Brian Kelly

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo.(KMOX)-Tuesday’s shooting death of the three-year old son of a Maryland Heights Police officer, was a case where “all the elements had to line up just right, to create a perfect storm.”

That’s according to Detective Sgt. Joe Eagan who says the officer usually kept the weapon, which he used for a secondary job, on a high shelf in a closet, “The officer had to work a secondary job that evening and had moved it to the top drawer of a dresser nearby, in order not to disturb the family between his primary job and his secondary job.”

Eagan says Daniel Metz would not have been able to get the weapon out of the drawer, if he hadn’t brought a laundry basket into the room, from another room in the house, “The child obtained the basket, took it into the bedroom and was able to access the top drawer of the dresser. He was able to obtain the weapon and accidentally shoot himself.”

Daniel Metz died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Eagan says there was no lock on the loaded weapon. The investigation continues.

The department has set up a fund to help the Metz family. You can send donations, in care of the  Maryland Heights Police Officers’ Association, P.O. Box 1261, Maryland Heights, MO. 63043 Attention: Metz Family Fund.

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  1. Love says:

    I used to be very close with the mother of this child, and my heart is breaking for her. This was a freak accident and her love for her child was too large for words. I am praying for you all, and just remember God has a plan, and Daniel in his arms.

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