FLORISSANT, MO (KMOX) – After he displayed his middle finger to another motorist, Steve Pogue got a ticket.  Now he plans to challenge it in court.

What Steve didn’t do is argue with the officer.   That, he decided, wasnt the time, place, or the smart thing to do:

“They’re the guys that have the ticket book and the firearm” he told KMOX’s Mark Reardon.

Pogue of Florissant got the ticket in Ballwin. He admits giving the finger to another motorist who had an intersection blocked when Pogue had the green light.

He says he will likely challenge the ticket on constitutional grounds and will cite a similar case in Pittsburgh, “They threw it out at the U.S. District court (level) as a violation of freedom of speech” said Pogue.

The Ballwin ordinance states that a person may extend a hand or arm from a window for signaling purposes only.

Pogue says he will also argue thats exactly what he did.

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  1. Jim says:

    Stupid cop. Should of gone after the guy running the red light and blocking the intersection.

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