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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX)–Four members of a motorcycle gang accused of murder, drug dealing and assaults enter not guilty pleas in federal court, following the arrest this week of 18 gang members nationwide.   

Instead of racing down the highway on gleaming bikes, wearing leather and their “Wheels of Soul” gang patches,  the four shuffled into court in jangling leg irons and prison clothes.

With hired lawyers accompanying them,  they entered their not guilty pleas — Dominic Henley, 33, a.k.a. “the Bishop” is identified by prosecutors as the local Chapter President;  alleged former Vice President Lawrence Pinkston,42;  alleged former Secretary Norman Vick, 44, and alleged former member Timothy Balle, 58.

Federal prosecutors revealed they have wire tap tape recordings and documents they will use in the case.

The Wheels of Soul gang is accused of waging a violent turf war against rival gangs Hell’s Lovers and Outkast, and of killing a Sin City Titans member in a St. Louis shooting. 

The indictment describes a gang culture governed by a written constitution, which gang members are forbidden to carry with them for fear of it falling into the hands of law enforcement.    The lowliest members of the gang — “Prospects — are allegedly given assignments which they must carry out under penalty of beatings or expulsion if they don’t obey.   The higher ranking members are allegedly called “one-percenters.”   They allegedly wear diamond-shaped patches, which the feds believe are earned by carrying out violent acts in service of the gang.

The Wheels of Soul allegedly is involved in heroin and crack cocaine dealing.  It’s turf warfare with rival gangs allegedly consisted of robbing rival gang members of their gang patches,  in one case reportedly at gunpoint.

Lawyers for the defendants were granted 30 days to review the evidence against their clients, after the government revealed it has tape recordings and other documents.  The four were ordered held without bail, pending trial. 

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