Is there a God? Charlie talks with Atheist Dr. J. Anderson Thomson, author of “Wny We Believe in God(s)”; and with Father Gary Braun, Director of the Catholic Student Center at Washington University.

Lt. Col. Pete Conlan, USMC, make a return appearance on THE CHARLIE BRENNAN SHOW to talk about life as a Marine and about Marine Week in St. Louis.

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  1. Paul S. Rhodes says:

    Fr. Braun said on this broadcast that one cannot know for sure whether God exists or does not exist. This is NOT the claim of a theist but rather of an agnostic. Also, Fr. Braun in his rôle as a Catholic Priest is supposed to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church explicitly teaches that one can know with certainty that God exists by natural reason alone. If he thinks this claim is wrong, fine, but he should have made it clear that he was speaking for himself and not as a representative of the Catholic Church. He did not do so.

    1. Jim Kitchen says:

      The atheist, worships Stephen Hawkin like people worship Christ. The doctor could not describe how you get something from nothing. He falls back on dogma from Hawking, who just says you can, get something from nothing. These Phd’s go to the big bang and stop, to go further acknowledges a creator. Children can understand this concept that Phd’s can’t, even Harry Potter had limits on his magic, not the atheist.

  2. Ed Bowen says:

    I am disappointed that these type of debates aren’t more regularly developed to include people who better represent the best thoughts of atheists and Christians. Philosophers and Apologists can speak to the same topics instead of past each other as the two participants did. Fr. Braun relied solely on love, which lends itself to the Moral Argument, which is good in and of itself, but much more could have been said in regards to Dr. Thomson’s Theory. I will give that argument in a moment. But to demonstrate another point first, letting Dr. Thomson espouse Dr. Hawking is comfortable with saying everything comes from nothing, was a misunderstanding of Hawking. Hawking does not believe everything came from absolutely nothing, he is still trying to figure out the “something” that actually produced everything. This is why he is working on the “Unified Theory of Everything.” That would not be absolutely nothing. Most scientists understand the implications of the Big Bang and it was repugnant to them in the beginning because of its philosophical and religious implications. Also, neither physics or chemistry or biology or any theory of evolution has explained the origins of the universe, of life, the mind or morality. To just say physics, chemistry or biology explained them, or concede that they have shows a real lack of appreciation for the philosophers in each of these disciplines who know they have not.Those sciences explain many observations but have not unlocked the mystery of the beginning of any of these origins. I am an Apologist in St. Louis and one devastating argument for what Dr. Thomson proposes is that– if everything can be explained by mechanisms in the mind, ultimately our reasoning abilities, those same ones responsible for making religion, will only be material causes for what we believe to be our thinking.According to that view of non-spirituality (complete material explanation) everything must be explained by physical processes, yet that leads to fatalism, no real free-will choice. Let me put it another way, if we figure out all the hardware in the human body, then we can predict reactions given the software–or environment, we can show why a person will do what they do. In effect you have given proofs and reason why there are no such things as proofs and reason, which is unreasonable. C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer both developed this argument in their writings. Lewis in “Miracles” and Schaeffer in “He is There and He is not Silent.” Richard Dawkins agreed, “We just dance to the music of DNA.” There is no choice or free will on the atheist/materialistic explanation of things. Though they act as if they are being reasonable, they also concede that free will does not exist, it is an illusion.

  3. D. Pearline says:

    The two big cats at the entrance to U.City are male and female lions, Cleo and Leo.

  4. Jim Kitchen says:

    Kmox should recuse themselves from comment on Todd Akin’s courageous, and accurate comments. On Friday Kmox debates the existence of God, endorses parity on the subject with a atheist and a Catholic. On Tuesday, they say no one attacks God, especially liberals, Akin’s charges are unfounded, he’s a kook. As evidence, they site Danforths New York Times book. Well, Ann Coulter’s “Godless”, and any Dinesh D’Souza’s books, or lectures, or debates are also background KMOX ignores, as was Fridays program. How about the Alan Keyes, Dershowitz debates? Perhaps, the better question Charlie, is not if Akin is a Kook, but rather is Brennan stupid, or a flake?

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