Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Losing a child is the type of tragedy that most people cannot – and don’t want to – ever imagine, but one father is reliving the same sad story over and over.

His hope is that the ending might be different for someone else.

With St. Louis County on track to double the amount of heroin deaths this year, Tom Heard is lashing out against the deadly drug. Heard lost his son Michael to a heroin overdose, gathering the courage to tell KMOX the story last spring.

“He died sitting in his truck in North City on a beautiful afternoon – October the first,” Heard said, back in May. “It was shock. It was devastating to hear.”

Heard spoke again Thursday night at a town hall meeting, telling his story to a high school theater full of parents. He said he is determined to spread his warning to other parents.

“If education is the answer, I’m willing to participate and do that,” Heard explained, after the meeting. “It’s very hard telling this story, and it was much harder tonight than I really thought it was going to be, because it’s hard to relive it again.”

Heard said living with heroin addiction in the family brings fear – of injury, of police intervention or, as in his case, the worst fear of death.

“The peace and tranquility that you hope for, you don’t have it.”

Heard’s message hit home with the audience, who gave him a standing ovation and round of applause. Parents approached him afterwards with handshakes, hugs and heartfelt gratitude.

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  1. Dorothy L Fajardo says:

    this is so sad i to had a step son die young on an over dose of heroin. he was trying to get off but it was to much for his heart. and now docters are giveing methadone to people with cronic back pain are any tye of pain that,s is wrong drugs and pain killers will get you hooked i know alot of people will not agree with this story. i can see people takeing pain killers if they need them but alot of them get them to sell them wake up america get off drugs they will kill you. i hate the docters that give methadone to patents for cronicd pain that,s the same as herion you can not get off it i we feel the same pain the father does and it hurts

  2. Angela Hydron says:

    I no we dont no each other but I am a victim as well, I just lost my son may 22nd, do to this awful drug that I was’nt even aware of it is the most awful pain Iv ever been threw, I have been involved in heroin rally’s & support groups but the pain is still there & my son is still gone we have to get this awful drug off the st. PLZ contact me if you would like to talk or get involved with the rally’s, there our alot of other parents that attend them as well “GOD BLESS” angela

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