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St. Louis (KMOX) – If you think it’s hot today, National Weather Service Meteorologist Doug Tilly has some news for you.

“Today’s going to be the last relatively cool day in the forseeable future,” he says. “The highs should hop up in the low 90’s and it’s going to be a gradual increase in temperatures both in the high temperatures and the overnight lows.”

Those “lows” are going to be in the 80s.

Today’s high is set to be a comparably chilly 90 degrees, but starting Sunday, temperatures will be in the high 90s and the low 100s. The heat index, the measure of how hot it feels, could reach 115 degrees in the Amazon Rainfore – er, St. Louis.

Hot, steamy weather is hardly news for a July in St. Louis, but Tilly explains that these prolonged temperatures are unusual.

“What makes this upcoming week so anamolous is that not only are we going to have very warm temperatures, and we’re talking about high’s in the low 100 range, but it’s also going to be for the length of the period of time,” he says.

Tilly thinks its too early to tell when we’ll get relief from the heat, but he says we might get some storms from a low pressure system next Friday.

He advises everyone to stay inside where there’s air conditioning during the hottest parts of the day, but if you can’t avoid going outside, you should wear light colors and make sure to drink plenty of water.

Here are the projected highs and lows for the upcoming week

Saturday – 94/75
Sunday – 95/78
Monday – 98/78
Tuesday – 99/80
Wednesday – 101/81
Thursday – 101/81
Friday – 93/75

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