Brett Blume

WARRENTON, Mo. (KMOX) –  Authorities say a Marthasville couple were operating a meth lab out of their home, where they were living with two young children.

Samuel J. Skiff and Juanita J. Dusenberg, both 29, were taken into custody Friday when a Warren County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to arrest Skiff on a fugitive warrant.

Skiff ran out of the back door of the home and the deputy followed, spotting cold medicine, Coleman fuel, acetone and other items typically used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Both suspects were arrested on drug-related charges and for endangering the welfare of children living in the home.

A police report showed that many of the substances in the home, including drug paraphernalia and what’s believed to be marijuana, were within reach of the children, whose ages were not given.



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  1. NO Druggies says:

    Welcome to OH BAHHmas New America where the only REAL JOB left is making meth

    and you want him re elected?????

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