Megan Lynch

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – The day after the mugging of visiting marines became the topic of debate on social media sites the St. Louis Circuit Attorney is calling for a “new conversation” about crime.

Jennifer Joyce made the comment on her Twitter account:

“Time for a new conversation about the crime challenges facing STL.  Collaboration, not blame, will move the needle.”

Joyce tells KMOX that nothing specific sparked the Tweet, just that she’s tired of the “blame game”. 

“We’ve gotten into a routine here in the City of St. Louis, where all of us, and with all due respect the media, but also the public are very quick to assign blame when something happens and I’m sitting here scratching my head because when it comes to crime, the people who are to blame are those committing the crime,” explains Joyce.

She says the neighborhoods cutting crime are the ones with residents willing to step forward and work with police and prosecutors.  “I guess the new conversation I would like to see is less focus on blaming people for why this is and more focus on how are we going to work together as a community to overcome this problem.”

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