NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP/KMOX) __ A 30-year-old woman from St. Louis was rescued from the Whirlpool Rapids below Niagara Falls Monday after she fell in while hiking along the shore with her fiance. State Parks Police say the woman,  tried to reach down and touch the swirling waters.

WIBV television reports the woman was swept away in the current of the Niagara River near Devil’s Hole.   The crew of a Whirlpool jet boat operating in the area saved the unidentified woman’s life. Upper Mountain Fire Chief Lee Casper said, “The jet boat was doing a normal tour, up to the rapids up there, saw her go in. They pulled her out of the water, brought her down to the Lewiston sand docks.” Casper said had the jet boat not been right there to scoop her up, it’s likely she would not have survived. It was an almost impossible rescue, but the passengers and crew of the jet boat pulled it off.

Whirlpool Jetboat Tours president John Kinney said, “The kudos should go out most to the young lady who was the trip leader here. Obviously, the captain has to drive the boat, and she was the one who used all the rescue protocols that she had been trained in, facilitated the resources that she had available to her, including soliciting some assistance, and subsequently, a life was saved.”

The woman’s name wasn’t released. Police say she was hurt and was taken to Mount St. Mary’s Hospital and then transferred to Erie County Medical Center.

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Comments (32)
  1. Frank says:

    Kudos to the boats crew for an outstanding rescue. To the young lady, be a little more careful next time. Cheers to all.

  2. Willy says:

    The video does not show how treacherous the rapids are where the woman fell in. She has a lot to be thankful for.

  3. James Boyd says:

    Stupid headlines! She wasn’t saved from Niagra Falls but whirlpools BELOW Niagra Falls. But “news” reporters weldom get much correct anyway.

  4. Radgast says:

    If she fell in before the devils hole, she was batted around like a ping pong, those rocks and the force of the rapids are not made for humans under any considitions, if she was after the devils hole, she is lucky she wasnt pulled under for the duration. I love hiking there, imagine if the all the water still went through there what it would be like,

  5. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    I bet they send her an invoice for services rendered.


  6. Charles says:

    What an idiot. She fell in trying to touch the water?! She doesn’t know what water feels like? Stupid woman. This is the same type of genius that gets attacked feeding a “cute” bear cub or goes jogging alone at night in the park and gets attacked or goes missing. I’m fed up with stupid females.

    1. Georgiasaraann says:

      No luck with the ladies, Charles?

      1. cube says:

        My thoughts exactly. It’s not like there’s no shortage of idiot males out there.

      2. chazatlas says:

        I’m married thanks and my wife had even harsher sentiments towards this “touch the water” idiot. Why don’t you stay on topic of this idiot.

    2. Georgiasaraann says:

      Hey Charles/chazatlas, see below. And don’t forget what you’ve been taught in your anger management class.

    3. Lindsey Glore says:

      You need to get a life CHARLES. HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE DEVILS HOLE TO HIKE? DID YOU NOT KNOW THAT THE TRAIL DOES NOT ELICIT ANY WARNING ABOUT THE TREACHEROUS EDDIES IN THE WATER? yOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR NEGATIVITY TO YOURSELF BEFORE SPOUTING OFF YOUR COMMENTARY. Did you ever think that the news report is somewhat misleading? She was not touching the water when she fell in, but slipped as she was walking back up the rock.

  7. orion3014 says:

    Sadly, the “modern” woman of the 21st century thinks it’s her god given right to be just as dumb as a sack full of hammers…after all, someone else will always clean up her mess and pick up the tab.

    1. Georgiasaraann says:

      Remember, your mom is a woman and she lets you live in her basement.

      1. chazatlas says:

        Look Georgiasaraan, we know the truth hurts and thats why you are personally attacking me.
        1) My mother never did anything stupid like trying to “touch the water” at Niagara Falls. 2) My mother passed away New Years Day 2010 so leave her out of this please. 3) I’m 40 years old and bought my first house (I own 4 total) in 1994 at the age of 23, so no I don’t live any anyones basement much less my moms.

        This woman was stupid for “touching the water” when there is a friggin whirlpool spinning boats around at Niagra Falls – thats stupid. How many ladies have you heard of that have sadly gone missing or raped b/c they went running or jogging or took a walk by themselves at night when alone – thats stupid. A crowd of women stampeding, laughing, giddy with excitement to get in line for tix to a murder trial (Casey Anthony) – thats stupid (and sick). Driving a car while putting on makeup, texting, drinking Starbucks – thats stupid and dangerous. Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin’s sense of history – wrong and stupid. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga – stupid. I said it before and ill say it again. I’m fed up with stupid girls.

      2. georgiasaraann says:

        Hey chazatlas/orion3014/charles/or whatever you are calling yourself, you say your mother never did anything stupid? She had you!

  8. LaQuan Demitrius L'Ashawn Jackson says:

    “Stupid Females” = code speak for “Liberal Women”

    1. chazatlas says:


      I consider Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Sandra Day O’Connor, Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisolm, Hillary Clinton, Pat Nixon, Oprah, etc. to be “liberal” women.

      I define being a liberal woman as having social and political views that favour progress and reform. Advocating individual freedom, being giving and generous, being tolerant of people(s). They believe and fight for justice and equality for all people.

      What does this stupid lady who likes to duh, “touch the water” have to do with being a “liberal woman”? What does me being fed up with stupid females have to do with liberal women?

      1. Georgiasaraann says:

        Chazatlas, you can’t even keep up your fake identity. And where does “being tolerant of people” tie in with your obvious problem with women? You want me to stay on topic? How about you stay on topic. You are the one who turned a news story into a nasty rant about women. I don’t care what your blow up plastic wife thinks. She is a fantasy like the rest of your world. You have a woman who fell into the water. Check out the Falls history and see how many men PURPOSELY go over the falls. At least she did it accidently. You might try actually liking women. Maybe you would not get turned down so much. I like men. When they do something stupid I do not get into an ugly rage about their sex. Although I might laugh.

  9. Jive Dadson says:

    Note to copy editor: One cannot step off of (on sit on) a dock. The dock is the watery parking place for a boat. The word for the thing Ottis Redding sat on is “pier.”

    1. a random person says:

      Sorry, but you’re wrong on this.

      dock [dok]
      1. a landing pier.

      1. Jive Dadson says:

        The last dictionary to prescribe proper usage was the 1957 Merriam Webster. Today they do not differentiate between standard and non-standard usage. One must check a style guide.

      2. Jive Dadson says:

        The word derives from Late Latin “ductia” meaning something that liquid flows through. C.f. “aquaduct.”

    2. Georgiasaraann says:

      Jive, you are correct. The word has evolved so that we think a pier is a big dock, and not the place you tie your boat up. I have a dock, but if I called it a pier folks would fall off it, laughing. I do think proper word usage is needed, being a sentance bungler myself. We need a “Eats, shoots and leaves” book part 2.

  10. John Frost says:

    Likely a Liberal pro Obummer woman.
    Too dumb to know what’s good for her sand the US.

  11. chazatlas says:

    I called this woman an idiot and stupid for falling in the water because she was leaning over to “touch the water”, which at Niagara Falls is like leaning over to touch running, molten lava at a volcano in Hawaii, i.e. STUPID. I said I was fed up with stupid women. Harsh, strong words yes but I gave very several legitimate examples of what kind of women I was speaking of.

    Georgiasaraann being upset with what i had to say could muster up nothing better than to personally attack me by saying, “No luck with the ladies?”, “don’t forget what you’ve been taught in your anger management class.”, “Remember, your mom is a woman and she lets you live in her basement.”, “I don’t care what your blow up plastic wife thinks.”, “Hey chazatlas/orion3014/charles/or whatever you are calling yourself, you say your mother never did anything stupid? She had you!” and more. Just like in the 3rd grade.

    She can’t differentiate various comments/commentators on here and you would think she would retort with intelligible responses to my examples of stupid women but yet she only had enough brain to epitomize them. Pathetic. I would say it’s been fun debating with her but it hasn’t. Georgia at least try to get your G.E.D. – you can do it no matter what anyone says.

    1. Georgiasaraann says:

      Charles, you are all the commentators who have responded to me. Clearly. You need to read the posts. You are so delusional and miserable I hope you get help. It’s OK for you to call women stupid, idiots, etc. but you can’t take it if someone calls you that.. What a big wuss you are. You actually think touching water is like touching lava? Really? Is that how your pitiful brain works? Do you actually think the woman would have touched lava? At least argue with some degree of sense. Google Niagra Falls rescues. It is mostly men being rescued. Are they all stupid idiots too? In June, two police officers were rescued from the falls They were boating. Why don’t you tell them how stupid you think they are? Please let us know how that worked out for you. You have lied and lied in these posts. Owning 4 houses? Please. Married? Obviously not. Also obvious is there was some kind of trouble with your mother. Get some help Charles. You need to become a better person. Then you won’t be all alone.

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