O'Fallon Man Beats The Heat With Motorcycle Ride

ST. PETERS (KMOX) – Commuters were stunned Thursday evening to glance out the window and see a man zip past them on a motorcycle, wearing nothing but tennis shoes, a helmet and a green “mankini.”

“As I’m looking around at the other cars, they’re all cheering him on!” motorist Steve Wilson reported. “And he’s just loving it.”

The daredevil, Jacob Southard of O’Fallon, MO, says he started his journey eastbound on I-70 around T.R. Hughes.

Southard’s journey continued on I-70 westbound to Highway K.  He took Highway K to Highway 40, where he rode east to Sonic in Chesterfield.  All in all, his “nude” ride lasted about 70 miles.

“I was wearing the lime green Borat mankini,” Southard said. “But from the side view it looked completely nude.  I did have the uh… private parts covered.”

PHOTOS: Naked Motorcycle Man
LISTEN: KMOX’s Mark Reardon Chats With Jacob Southard

Though he received reports from friends that the police where on the look for a “nude motorcycle driver riding a blue bike with blue helmet,” Southard made it through his entire journey without getting stopped.

“I drove by five cops yesterday and every single one of them had their heads down or were doing something else,” Southard said.

Wilson said Southard, like everybody else, got stuck in a traffic jam and that’s when he really became a spectacle. Drivers scrambled to find their camera phones, waved hi and gave repeated thumbs up.

“Nobody was upset with it. Actually, there were quite a few people who, let’s say, were quite excited by it,” Wilson observed.

Southard said he has never done this before.

“It was a dare,” Southard laughed.  “Plus, it was hot, you know.  I’m white – I need to get a sun tan!  I have never seen so many cameras in my life. It felt like I was a movie star.”

The St. Louis region has been under an excessive heat warning for days. The warning, which extends through Sunday at 7 p.m., has called for heat index values between 105 and 115 degrees.

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Photo by Steve Wilson

Comments (27)
  1. Jacob says:

    THIS WAS ME!!!!

    1. Melanie says:


    2. Lola says:

      Jacob – You should join the World Naked Bike Ride next June in St. Louis! You’d fit right in! 🙂

    3. Sarah says:

      Hilarious!! 🙂

    4. Rufus says:

      Nice junk. Wunna bang?

      1. uran idiot says:

        Thank You for reinforcing the stereotype that St. Charles is full of hoosiers.

  2. Keith Broadbent says:

    this guy is really hot

  3. ERIN says:


  4. SR says:

    I saw him on Highway K at about 7 pm.
    It made my day!

  5. LK says:

    great job!!! I laughed hard this morning!! thanks for the Friday funny!!!! Hope the seat wasn’t hot, you could burn your uhhhhh cheeks 🙂

  6. CM says:

    While several might find this hilarious, many of us are not amused by your stunt. I’m sure there were children in many cars and in yards you passed. It’s hard enough to monitor and block the TV channels or websites, but when we’re simpling driving down the road and have to see this kind of stuff, it’s inexcusable. I agree the weather is extremely hot in the St. Louis, however, many us would probably agree that you need to tolerated it like everyone else and keep your clothes on! Just like those cops you spoke of on your Facebook, they all have to wear heavy gear regardless of weather, to protect foolish people like you!!

    1. Abby says:

      I think you are speaking out of turn. Gone to a Cardinals game lately and seen the stripper mobile driving down the road in the broad day light? See the girls walking into walmart wearing less than Jacob wore? Turn on a commercial in the middle of the afternoon and see a couple simulating sex to sell a product? I understand what you are saying, but You need to pick your battles a little more carefully!

    2. Merlin says:

      crazy! kids are natural nudists! get off the high horse! Nude is natural! It is very simple for kids to get used to be in the yard nude.. and home.. is natural to them.. and very healthy..

  7. d says:

    lighten up! Kids see more skin at the pool…. Eventually we all see a little man ass.

  8. nw says:

    Yea don’t see anything wrong,an he was fully covered, c just as much skin with the woman in her bikini,it isn’t gonna hurt our kids,some people just go to far with that

  9. Abby says:

    Jacob…we saw you yesterday at Hwy K and Vets. Memorial in O’fallon yesterday. LOVED IT!

  10. Christe says:

    CM lighten up, he wasn’t naked. The cops left him alone because he didn’t do anything illegal. And I’m pretty sure our kids have and will see worse things in their lives then a little bit of flesh. I highly doubt any kid who saw him started screaming, “MY EYES MY EYES!!!! THEY’RE BURNING!!!!” Since your so offended by him, I guess that means you never take your children to the beach or a local pool because *shock* *gasp* there are tons of people there in bathing suits. Oh and if you ever take them to a beach in NY then your likely to see women topless since it’s legal here. Have fun protecting your kids from harmless acts of freedom.

  11. Amanda says:

    Jacob….Too funny!!!

    To CM: Get over yourself!!! I have Children and would have not been offended had they seen him! I see women walking around all over the place, not just the Beach or Pool with the there Tits Hanging out and Thing showing out of there Shorts! Noone is telling them its offensive!

  12. kopper says:

    He should’ve worn a flesh-toned mankini. Then it would’ve been even harder to tell if he was wearing one!

  13. Eric T says:

    I have a bike to …ride it everyday. I rode through those same roads earlier in the day. First time I ever dropped my bike was yesterday; my master link came apart and my chain locked up my rear wheel, putting me down. Thank the lord I was turning into my driveway and was going really really slow. Point of my story is road rash…..lol..! Stay safe and stay upright ….or they might be pulling rocks out of your ….?

  14. scallywag says:

    Beating the heat or creating some heat? Kids, after watching the video over and over I have to confess I’m half inspired to look for an unused fuchsia colored satin bed-sheet my mother once sent me, poke 5 holes in it, (for my legs, arms and head of course) and then dazzle it up with some sizzling scissor work, a dash of suntan oil and then bravely strap up for my morning run. The problem is I’m wondering what I’m going to tell my mom when they inevitably arrest me. The fashion police that is…

    Bless your soul Jacob, just watch out for them splotchy sun tan marks. Hawt bixch…


  15. Jim Birchfield says:

    He should thank his lucky stars that he didn’t hit the pavement in that mankini! Figures that he’s a sportbike rider.

  16. Don says:

    S.Q.U.I.D. alert!


  17. Kagome Dirksmeyer says:

    I wonder if a Woman would try this?

  18. Jim says:

    That was pretty cool……..Now somone will probably try it here in Florida

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