Brian Kelly

JOPLIN, Mo. (KMOX)-You can now help the hundreds of pets left homeless by the Joplin tornado and their rescuers, simply by ‘liking’ a Facebook page. 

The effort has been launched by philanthropist and American Dog Rescue founder Arthur Benjamin.

Benjamin tells Total Information AM that he got involved with animal rescue after Katrina and carried on through the disasters in Haiti and Japan,  “I had long learned that right behind the people in need are the animals in need.”

So now the Benjamin has turned his attention to Joplin, “Everyone who goes to that Facebook page, American Dog Rescue,  we donate a dollar to the Missouri Humane Society, part of which goes directly to the Joplin Humane Society.”

Benjamin will donate up to $10,000 through his foundations, The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation and American Dog Rescue.

He says the money will go directly to help care for the animals, “Their care while they’re in the facilities they’re in, it helps to pay for that.  It’s replenishing the funds that were used for emergency relief for the Missouri Humane Society. It pays for, in part, the relocation of those animals into homes when people can’t afford it.”

Click here to go to the American Dog Rescue Facebook page.

You can also donate at

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