This week’s Reardon Roundtable panel includes Stephen Gregali with Mayor Slay’s office, Former Missouri Senator Jim Talent, and Pasta House founder Kim Tucci.

The Tour de Donut is tomorrow in Staunton, Illinois. Mark is joined by fellow participants Andrew Mullins, Tim Ranek, and Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen to preview the race. The race requires a skilled racer as well as a skilled eater. World champion eater Joey Chestnut joins the group to give his advice.

Bill Menke, executive VP and Chief Operating Officer for Wehrenberg Theatres, tells us about some special events coming up and the real 3D experience.

  1. Scott Harris says:

    Will the government eventually figure out they cannot capture enough revenue by taxing those over 250k? When that happens, will they again redefine “wealthy” and that number will be down to say 100k? Where will it stop?

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