ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Is the old Midtown Del Taco building shaped like a coffee cup saucer or a pizza pie?

The landmark’s fate looked dismal, as the developer wanted to tear it down to build a strip mall. But preservationists protested, and now two well-known local brands seem to be interested in restoring the building.

Mayor Francis Slay has suggested numerous times via twitter that the uniquely shaped building would look great as a coffee shop.

MayorSlay: Kaldi’s interested in the Del Taco building? #fgs

Then again

MayorSlay: Who knows as much about saucers? RT @Kaldis_Coffee: @MayorSlay lots of potential for a local coffee shop don’t you think? #STL

Kaldi’s Coffee saw Slay’s tweets and responded:

Kaldis_Coffee: @MayorSlay I think our logo would fit perfect on top of the saucer. We will keep you posted #STL

But to further muddy the matter. A separate tweet from Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed was much more specific.

PresReed: I’ve been in talks w/ owners of @pistl about unique concept restaurant in Del Taco bldg on Grand. Exciting! Stay tuned.


PresReed: Friends have suggested fun @pistl saucer themed slogans: Pi in the Sky, Heavenly Pi, Pizza Out of this World. Other ideas? #DelTaco

Whether both are serious and are both in negotiations is unclear. But it’s music to the hears of fans of mid-century architecture, who feared the building was doomed when Del Taco closed its doors earlier this summer.

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  1. William Frankel says:

    Not sure how the Mayor is urging anything since his own spokesperson said he’s not for or against saving the Del Taco building. This isn’t a stance that is encouraging local businesses to move there if he won’t even say he’s against tearing it down.

    From the Beacon:

    Kara Bowlin, a spokesperson for the mayor, said she can’t say if the mayor might sign or veto the bill with the Del Taco plan, or others that might come later from the alderman for the AAA property.

    “He’s not for or opposed to demolition of the Del Taco,” Bowlin said. “He is for a fair and transparent process and he believes that if it (demolition) is to be done, it should go before the Preservation Board.”

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