ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Some South St. Louisians are expressing their anger with the Metropolitan Sewer District over the lack of aid after last month’s major storm.

The storm that hit the city two weeks ago cut a swath of damage through some homes, flooding basements and leaving mold behind. Victims of the damage are looking help from MSD, but can’t find it.

MSD Executive Director Jeff Theerman said the sewer district cannot afford to give residents the funds they want.

“Literally everybody wants to be bought out, and there isn’t money to do that,” Theerman said. “It’s far beyond the capabilities of MSD to do the kind of buy-outs that you may be thinking about.”

If damage was caused by sewer back-up, and residents took pictures of that damage, they can file a claim with MSD. However, if water damage was caused by flooding through a window or door, residents are out of luck.

Theerman said MSD can only investigate the flooding and do what it can to prevent it in the future.

The main damage is near Grand and Bates, which is a low-lying area. MSD’s Lance LeComb said that even if the sewer district were to increase the flow capacity of sewers, a big storm could still back them up.

“There are things we can do in the short-term, there are things we can do in the mid-term, there are things we can do in the long-term,” LeComb said. “But there are always going to be storms that can come along and overwhelm the system.”

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