Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)–A Mea Culpa from the Metropolitan Sewer District today,  as it takes the blame for the massive sewer backup that swamped dozens of homes in north St. Louis.

When those six-inches of rain fell near Shreve Avenue and Interstate 70 early Sunday morning,  it had nowhere to go,  because as MSD spokesman Lance LeComb tells us, “At our Harlem pump station our electrical lines failed.   We had a power outage, and that led to gates not opening that would normally be opened, but they were closed because of high water levels on the Mississippi.”

LeComb says a total of four flood gates failed to open.    MSD is planning to cover the cost of property damage to some 35 homes on Dryden Court and Dryden Avenue.  LeComb says that will include structural damage as well as the cost of personal property such as furniture, appliances, carpets , etc. 

The total damage from the sewer backups in the Dryden Court, Dryden Avenue area is estimated at $2 million, LeComb said. 

LeComb says it does not appear, for now,  that any MSD equipment failures caused the other cases of sewer line backups reported during the weekend storm.   Those residents may only be eligible for MSD’s standard payout of $2,400.

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