ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — Police in the city say they’ve made a dent in the crime of car clouting, that wave of car break-ins around town.

Police had an idea who they were looking for, and Saturday, they spotted them, driving in a car they’d stolen several days before. Both suspects in the car had records and both ran.

Police say the first suspect resisted and was tasered.

The second man tried to grab an officer’s gun.  He, too, was subdued.

Detectives identify the suspects as 25-year-old Calvin Willis of the 54-hundred block of Claxton and 23-year-old Michael Paynes of the 45-hundred block of McMillan, both connected to the crime spree last Wednesday when 20 cars were broken into on parking lots near Union Station.

Officers say documents and goods taken in those thefts and in others were found in the suspects’ stolen car.

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    So why was Paynes released? Or maybe Jeff Rainford said “this didn’t happen”.


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