SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN/KLMOX) – Controlled pheasant hunting is back at 19 Illinois Department of Natural Resources sites this fall.

Chris McCloud, IDNR spokesman, says the program is a great chance for younger hunters to bag a bird and become hooked on hunting.

“This type of hunting is a high success rate type of hunting activity and so like any sport, whether it be baseball or basketball or hunting or fishing, when you have success obviously that makes it a little more enjoyable and so this is a great way, an easy way, to get kids involved in the sport of hunting itself and hopefully they’ll enjoy some success and then want to continue on with other types of hunting,” McCloud said.

The online permit reservation system for the 15 IDNR-operated sites opens on Aug. 1 and permit information, season dates, and other information are now available. Hunters need to review the application instructions and season information accessible online prior to submitting an application.

Controlled pheasant hunting fees will remain the same for the 2011-2012 season. The daily permit fee for the controlled pheasant program is $25 for resident hunters and $35 for nonresident hunters.

Link:   www.dnr.illinois.gov

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