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harry star 4stars Buck a Memorable Documentary

“Buck” is an award-winning documentary on perhaps the most renowned and skilled horse trainer in North America, Buck Brannaman. But you don’t need to be a horse owner, or even a horse rider, to be thoroughly engaged by this wise, insightful, very personal and often  funny film

buck pic1 Buck a Memorable Documentary

According to Bannaman, a person’s horse is a mirror to their soul.  And he proves it as he goes about the country 9 months out of the year, holding very unique training clinics for owners and their horses. We learn not just about what Buck does today, we also hear Buck’s personal story of growing up with his brother in difficult circumstances and with a brutal father, a parent so cruel both the boys were put in a loving foster home with “parents” that gave finally them a chance at a normal, well-adjusted life.

buck 2 Buck a Memorable Documentary

Buck was an advisor on the Robert Redford film “The Horse Whisperer,” and since that time Redford, who is interviewed during the film, has wanted to produce this documentary. You’ll meet Buck’s family and the foster-mother who helped save his life. His wisdom with horses and people is quite remarkable to experience.

And stay around during the final credits. His foster-mother tells a joke I know you’ll enjoy, just like you will this very insightful film.




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