenyan parasite

    1. Carl Curmudgeon says:

      Congratulations, John.

      You managed to insult both Kenyans and parasites in a single post.

      You’re today’s poster boy for efficiency…

  24. Jasper Groovydude Moonpeace says:

    Criminals often target drunken youngsters and fools, as well old people, women and anyone else who appears in a weakened or disadvantaged state. That the drunken youngsters or fools happened to be marines is little mystery but does make for good provocative fodder for media, it also makes the marines look bad which some people (especially criminals and enemies) find aid and comfort with such a scenario. The moral is “Stay thirsty my friends” but dont slack off, drop your guard or be a doof-bag; not on my watch.

    Im glad no-one fell on some bullets or was poked with a beyonet or bonked with a rifle butt. Good reportage.

    Thank you please,
    Jasper Groovydude Moonpeace
    Hog Tolz Academy for Sarcasm

  25. Chris says:

    Since they’re letting gays into the military, they must have been 3 gay Marines.

  26. TJP says:

    Sounds a bit fishy to me. You have a large amount of unarmed and armed combat training, the entire area is full of your buddies, and you can’t manage to disarm two assailants 3 on 2 without maiming them?

  27. DigitalBob says:

    Go change your tampons, ladies.

  28. patches12 says:

    what the hell was he third Marine doing… I guess they don’t make Marines like they used to … .wow… wimps

  29. Japes Macfarland says:

    Kim, do you really believe these horrible things about people with more melanin in the their skin? What is wrong with you?

    1. Plain talk says:

      I think you can think poorly of them for attacking whites 60 times as frequently as whites attack them.I think we can judge them for 80% illegitimacy.Kim is off base with wondering about their humanity, but we cannot accept the barbarism coming from the black community.Entire cities are being bankrupted and destroyed over their actions.Can’t fix it if we don’t identify it.

    2. Japes Macfarland says:

      Plain talk wrote:
      “Can’t fix it if we don’t identify it.”

      Well than we need to identify the Left, and what that means and how they have ravaged the black community for forty odd years. (psychologically as well as physically) There are only two races of people, the decent and indecent. This whole ‘race’ thing itself is garbage and relatively a new concept in human history. There is no difference between a black human and white: none. What a person’s values are, and their character is what matters; and whoever doesn’t know this is blinded by irrational feelings which they try to make sense of or justify by believing there really is some inherent difference between so called black and white. There isn’t.

    3. Plain talk says:

      Japes I admire your idealism, but ….you harbor the same feelings i do. Would it be a good development if your neighborhood became all black and you the only white family? Would you send your kids to an all black urban school? Do you enjoy rap music? Do you go to an all black church?Did you date or marry a black woman? My point is, you are no different than me. I wish it were not so, Japes, old man, but blacks in large numbers is not tenable. Don’t get me wrong, God bless those in the black community that are family men and women, but they are very scarce. I don’t know that any culture has become so debased as blacks, I am sorry to say. If we commend them for this or that, then we can condemn them too.

    4. John says:


      You are 100% out of your beyond propagandized, hallucinatory, beyond dumbed-down mind. Negroes are inherently given to violence, destruction, ruination wherever they go. This is simply fact. They are not in the least remotely human and certainly 100%/180 degrees opposed to any Occidental/Caucasian. Their crime stats alone are nearly off the charts.
      Years of propaganda notwithstanding that has deranged your mind and any capability of honest and lucid thought process……….., that you would attempt to serve as apologist for the ruthless and vicious negro is beyond sickening.

      Special appreciative shout out to Kim Bailey. THANK YOU!

  30. Leroy Brown says:

    Can someone say “CODE RED”!

  31. US ARMY INFANTRY says:

    The marines should have spun around and transform into their dress uniform with a sword like they do in the tv commercials and use the sword to fight off the attackers.

    1. Bill says:

      You sound like a dogface who the Marnes rejected. Bow wow!

  32. sueinmi says:

    Thanks! Needed a laugh.

  33. Ralph Carpenter says:

    Re-read the story: Capt. Kate Vanden Bossche, a Marine spokeswoman, referred to rules of engagement. I suspect that she is a marine because she couldn’t expect engagement anywhere else! This is the work of the Clintons which was not aborted by the Bush, and is being brought to fruition by the Obamas. God help the United Staes- America is in its demise!

  34. AK says:

    Except for the ones – lots of them – buried at places like Arlington.

    ‘S’ok for them to be alongside whites. Like Captain Charles A. Ransom, USAF, VMI Class of 2001, one of 9 Americans killed by the rogue Afghan pilot.

    Yes, a worthless leech. And who would know a worthless leech better than that thing in your mirror.

    1. USAF Comm says:

      Captain Ransom was one of the kindest officers I ever knew. He really cared for the enlisted and died to young. 83 NOS will miss him.

  35. Nick Mann says:

    Marine Weak, in St. Louise , I am sure that they were females.

  36. James says:

    Well I see a lot of comments on how this isn’t the Corps they knew 30 years ago. It isn’t, one of the biggest problems is mothers of america getting involved. Because of them we can no longer yell at marines because it is to stressful. I guess war isn’t stressful. The reason boot camp was hard and the fleet was harder was to make them hard. Now they are sissy little kids who haven’t even seen their own blood. Liberals have made the Corps so politically correct that it has destroyed what it used to be. Hence why 2 thugs can rob 3 marines and take a weapon from one of them.

    1. Burl says:

      Can’t find much to argue with there, James. They used to chase the “little girl” out of the heart of a boy, and turn boys into grim men. Hence a military and fighting men that were nothing to be trifled with. Not sure what happened, but I think LIBERALISM sure as hell played the biggest role.

      1. Rob says:

        I think you’re right, Burl. USMC Vet – 40 years ago. At age 59 I’m not going to be out at 2:30 in the morning unless I need a Waffle House fix. My Ed Brown Executive Carry .45 will be strapped on with three ball rounds for busting out the glass and five HP rounds for ripping up the flesh! Active Skydiver, Scuba Diver, NRA lifetime member — One shot/One kill Semper Fi!

  37. RichardC says:

    In most of Europe ANY resistance to a robber is a criminal offense. Soon, women who close their legs to fight a rapist will be prosecuted if the rapist hurts his Weiner.

  38. CallMeIshmael says:

    Obama’s Marine Corpse.

  39. A Military E-6 says:

    What likely happened was that they were mugged, but had unfortunately been drinking. Under the UCMJ if they would have gotten into a altercation, they could be charged with an alcohol incident. The military has been cracking down on alcohol related incidents with a vengence, and even though they would have been defending themselves, an investigation still would have been conducted and if civilian police were involved, the poor jarheads would have very likely been subjected to non-judicial punishment regardless of the situation. That’s today’s military for you, it started back during the Clinton era and has progressively gotten worse.

    1. Joe says:

      The poor jarhead should have been in bed by 10PM, not barhopping at 2AM in St. Louis. Sorry, lack of discipline is no excuse, especially knowing that the criminal element is out on the streets at that time.

    2. Marbran says:

      Joe, go to bed. These Marines were just fine being out enjoying themselves.

      E-6 is correct. Since Clinton, any member of the military that gets into an incident involving alcohol is automatically at fault. Even though they were accosted, they’d still have to explain the situation in terms of their drunkeness. In other words, the presumption is that nothing would have happened if the Marines weren’t drinking. At the very least, they would be required to attend rehab. But because they did not whip the azzes of these punks, they will not be punished. Smart move on their part.

  40. Paul says:

    Wimper Fi!….or how to go from “Hoorah!” to “Oh my goodness gracious!” in 2 and a half years…..wonder what Gunney would have to say about this….

    1. Burl says:

      That’s actually hilarious. The situation isn’t funny, your post cracked me up though.

      Gunny would say, “I can’t STAND it. What have they done to my beloved corps?”

  41. Marv says:

    Hey, Captain Kate Vanden Bossche, people like you are part of the problem. You are not a real Marine and you should get out of the Corps.

  42. Tom Briggs says:

    Are you kidding me? They are trained killers. Had they killed one of those thugs they would have been prosecuted. They showed restraint. Praise them!
    They should be honored. Had they turned their backs on a woman being assaulted or something, then yes, that would be pathetic. But they showed restraint and as US Marines, I applaud them! They would have been prosecuted had they have executed the full extent of their skills…! -And on a Marine salary, I doubt they would have been able to afford adequate defense. Honor them America!

    1. Burl says:

      No Tom, nobody is kidding you. Are YOU kidding US?

      Don’t give us that “trained killer” hyperbole. It’s called “self-defense.”

      I’m a 250-lb load who knows how to hit and hit hard and hit fast with both hands and both feet. I am going to be a bit … let’s say, “dangerous” if cornered. If someone tries to physically overmaster me, does that mean I should not fight back?

  43. AJ WOOD says:

    As a former law enforcement officer of 16 years, I can tell you that these Marines as all Marines are held to a higher standard. I agree that had they killed one of these (UNARMED) punks that they would have been prosecuted, and the question would have been asked by prosecution and posed to the jury- “Aren’t you held to a higher standard? What type of training have you received that enabled you to kill this poor homeless man with only one strike?” “Do you, MARINE, DO YOU THINK THAT THIS POOR MAN YOU KILLED RECEIVED THE TYPE OF TRAINING THAT YOU DID???” – HOW DARE the MAYOR question their HONOR & PROFESSIONALISM??? MARINES, HOLD YOUR HEADS HIGH! You did the right thing! YOU deserve a complete and sincere APOLOGY from the MAYOR for questioning your HONOR!!!!

    1. Burl says:

      Sounds like you been watching “Con Air.”

      1. AJ WOOD says:

        Not sure what that means but let me tell you something BURL… You are no asset to the Marine Corps badmouthing fellow Marines for something you don’t even know the details about. There is no honor in disrespecting your fellow soldiers. Were you there? I’m glad you’re not watching my six… It doesn’t take a 250 lb loudmouth to save anyone in combat- A 7 lb trigger pull from a sand-covered M16 will do. You should know the facts before you trash the honor of 3 fellow Marines…

      2. Burl says:

        AJ, I never was a marine (thought I was fairly clear on that, with statements like “I have a buddy who was in the corps…”), and never indicated nor implied that I was.

        I am indeed just a 250-lb loudmouth, watching in bemused horror at the deterioration of our society and the emasculation of the American male.

        Horror, AJ. The horror.

  44. Marcus says:

    I once (many years ago) knew a Marine Colonel , and another Marine. went to Atlanta on official business..

    Several young thugs confronted him. He threw the leader to the ground and stomped him once, and said, “Any one else?” The others departed the scene without delay. Oh, the good old days.

  45. Burl says:

    Old-school marines who read this are simultaneously cringing inside, snapping their computer mouse in their clenched fist, and blowing steam out of their ears in disgust.

    I have a buddy who was in the corps decades ago, and he talks of instructors PT-ing trainees under black flags; and he laughs in derision at “time out” cards and other “amenities.”

    And he admits he himself would probably have had a hard time holding up under what it was supposed to have been like in the 40’s and 50’s.

    And we all know the liberals’ concept of an “ideal” corps.

    This is what political correctness does. This is apparently not your grandfather’s Marines Corps. I would say this qualifies as an embarrassment.

    1. Burl says:

      “Marine Corps” NOT “Marines Corps.”

      1. Burl says:

        Come to think of it, this is not your grandfather’s America, either. Where’d it go?

        This is where we’re at? Marines getting mugged and PC shills lauding them (and warning others to act the same) under the gentle-speech of “a higher standard”?

        Is that reasonable?

        Not sure how “US Marine” became synonymous with “hand over your wallet without objection.”

  46. Chris Brown says:

    The Marines probably did not want to hurt these guys or were white and the robbers black and if you even touch a racist piece of trash sub human its a hate crime.

  47. Bagwhan says:

    jigs have no value for life and will lose theirs over a fist bump. Other people do have a value for life and its not worth risking for a freaking wallet. Give the jigs what they want in those situations—then tilt the justice system so everytime they’re up on charges, for anything, they continue to fill our jails. They’ve learned to carve out a nice life in jail and a whole way of wearing your pants has come from it…droopy drawers….I’m not sure if there is a worse, or lower form of humanity on this planet than black males under age 30. Horrid, and you all know it just cant or wont admit it because its not PC to do so…but you know you dont take your families to or through the places these groups gather—come on now, fess up, you know you dont, and you know you have to mouth the words that you would and you do—but in reality you go out of your way to go around them. The Dems and Libs created this monster. Black folks were making great progress there for a long while—but now—its entitlement and gimme city as their way of life. Wish I could help—I did once, but no more.

  48. cruiszn says:

    Apparently these three Marines were asked and they told. It just makes you wonder why.

  49. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Since don’t ask don’t tell is over, I guess they told! Can we get rid of these losers and hire the two guys who mugged them instead?

  50. AmericanMark says:

    Social workers like Capt Kate Vanden Bossche are the problem. What a disgrace she is and the Marine Corp for neutering their fighting men like this.

  51. cruiszn says:

    If the assailants were from the Middle East, or of any ethnicity, the Marines were just following Obama, and Holder’s ROE.

  52. bddd says:

    The correct term is , “Shrewdness”.

  53. Jose says:

    If they defended themselves, they will be in Jail right now

  54. Malcom says:

    not so tough are they , when they don’t have a gun in their hands and killing women and children. GO Obama!!!! stop the war, and punish these criminals.

  55. Helix says:

    Somebody please put those punks in the morgue pronto. If anyone objects, kill them too. Any questions?

  56. Booger Jones says:

    What the heck would anyone go to St. Louis on purpose for. For God’s sake, people are fleeing that slum for better places and the people won’t look themselves in the mirror and see where they are going to be in a decade – without financial support of the middle class.

  57. tom bee says:

    Know the face of our new enemy on American soil.

  58. Old mean bitter Veteran says:

    What kind of brainwashing would cause men not to act like men? Keep up with the political correctNess of deballing the military and feminising young men in school. We used to call men that act this way “P_$$¥S”.

  59. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Damn…. The Marines have sure changed a hell of a lot since my days in the military!!! I’d be embarrassed as hell to have to give my wallet to an unarmed mugger as a Marine!!! These guys are supposed to “kick ass”!!!

  60. MAKE MY DAY says:


  61. Sam Houston says:

    Sherman, set the WAYBAC machine for a couple decades ago, Alongapo, Philippines, libbo. Essentially ‘The Po’ was heaven for young men. Convert $20.00 a the beginning of the evening to Pesos, you could eat plenty, drink plenty, carouse with the local brown-skinned girls and still have enough change left for cab fare back to the barracks.

    Of course, the Po was not without its dangers. While the girls were free with their favors, the guys, given the opportunity, would try to use their butterfly knives to separate you from your cash.

    The briefing we all got was:

    1) Don’t get so drunk that you can;t fight or think;

    2) Always travel in groups, or at least with a buddy, but never alone; and

    3) Don’t stray off the main street. (Side streets were barely lit, and dangerous).

    So what does our intrepid Corporal do on libbo in the Po?

    Drunk off his but, on a side-street, all by his lonesome, late at night. Two of the local guys (‘Flips) jump him and demand his money. At least one has a knife.

    He feigns incomprehension, so they yell louder, ‘Give us you money!’

    Suddenly he is angry and blasts one Flip straight in the face, knocking the guy on his butt. The other attacks with the knife, and our Intrepid Corporal deflects the knife right into the attacker’s opposite arm, who then falls on the pavement, writhing in pain. The first guy has recovered from the faceblast enough to jump up and depart the area at a high rate of speed.

    Of course it helped that our guy had fought Golden Gloves some time before enlisting. Still the moral of the story is, listen to your libbo briefing!

  62. NoGuff says:

    Of course, if these Marines had defended themselves as they’ve been trained to (and dispensed justice as they should have) the press would be calling for their heads for using their “deadly skills” on civilians. You just can’t win.

    And BTW, these Marines were not attacked by “suspects,” they were attacked by “perpetrators.”

  63. Bob says:

    LOL eveyone knows american soldiers are the worst the west has with the best kit ! If it was 2 British soldiers u know those chumps would be in hospital at the least. If it was 2 British Marines the guys would be dead.

  64. Bob Vedari says:

    OK – this story is very easy to understand. When does a superior force “relinquish” to an inferior force? When the superior force believes that a still greater force has the backs of the inferior force. What do we know about Obama? We know that he sides with criminals and thugs over the men and women in the armed forces. The Marines are not able to speak out against their commander in chief or the lackeys who work for him. So rather than face a court martial by pounding the criminals into the dirt where they rightly belong, they gave up their wallets so that they could see their families again. I would do the same thing in their shoes. All I can hope for is that come November 2012, we vote in a man who has our military’s back and doesn’t side with America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  65. mac says:

    Marines = Douchbags

    They can take on the Japanese but not two unarmed muggers?

    1. Anthony Weiner says:

      I’d like to see you take on a Marine, tough guy. You’re probably 300 lbs sitting behind a computer in your mom’s basement. You’d better take out the trash before she gets mad.

  66. Bob Dobbs says:

    But a Marine spokesman shed more light on the mugging, suggesting that the Marines turned the other cheek to avoid violence.

    “Marines have been given rules of engagement not to engage in any violence except to protect their lives,” said Marine Spokeswoman Capt Kate Vanden Bossche.

    Me: “Rules of engagement?” In St. Louis? Has the domestic occupation already started?

  67. Jonathan Scott Fisher says:

    Muggers will be coming to St Louis from miles around now that they know the Marines aren’t even allowed to fight them off.

  68. RLA Bruce says:

    The chickification of our politically correct armed forces! Proud of yourselves, libs?

  69. zone says:

    High time we “clean” these cities and have ARMED marines help with this job.

  70. rocketmania says:

    Pardon me while this Army Infantry Vet chuckles.
    The drunks must not have paid attention in Boot Camp.
    What an embarrassment.


  71. Jonadab says:

    Just like most hired killers, they are big men when they have guns, but wimps when it comes to fighting hand to hand.

    1. SOF guy says:

      Most? Not in my experience (but unlike you, my experience with your topic is in the real world and not sitting around coffee shops with other limp wrists drinking overpriced lattes and lamenting the fact I wasn’t born in some milquetoast European country that embraces socialisms and eschews rugged individualism and manhood). And they may not have combat MOSes, which might not wholly support your “hired killers” description. But you’ll be glad to know that most of us (combat MOS/AFSC/rates), at least that I’ve worked with, are as competent in street fights as we are with rifles, belt feds, and calling in CAS. So you can sleep tight tonight, princess, and maybe not bite your pillow as hard.

  72. Crook of BS says:

    What a crokk of s%$^. The Marines were either too drunk or too scared to defend themselves. No one, BUT NO ONE, should have to give up their money and property and safety without a fight . Its time for Americans to stand up to these little thug punks and if the Marines arent able to do it America is in more trouble than I thought. I tell you one thing if they tried to rob an armed NRA member the punks would be in custody right now.

  73. keith says:

    Sounds like these three shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves marines….at ALL!!! Sorry but most marines I know will put up a fight if someone is trying to commit a crime, even if its just robbery….they started the fight with the marines, yet they didn’t really fight back? Disgrace for calling themselves marines if that’s the case

  74. Curly says:

    Give the muggers rifles and send ’em to Afganistan. That’ll get the Taliban on the run…

  75. William Miller says:

    In defense of the young Marines, they are taught to fight in a war, as a unit. While hand to hand combat is still taught, it’s up to the individual Marine to pursue additional training. Obviously most who are commenting here have never had to fight with an experienced “street fighter”. They’re tough, cunning and if using drugs difficult to injure. As a martial self-defense instructor for many years, I’ve also seen street thugs become incredibly brutal. . Sometimes it’s better to surrender your wallet than die for a few dollars.

    1. Kevin Nasky says:

      Wow. Finally an intelligent, well-informed comment on this topic.
      Thank you.

  76. Tom says:

    What do we expect in a politically correct environment where the corp is feminized.

  77. JCspring says:

    No suprises there they should have just called for the Airborne like they susually do when they are in trouble.
    As for the muggrs they should be signed up in the corp and show the Jarries how to grow a pair.

  78. Avenger says:

    Hey Kim……………..Too bad your mother brought YOU into the world. If she hadn’t, we would have one less racist ignoramus walking around spouting B.S.

    1. Grape Ape says:

      Kim is correct, Avenger. You’re the ingorant one. Go read the DOJ stats and get your head out of your a$$. BTW, don’t get a doctor who thinks race is just a social construct like the commie professors are teaching their students.

  79. Rubicons says:

    This is another example of how a politically correct liberal disease is destroying America! A spokesperson for the Marines basically states, that if some poor thief needs your wallet bad enough to have to mug you, well then that’s OK? Are you kidding me? No wonder why we’re still fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where they should have been utterly defeated and any resistance destroyed years ago!

  80. REALIST says:

    kim, u are a complete and undeniable fool. its people like you that only cause more problems between race relations. hmmmmm, how about u come over to my city, which is predominately white with blacks following , repeat what you posted, and the “leeches and parasites” standing by the side of sensible whites (the majority of them) will help you stop posting these extreme racist comments….. or just introduce you to a wheelchair.

    1. Grape Ape says:

      Some realist. You don’t see reality when it’s staring you in the face. Why not spend a night in Detroit and get back to us.

    2. Marbran says:

      And you are being influenced by them if you think the correct solution for Kim is to put her in a wheelchair. You just stated that they will do violence to teach someone a lesson. Isn’t that what we see? Violence from the blacks, all the time.

    3. Smashicus says:

      Threat noted and guns loaded. I will back up my comments.

  81. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    Two Unarmed Men Mug 3 Marines, Mayor Wonders How

    “They were in an altered state because they had a fair amount to drink and it was 2:30 in the morning,” Slay said.

    The ‘mayor’ is obviously out of town.

    I grew up in St. Louis. Rolling drunks was always a common source of spending money for street thugs. And that was decades ago.

    Doesn’t matter if they have short hair, uniforms, or anything else. The staggering and slurred speech telegraph “PAYDAY” to street thugs.

    Particularly interesting detail: Take my knife and stick me with it.

  82. Freddie says:

    Must’ve been airwingers!!! HAHA

  83. Ohio says:

    Sounds more like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to me. I mean what REAL MARINE would not fight back harder.

  84. we stone says:


  85. Hank Warren says:

    We need these Marines to go fight in endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  86. Henry Thoreau says:

    “Capt Kate Vanden Bossche.

    When asked if the Marines have essentially been told to hand over their wallets in St. Louis, rather than fight to protect their property, Vanden Bossche said:

    “If someone is in such dire need that they need to rob someone, I don’t think that’s a fight Marines need to get into.”

    What? The? F?


  87. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    “Police say one of the suspects punched a Marine. Another suspect reportedly took a pocket knife from the other Marine and poked HIM with it, causing a minor cut. The Marines told police the suspects took ONE OF THEIR WALLETS and ran away. [emphasis added]”

    ”After a brief altercation, the parties were separated with the help of the third Marine and police were contacted. THE MARINES RELINQUISHED THEIR WALLETS and both assailants fled the scene. [emphasis added]”

    First, all three Marines were not biologically women, else the SuperThugs wouldn’t have poked HIM with HIS OWN KNIFE.

    Second, the accounts given by the Marine victims differ from the version proffered by the USMC spokesbabe. Specifically, one “wallet” versus “their wallets”. And a wallet taken versus wallets relinquished.

    Finally, maybe Obama had it right when he referred to them as corpse men. They didn’t demonstrate much ‘life’ when accosted by two unemployed, pants-on-the-ground, ghetto muggers — er, perps.

    1. Anthony Weiner says:

      If they had done anything the liberal media would have a field day and the muggers would sue the USMC and the individual Marines. And probably win.

  88. CPS says:

    The Mayor wonders how three Marines get mugged. What he should be worried about is why is there crime in the city of St Louis? The city is a joke. A corrupt police force, bums sleeping in broad daylight in Kiener Plaza and other public places, beggars at the exit ramps of Hwy 64/40. The city’s leadership is a collosal failure. Now some officials want the city to be part of the county so we can pay higher taxes to support the fialed initiatives of government.

  89. Brandon says:

    I’m so tired of being PC…most violent crime is blacks/hispanics and everyone knows it. It’s time white people stood up for themselves!

  90. Mad Max says:

    Look everyone. If you get lit like a Marine at 2:30 in the AM, you’ll barely have a pulse let alone fight off 2 unarmed muggers. While I do not condone a Warrior getting so inebriated that he can’t defend themselves. I have to ask why would anybody would think that they would want to rob someone who is standing on the line for Freedom.

    I say find the two assailants and then have them try and take a wallet and knife from three “sober” Marines. I’ll guarantee the results wil be significantly different.

    I won’t say anything demeaning about these warriors. But I will say they’ll feel more than enough shame once they regroup with their unit. There’ll be extreme hell to pay… and rightfully so.

  91. John says:

    Here’s your problem: Marine Spokeswoman Capt Kate Vanden Bossche.

    Women should not be allowed in the Marines.

  92. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    I’m with the police on this one: puzzled. So you’re telling me that three Marines were taken by two street thugs with no fight? I just flat out don’t beleive it. The third Marine watched and didn’t get involved (according to the story)? Yeah, right. Unless they were intoxicated to the point of passing out the facts don’t jive.

    1. Yaspar says:

      And then, after the intercesion of the third Marine, they “decided” to give the muggers the wallet. Huh?!? You’re right, it does not JIBE.

  93. Hyphenated Americans aren't Americans says:

    Kim, not only has Darwinism been debunked by microbiology (regardless of faith questions), but every honest, educated person knows that blacks are a human. And most would admit that, according to DOJ statistics (and validated by NAACP and other race-baiters in their pronouncements), “black culture” in America is definitely a predatory culture. MLK would be heartbroken to see what blacks have (or more appropriately haven’t) with the opportunities provided by the Civil Rights Act, quotas and affirmative action.

    Oh, and for those who asked, happy perusing:

    for DOJ statistics/demographics

  94. Concerned_Dad says:

    We can only imagine what the headlines would be if the Marines resisted with sufficient force: “ARMED GOVERMENT KILLERS ATTACK POOR TEENS.” If they’re robbing Marines, they are no CHOIRBOYS!

  95. Mike E says:

    Females + liberals = death of military = death of USA

  96. PFC says:

    The few, the proud, the dumb, the loud.

  97. Tom Lee says:

    Man, what an embarassment to the Proud and the Few; macho men turned into wussies; they should have kicked a***. Should have been part of the their training, you’d think as Marines, duh? Must have been all that estrogen in the plastic bottled water and soy products, seriously. That’s exactly what they feed prisoners to effeminize them and make them less violent.

  98. KT says:

    It seems most of you people are overlooking one important thing. All Marines are not specialized in combat operations and self defense. Yes, you get some training in boot camp and combat training, but only the ground pounders continue to hone this training. There are also thousands of Marines who are desk jockeys, nurses, mechanics, food service specialists, etc. who don’t kill on a daily basis. Maybe the Marines involved here were following the ROE, or maybe they just were smart enough to know this is a fight they could not have won.

    1. Kevin Nasky says:

      There are no Marine Nurses. For that matter, there are no Marine healthcare MOS’s; the Navy provides medical care to the Marine Corps.

  99. Kim Bailey says:

    Marines should have beaten or shot the Knee Grow animals attacking them, but then Eric Holder will accuse them of racism.
    and Moochelle in Africa, her Home Country:

    Who cares what Moochelle says or does?
    Isn’t she a disbarred Attorney who lost her Law License when caught in a police dragnet in Chicago.
    And she was accused of ripping off hundreds of Chicago Blacks and the judge disbarred her immediately as a menace to Society.
    Now she’s ripping off the US Government and American Taxpayers 24/7 and shamelessly has 38 “aides” paid by us at $190,000 dollars each to attend Moochelle and her needs.

    1. The Truth says:

      Hey descendant from dogs Blacks invented everything in this country cell phones, refrigerators, etc. what about the white animal who killed four innocent people including a white person while robbing a pharmacy for drugs, where is the outrage
      If it wasn’t for institutional racism you all will still be on all fours

      1. grrr says:

        Hey, look – two racists…

  100. Jim says:

    Maybe these were 3 don’t ask don’t tell people the the libs area so happy with.
    With women and gays in the service and all the laws what do you expect.
    Also this was at a show.

  101. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    “Two Unarmed Men Mug 3 Marines”


    The skinny little “assailant” wasn’t unarmed after he separated the big, strapping Marine from his wallet and shiv.

  102. John Frost says:

    Att White, Latino and Asian Humans You must see this video and show it to all your kids and family:
    It will save their lives:

  103. Portland, OR says:

    Life is a pendulum, and just wait until it starts back in the direction toward the good old America this once was!!!

  104. Xiaoding says:

    It’s time to disband the Marines, they have turned yellow. Cowardice is not something we need more of.

    Who’s running the Marines? run him out of the service.

  105. Meet me in St. Louie, Louie says:

    I’d rather take my chances walking around at 02:30 on Hill 881 in Nam rather than 02:30 on the streets of greater St. Louis area– where STL averages about one homicide a day. Nam bonus points: 881 grunts didn’t have to contend with rape, shoplifting, car jacking, and mugging, those under-reported crimes against STL residents. It’s not politically correct to mention race with regard to STLs perps–the meandering Danish and Swiss gangs– with The Hill’s Italian gangs being the worst. Seriously, drunk or not, those Marines commendably acted with restraint. —Semper Fi, men! — comments from an old, out-of-condition Recon E6 grunt

  106. Al Haig III says:

    Obamafied Marines . Nuf said.

  107. Glen says:

    If you know of a more overrated bunch than the Marines, let me know!

  108. Wox Foo says:

    Hmmm, better send them back to boot camp.

    1. Michael R. says:

      these Marines should be immediately Court Marshaled and discharged…fairies

  109. dion says:

    As a GeorgeHW Marine this is a little embaressing.
    Thugs – 1 Marines – 0
    Those are the new Obama Marines trying to earn the new restraint award.

  110. Andrew says:

    The two guys must have been Canadian Forces. Either JTF2 or Army Pioneers.

    Kidding! It’s a sad day when an individual can’t defend themselves because of the risk of bad press, and these Marines should have put the two criminals in intensive care.

  111. tbone says:

    My dad and brother were both in the Marine Corps and would each have beat down these punks. What happened to the 3rd Marine, he just stood by and watched? This story is BS, these guys are hiding something.

  112. clint says:

    lets be honest here..

    the marines / US armed forces are drawn from the US population,
    (except for all the mexicans and other foreign nationals that are allowed in to hasten our descent into the collapse of Rome redux)
    and the US population is SOFT, FAT, UNEDUCATED, and RELIANT ON TECHNOLOGY.

    These Marines like most americans dont know how to do much beyond get to the Halliburton mess hall for surf and turf luxurious meals including cake and ice cream in the middle of a desert,
    (my grandfather rarely even got supplied with K rations during Hurtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge byw ay of contrast)
    or how to push a button to launch a missile or projectile from total safety from miles away..

    That this sort of feeble reality is what we are now reduced to is sad, but its also true, and its all the more reason not to waste trillions with standing armies we cannot afford spread across the globe at our tremendous expense, by plotters who want to get rewarded for dragging the USA into being everyone elses sugar daddy.

  113. hahahahahahaha says:

    Take away their air cover, smart bombs, drones, computers, artillery, and what do you got? Better hope we keep up on technology because mano y mano these losers lose. These friggin posers. OOH RAH. The rest of the world watches and knows it’s just a matter of time. America is weak and ripe for the taking.Punk azz losers.

  114. semper what? says:

    When I took the Illinois State Police P.O.W.E.R. test which measures your physical and is required to begin your academy training,
    one of the few guys who failed the POWER test bench press was fresh out of a honorable discharge from the US Marine Corps.

    He was the same guy earlier with a lot a bravado and bragging about his ‘service’ and status being a marine, but could not even lift his own body weight in a bench press.

    The Marines might have been elite once, around WW2 but today they seem to include a lot of guys with big opinions of themselves but who are physically a joke

  115. David says:

    ….court martial is the answer. If the Marines fight with civilans, and hurt someone, the media gets involve they run the risk of court martial and a community service leader would take on the streets, “no justice no peace”

    Trust me! I prefer to give my wallet than get court martial!

    1. colin says:

      that would be a good excuse for getting your ass kicked. But non violence is the right way

  116. jasper toledo says:

    these guys are weak from all the free taxpayer purchased food and no-work ”jobs” they do in the marines.

    need to discharge them all and let them get a PRODUCTIVE job in the private sector at McDonalds.

    Once they have to pay for all that food and work for a living they will slim down and build up some strength

  117. goatman says:

    Marines not training very hard anymore during this new political correctness, they can run, swim, shoot, but need to be more aggressive and learn to fight, fight, fight. Just because you wear a pretty uniform it doesn’t make you a warrior. They walk the walk but do they talk the talk, and remember not every Marine is in the infantry. When I was in the Marines awhile back at Norfolk Virginia, we went out on a PT run, upon our return we witnessed with our own eyes a group of civilian models posing in Marine fatigues for a recruiting drive. Right then is when I said this is not what I joined the Marines for a dog and pony show so I left when my enlistment was up. You should post the photos of the Marines who were beat and then perhaps they would build themselves up and not have sand kicked in their faces..

  118. J Wayne says:

    I say the 2 unarmed guys were Army Airborne…..Hua!

  119. goatmanz says:

    Marines not training very hard anymore during this new political correctness, they can run, swim, shoot, but need to be more aggressive and learn to fight, fight, fight. Just because you wear a pretty uniform it doesn’t make you a warrior. They walk the walk but do they talk the talk, and remember not every Marine is in the infantry. When I was in the Marines awhile back at Norfolk Virginia, we went out on a PT run, upon our return we witnessed with our own eyes a group of civilian models posing in Marine fatigues for a recruiting drive. Right then is when I said this is not what I joined the Marines for a dog and pony show so I left when my enlistment was up. You should post the photos of the Marines who were beat and then perhaps they would build themselves up and not have sand kicked in their faces..

  120. John McStain says:

    We’re already starting to see the effects of the repeal of the ban on gays in the military.

  121. watash60 says:

    Thanks to LIBERALS that is how PC correct the Military has become….

  122. PETE says:


  123. jerrykregle says:

    In MY world YOU are the steward of not only your life but also your fellow man
    ANYONE that is a threat to your or another YOU would have my FULL permission to KICK THE EVER LIVING $H!t out of the perpetrator with NO

    ALSO anyone that wants to rob me will have to option to go away with both my money and a bullet “somewhere “IN” their body” or go away
    you can’t have both

  124. PETE says:

    LEFT! OBAMA’s Killing them all off
    in Afghanistan!!

  125. ragu4u says:

    “The Lou is a zoo full of every gangs crew who’ll do harm to you if they only say BOO….cuz we be’s the baddest mofos on da planet!” Could be a quote from the spin room of the St. Louis Public Relations Mavin.

  126. Fishsnot says:

    Doubt if a couple of National Guardsmen would have allowed this to happen to them! Punk-assed sissy boys.

  127. stlouisblacks says:

    I have lost a lot of respect for the modern marines after this..
    they need some recruiting standards in place.

    I am mad that these cowards who turned over their wallets will be getting paid from my tax dollars.

  128. UrsusRexx says:

    So who’s surprised when U.S. marines pull a ‘Sen. Larry Craig wide stance’ & pickup the wrong dance-partners?
    I was reminded of both a ‘Saturday Night Live” sketch, in which Garrett Morris, in marine corps dress blues, walks off with a flaiming queen; the voice-over says: “The Marines: Just looking for a few good men!” and the scene in the movie “Airplane” where ‘Capt. Over’ looks wistfully at ‘little johnny’ & asks, “Ever wondered what it’s like in a turkish men’s prison?”, “Ever seen a grown man nekked?”, among other ‘N.A.M.B.L.A.-Vatican’-slanted remarks…

  129. Emery says:

    Embarrassing to say the least. It’s bad enough that Marines are dying senseless deaths for the fake 9/11 terror attacks run by the CIa and MOSSAD but to get their butts kicked by hoodlums that they outnumbered? Shameful really.

    1. Obama should be promoted to King of the US says:

      No one is dying in Afghanistan or Iraq. That footage is faked too, and all of the “dead” are actually living in a commune in the middle of New Zealand. All the “live returning vets” are sworn to secrecy and promised a million dollars in pension to not tell the truth. Actually, there isn’t even fighting. Even the returning vets are just returning from a taxpayer-funded vacation on a remote Pacific island. That’s why they’re so tan. 9/11 was an inside job, Michael Moore is a patriot, and only Emery and I are willing to speak the truth. I have to go now, as the black helicopters are homing in on my IP address. 4 more years!

  130. Aaron Prine says:

    Some of you need to read the Geneva Conventions before making asinine posts in a comment thread.

  131. Anthony Weiner says:

    St. Louis is a toilet but I wouldn’t expect anything else from a city run by liberals.

  132. Cpl Jojo says:

    I’ve been out of the MC for a little whle now and I know I would at least try to act differently these days, but I know for a fact if that happened to me fresh out of Iraq I’d of wished for something like this to happen and proceed to beat them unmercifully.

  133. Jrock says:

    This story has been linked by Drudgereport so not KKK but pretty close….

  134. Anthony Weiner says:

    President Obama should personally give these Marines a yellow medal of “Courageous Restraint.” This is exactly what President Obama wants our Armed Forces, and all Americans, to do.

  135. chugs says:

    how does an unarmed man punch someone in the face??

  136. Pete Gaughenba says:

    Ummm…when an assailant “pokes” a victim with a knife during an assault it is called a STABBING, regardless of how grave the wound. When a mugger either is armed or becomes armed during a mugging it is called ARMED ROBBERY.

    This story is super white-washed to make the Marine’s look bad and the assailants look like poor street corner jewelry salesmen that got into a dispute with a customer.

    Argument? Fight? Try armed assault.

  137. rocketmania says:

    How will the jarhead explain why he needs a new I.D. Card?
    aaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha …


  138. colin says:

    Did anyone else go to high school? At graduation time in my high school they werent signing up the best brightest or toughest to the armed forces with the exception of the service academies.

    Putting on a uniform and going to some stupid boot camp doesnt make you a tough guy.

  139. colin says:

    Another way of saying it would be that Marines arent that tough without their guns. did you think the high school loser that was signing up because he had no better options was going to suddenly become an MMA star because he went through some lame training and boot camp?

  140. Jeff says:

    What an embarrassment for U.S. Marines everywhere.
    Come on DI’s… get a little tougher!

  141. david says:

    Unfin believable. Those Marines are not Marines. I do not know what they are, cowards comes to mind. I am an old X navy guy that would have died before he gave up a penny. I have been there and all this does is encourage the low lives. Marines lost a notch on this one. They truly conform the the comander in cheifs persona.

  142. t3k says:

    Its not worth to fight..
    A couple years ago 2 snipers were charged with war crimes for killing Taliban from hundreds of yards away, of course they were found in the right, but of course they’re lives were turned upside down.
    The Point?
    Imagine some Marines beat up some muggers and one is seriously injured… Trust me those Marines would be arrested and tried by both UCMJ and Local Law.
    People in general are always arrested for defending themselves, it just does not make the paper. And we are told this before we leave for week end, during company commanders safety briefing. In the end its not worth it.
    Speaking as cop and Former MP

  143. J Wayne says:

    These Marines were not Gay. i heard that the only thing Gay’s like better than having sex is fighting!!

  144. Bill says:

    Dollars to donuts these young Marines were drunk out of their minds. A story: Decades ago, when I got back from Vietmam, a bunch of us got utterly plastered and passed out in our motel room. While we were blotto, someone entered the room and stole our wallets. There’s no doubt in my mind that if one or all of us had woken up, Little Orphan Annie could have taken us out in our condition.

    Semper fi, and don’t let envious detractors of the Marine Corps get ya down!

  145. Firepower says:

    gussing it was white marines robbed by african americans and the marines were scared – and didn’t want discrimination/racism/hate crime charges

  146. James says:

    I’m sure the Marines could have beat the living daylights out of these men–but then they are just following orders and covering their backsides. If one of these muggers was seriously injured, that Marine could be in big trouble, either with the law or with military leadership. Especially if the Marines had been drinking. Whether or not that is justice, that’s the way things work these days.

  147. Morgan says:

    There seems to be a lot of big egos shooting their mouth off here. Drunk and exhausted at 2:30 in the morning, most people(Including Marines) would not be much of a challenge to assault. Also, was this not the Christian thing to do?

  148. Me says:

    Gee… description at all of the perps that they are looking for. No need to wonder why

  149. Jack P says:

    Every organization has a certain number of whimps including the Marines. It could be that the thugs lucked out and accosted the only 3 whimp members of the Corps, soon to be x-members as soon as their discharge papers are processed.

  150. Peter McDermott says:

    we have become weak like women. just like the bible said would happen.

  151. Patrick W. says:

    Thugs ruin everything. The only thugs I like are DEAD ones.

  152. Titus says:

    We been going to war for decades with our hands tied behind our backs. Why is this news?

  153. Ivan Yurkenov says:

    The headline to this article should read, “MUG A MARINE; THEY HAVE STANDING ORDERS NOT TO RESIST!” The policy as stated, “Marines have been given rules of engagement not to engage in any violence except to protect their lives,” said Marine Spokeswoman Capt Kate Vanden Bossche, “If someone is in such dire need that they need to rob someone, I don’t think that’s a fight Marines need to get into.”

    This is breathtaking in its face! This attitude – and publicly announcing such – puts every Marine in dire jeopardy in every major urban center in THIS country!!! I am completely appalled by this whole situation!!!

    Were I the Marine Commandant, given this announcement, I would order every Marine to carry concealed and to exercise extreme prejudice in protecting his/her life, health and property!!! ‘Nuff said on this matter


  154. John says:

    I have to wonder why the mayor is dumb enough to let himself be dragged into this and insuating that the Marines were either wussies or lying.

  155. bosko says:

    repeal dont ask dont tell and this is what you get, sissy soldiers. .

  156. Shinea says:

    Regardless of why, there is NO excuse for Marines to allow themselves to be victims of street crime. Where does that leave the rest of society? If trained combatants can’t or won’t protect themselves, how are the rest of us supposed to do so? It’s NOT RIGHT!

  157. Binh says:

    We are not all sissies. Just only two days ago, a small, unarmed woman fed up with crime ran down three men who stole from a Wal-Mart:

  158. peternimrod says:

    this is what happens when you let dandies in the military…probably bugle players…

  159. samg says:

    never leave an enemy standing…kill
    never put yourself in a weakened situation
    never go in to indian teritory unarmed
    kill with the first blow …

  160. seanoairborne says:

    A squad of Marines consists 13 men including the squad leader…..that’s 12 photographers and one squad leader.

    1. Bill says:

      Two things are airborne: Army paratroopers and bird sh**

      1. mewtox says:

        …and both hurt if you look up and they hit you in the eye.

  161. Got War Crimes? says:

    The two muggers MUST have been TALIBAN. ONLY the Taliban can kick U.S. Marine @ss so effectively!!!

  162. Bill says:

    This has nothing to do with race, the degeneration of the Marine Corps, liberals, etc.,etc. I’ll bet these kids were so drunk that Lady Gaga coulda taken them out. with one hand. Been there myself, alas.

  163. jokes says:

    NOONE is taking my hard earned cash without having to put me in the hospital first ( and good luck with that especially if your unarmed ). This PC bull is disgraceful and so are these sorry excuses for marines. No boss, no higher authoriety , NO GOVERMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO TURN ANYONE INTO A VICTIM. END OF STORY.

  164. Murdrcycle says:

    Awesome! The Marines have been ordered not to fight back! It’s Rob a Marine week in St. Louis! WHOO HOOO!!!

  165. Flightdecker says:

    Why must we defend “ghetto trash” in this country? Those two thugs need a good water boarding,

  166. Robby G. says:

    Ok, there is no way a self-respecting Marine could follow those ridiculous ROEs. They should have put those guys in the hospital. Shameful what the Progressives have done to our military.

  167. elihu says:

    Had it been three Navy Seals, the two thugs would now be the subjects of their own funerals. I’m just sayin’

  168. Big Daddy says:

    Are you kidding me? Neutered Marines? Not an example our Armed Forces need to set for the rest of the world.

  169. bfife says:

    The first story is always wrong.
    Versions of the truth abound.
    This story doesn’t pass the sniff test.

  170. ryan says:

    they lost military ID’s and didn’t want to get an article 15, so they made this BS story up!!

  171. ryan says:

    they lost military ID’s and didn’t want to get an article 15, so they made this BS story up!! to easy!!

  172. Paul from Phoenix says:

    The two morons who robbed the Marines are subhuman trash. They should be hung by their greasy necks until they are dead. Imagine a city that would allow these creeps to wander around all night. I’ll bet they have both been in trouble most of their lives.

  173. Andy Scarbrough says:

    Forgive me if someone has already said this, but maybe, just maybe these Marines were trying for the “Courageous Restraint” award brought about by our liberal President.

  174. Michael says:

    I am a police officer and a Marine and these three would have been completely justified in defending themselves. There are over 100,000 Marines and 99.9 percent of them would have sent these punks to the hospital. You can’t judge the whole Corps based upon these three cowards. The Marine Corps needs to get another spokesman. She embarrased herself and the Corps. She as well as these three Marines are sheep dressed in Marine’s clothing. Marines or any other American are not required to submit and go belly up in the face of thugery.

  175. DSM says:

    Thus displays the pussification of the military under liberal administrations.

  176. army 19k says:

    It’s likley that the three were up to no good, attempting to get some ‘refreshments’ (unlikley) or more likley, some female companionship for an hour or so. This story is smelly, and everyone has a different version. Either they made it up as the cops rolled up, or the female officer did for the media, and they are going to pay dearly for it later… Someone mentioned ‘time out cards’ …..really?….got to be joking. And women in basic does have a detrimental effect. At least for army tankers and cav scouts, they cut out of basic entirley, and have OSUT (basic and ait combined) with noone who doesn’t fight anywhere nearby. Also, as a previous poster stated, they could have been paper pushers, who only had to survive a month or two on paris before school.

  177. AJ WOOD says:

    I know, I know Gunny, I understand that your men say that they were trying to protect themselves- BUT, there were NO WITNESSES! And the locals say they were barhoppin all over town!It’s been said they weren’t drinkin kool aid…….! One of them even had a knife. Hell, they knocked the teeth out of the one, collapsed his lung, and who knows what else! Yeah, Gunny- And I’m sorry to say the other is in a coma- Possible brain injury. -Doesn’t look good… And gunny, worst thing is, one of these victims is only 17… They were unarmed! I’m sorry, but I have no other choice but to charge them….

    Hmmm.. How many of you tuff talkers are patriotic…? You patriotic enough to support these two Marines when they lose their jobs??? I mean, they made y’all PROUD, right??? Hey, where’s all your support now???? Where did all these MACHO FLAG-TATTOOED LOUDMOUTH SUPPORTERS GO? ANYONE??? I mean, they made you PROUD, right??? HELLO??????

  178. John says:

    What has happened to society, it doesn’t matter wether they were Marines or civilians they should still have the right to defend themselves! My guess is there’s more to their story then we are being told, and if my Sargent told me to be respectful of the locals and one of them pulled a knife on me I would definitely defend myself!

  179. Al says:

    You have got to be kidding me! Rules of engagement are what led to losses in Vietnam and the Clinton/Obama regime know this. If someone threatens a Marine on US or ANY foreign soil – their life and that of their entire family should be forfeit. Rob a Marine and die on the scene! F-Obama.

  180. Infowars says:

    Sweet.. If they followed their Oath as well as the orders to stand-down then we might not be in our current mess..

    “Against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”

  181. ChiefRunningBear says:

    Well…On my tombstone it will say “.He never quit a fight early. Couldn’t break loose the grip on scalps of his enemies”. Dig me up if you’re missing your toopee.

  182. choppa says:

    only good n***a is a dead n***a.
    my motto

  183. kill em all says:


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  185. Vajheed Sanjav says:

    Haha, Theres your elite “Marines” America lol… No wonder they manage to kill more civillians than enemies…

  186. charlels says:

    The majority of Marines can’t fight a lick.., that’ why they joined the Marines …..notice thet usually small kids

  187. John says:

    Marines are trained to use guns not karates.
    My solution?
    Send these thuggos to Afghanistan or wherever and have them executed the Sharia way. Would be very heartwarming.

  188. assisted living association says:

    I all the time emailed this web site post page to all my friends, for the reason that if like to read it afterward my links will too.

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