Well here we are. Cincinnati, where the Cardinals are poised to start the second portion of their season. Everyone appears to be ready. They seem to be set after time off. The question is,’will they go’? Seldom have we seen the team that was penciled in the spring on the field and producing at the level that was hoped for. Injury, slumps and just plain bad have been the culprits on why this team did not run away with the division as Cincinnati and Milwaukee is making the same query. I am not really worried about the Brewers and the Reds right now. I am concerned about the Cardinals.

On paper this is a team that should compete. They even found shots in the arm from Jay, Descalso, Craig, Salas and Sanchez. They are scratching their heads about the defense of Theriot, the back-end of the starting rotation, lefties out of the bullpen and yes, Colby. The Colby Rasmus saga continues. After having a terrible first half, Rasmus has turned to his dad for hitting instruction. Mark McGuire and Mike Aldretti need not bother anymore as Tony Rasmus intends on showing them a thing or two. While McGuire and Aldretti put work in with players on a daily basis, the projects will not always bear fruit. In this case Rasmus felt a new gardener was needed. OK, fine. I get it, but rest assured Rasmus may want to get off to a start not seen around these parts in some time or he and his dad will be working on his skills in another organization sooner than later.

As the Cardinals get set, they have to be better all around if they intend on playing late into October. The defense has to be better. The four and five spots in the rotation has to go longer than five innings and not have the big inning hurt them. In all the offense does not have many off nights and the bench although short on late power finds a way to battle against some of the premiere closers in the game. It should be fun as this team will have a new look to it sooner than you think if they do not come out of the gate quickly. With seventy games to go we are almost in sprint mode. The road trip of Cincinnati, New York and Pittsburgh will say a lot. If things do not go well, you may be saying hello to some new Cardinals upon their return to Busch.

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