Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – No tickets? No problem!

St. Louisans proved themselves to be a creative bunch Sunday, finding every nook and cranny from which to catch one of the hottest concerts in the city’s history. It seemed like almost everybody had heard there was a secret place.

“I just didn’t want to pay eighty dollars to go see a concert,” Kyle Tilley explained, on the top floor of a nearby parking garage. “Not bad at all.”

There were beermen, catering to the crowds pressed together on Clark Street, gazing into the glow of “The Claw’s” giant video screen. The fence outside the outfield was the first plan of action for most thrifty U2 fans.

“Obviously, it worked,” Trey Malone declared.

Men and women on bicycles, hauling rickshaws, shuttled concertgoers back-and-forth. Each driver carried a bottle of water and a bag of ice to stay hydrated.

The summer weather, sticky more than stifling, didn’t seem to leave fans asking: ‘how long must we sing this song?’

“Honestly, the heat is not as bad as I anticipated tonight. It was worse for us last week,” said American Red Cross Nurse Ann Corbin, who a crew of volunteers at the ready.

Firefighters had set-up a trio of sprinkers, adding a soft pitter-patter to the symphony of sounds outside the stadium.

U2 fans even turned their cameras away from the stage, if only for a second, at the sight of the Man of Steel. No, not Bono.

“I usually do this at Cardinal games and I get called Albert Pujols, which I’m very honored by,” Charlee Chartrand said of his decked-out Superman costume. “I’ve actually been called Bono tonight, which is pretty funny.”

Even the best made plans, unfortunately, can be foiled by a fire truck, one of which became stuck behind people who were slowing their cars to catch an earful. Police did their best to keep traffic flowing.

“We were here for a convention, and didn’t actually know that U2 was going to be here,” a professionally-dressed woman said while sitting on the steps of a downtown office building. “Everybody was headed down here. We thought we might as well check it out.”

As he and his friends scouted out the perfect place to take it all in, Mark Wymsna noted, “Doesn’t matter where we are.”

Bono has a golden voice and that’s all that matters.”

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