St. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) -While over 40-thousand Cardinal fans packed Busch Stadium Saturday night for the ball game, vandals were busting out windows, ransacking cars and stealing anything they could at downtown parking lots. At least 60 cars were broken into and police say the parking lot at 6th and LaSalle was the epicenter.

This did not sit well with St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay who told KMOX News his office has been working on improving the security at downtown parking lots but he admitted “some of the private parking owners have resisted new regulations requiring better lighting and trash cans.” Slay alluded to new regulations for parking lot owners calling on them to provide security for their own lots.

As for what the police department is doing to increase security, Slay says he spoke to Chief Dan Isom about the crime spree and says they’re doing their job but then changed the topic to what a great weekend it was for St. Louis with the Cardinals playing at home and Marine Week coming to a close. The mayor promised to make car break-ins and security downtown a priority.

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Comments (2)
  1. Ricky Bobby says:

    If the Mayor thinks more trash cans will help stop “Sparkie” from breaking into cars then maybe St Louis needs a new Mayor? It’s the “economy stupid!” We should never let a crisis go to waste…

    1. Tracy Dunken says:

      The economy is an excuse for two gangs of criminals?

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