ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — There’s a whole lot of cleanup up to do from an extreme weekend of flash flooding around the area.

Very heavy rain rolled in late Saturday night.  It was more than the storm drains could manage. . .and the storm sewers began backing up.

Near Interstate 70 in north St. Louis, neighbors found everything they had in their basements was floating on a stream of sewage coming out of the basement floor drains.

Nearby, the force of the water burst a main and buckled one lane of the highway.

That eastbound lane of I-70 between Shreve and West Florissant is closed and will be for several days.

Illinois had its share of backed-up basements.  In Cahokia, some homeowners found 6-feet of sewage in their basements.

Most of the rain has drained from the roads but, at the height of the storm, every major interstate highway in the area was impassable.

In Shrewsbury, a railroad tank car derailed on an overpass.  The overpass was damaged.

At a Schnuck’s grocery store in the central west end, water from the parking lot poured into the store and covered the floor.

On the road, police worked dozens of accidents when drivers hydro-planed on standing water on the pavement.

In both Missouri and Illinois, homeowners KMOX talked with said this was the worst flash flooding they had ever seen.

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